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Father of Girl Raped at Loudon School ‘Relieved’ By Sentence

Father of Girl Raped at Loudon School ‘Relieved’ By Sentence

The Loudoun School board fired the superintendent after the report was release3d from the grand jury,
  • The school board fired Scott Ziegler from his role after the report came to light
  • The superintendent is accused of covering up the allegations against the boy
  • Father of one of the victims slammed the grand jury for not having ‘more teeth’
  • He hopes more repercussions are set to come for the  Loudoun County district
  • A 15-year-old boy was sentenced in November for assaulting two teenage girls
  • He attacked them in May and October last year, raping one in a bathroom stall
  • The teenager assaulted the second girl after switching schools 
  • It comes after the mother of the boy defended his actions to
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A long-awaited report from a grand jury found Superintendant Scott Ziegler had tried to cover up the rape of one girl and a second girl was sexually assaulted after the boy in a skirt raped an underage girl. Instead of expelling the rapist, the superintendent placed him in a different school where he attacked the second victim. When the father of the girl who was raped appeared before the school board to complain,m they had him arrested and dragged out of the building.

From The Daily Mail

The case became the hot tip of a raging debate in Loudoun County over transgender students’ rights and parents’ freedom of speech.

Initially, Scott and his wife Jessica asked for the boy to be given treatment for rehabilitation, rather than going straight to jail.

But after the second incident came to light, which involved a different girl, Scott has now branded the teen as a ‘psychopath’ – warning ‘we are going to hear about him again’.

A special report found that the second assault could have been prevented, and school district administrators lied to parents in an attempt to cover up the controversy over the transgender bathroom policy.

Scott also slammed the grand jury for failing to pin any criminal blame on the school and teachers, instead just recommending what they could do differently in the future.

Speaking to Fox News Scott said:

“‘They just lie lie lie. I can show you the picture of what he looked like that day it’s on my phone.”

“There was no kilt about it. I think he decided who he was and what he was on a daily basis.”

“I’ve seen evidence since that, unfortunately, my wife and I we fought very hard to get this child treatment and then evidence revealed to us after the fact that this kids a psychopath.”

“He’s a sexual predator and unfortunately, were going to hear about him again.”

The school board did not come out unscathed. They were faulted for looking out for themselves and not the victims. I think it would be fair to say that the actions of the Loudoun School Board are what got Gov. Youngkin elected. This will continue as long as they allow boys in the girls’ bathroom and locker room.


  • Steven Ahle

    My investigation into a DHS program that instructed law enforcement to treat Christians as terrorists won me the 2014 CJN Journalist of the Year award. Here is a video of Glenn Beck reading my article on his program: I am a troll bridge. You can cross me, but you will pay a price.

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Comments 8

  1. Uncle Art says:

    Well if all involved in this cover-up and those that let all involved off easy were somehow found in ditches left for dead, remember it’s ok for you to just walk on by and not say anything or get involved with it IMO

  2. mike says:

    There is a reason people go to prison. First, the really dangerous ones can’t be allowed to do more damage. The other reason, it would not be good for frontier justice to prevail. But, if the elected officials can’t be bothered with the safety of the citizens, then, you know,…

    • mike grunewald says:

      got it

    • Recce1 says:

      If and/or when authorities can not or WILL NOT enforce the law, then vigilante justice by citizens is justified.

    • Sunshine Kid says:

      There was a time when the death penalty was applied to those who committed rape and murder, and those that condoned and supported it were just as likely to find themselves strung up from some tree somewhere. If a stop is not made to this madness, then someone just may want to bring back the Old West standards of punishment. This will not go down well for a lot of people, but it would certainly return the nation back to a time of civilized behavior. After all, the adage of “an armed society is a polite society” is very true indeed.

      • DetroitDom says:

        Hi Sunshine – and you are 100% correct! Unfortunately, in our society, only conservative Christians are found guilty of any crimes . . . like praying in front of a Planned Parenthood facility or holding a school board accountable at a meeting because of their actions/ inactions.

        If I was a school board member and found out one of my colleagues was tied naked over a freeway bridge with the message “I SUPPORT GENDER IDEOLOGY FOR CHILDREN” written across their torso, you can bet I wouldn’t be getting much sleep AND would seriously be considering a career change.

  3. RachelLevineNeedsHung says:

    Death to every trans person in America! Round them up and put them in extermination camps already!

    • Josieabbott says:

      I wouldn’t go that far but transgender criminals should NOT be treated differently from other criminal psychopaths-they should be PROSECUTED to the fullest extent if the law! Those who “COVER” for these psychotic criminals should also be punished by jail time. Yes, STOP BOWING TO THIS WOKE NONSENSE OF ALLOWING TRANS KIDS IN GIRLS BATHROOMS AS IT IS AN INVITATION TO RAPE!

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