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Federal Judge Denies Biden Admin’s Efforts to Block Deposition of Alleged FBI Censorship Mastermind

Federal Judge Denies Biden Admin’s Efforts to Block Deposition of Alleged FBI Censorship Mastermind

FBI agent instructed social media to censor Hunter Biden's laptop story until after the 2020 election.

The Biden caliphate loses another battle in its attempt to destroy transparency. A federal judge has denied their request to block the plaintiffs in a lawsuit alleging government, and Big Tech collusion in censoring conservative voices. The judge has ordered that the FBI censorship mastermind  FBI Special Agent Elvis Chan sit down for a deposition in a lawsuit brought by The Gateway Pundit, Missouri, and Louisiana.

They filed a lawsuit naming Biden Administration (Missouri, et al, v. Biden, et al), the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI, the DOJ, Jen Psaki, Anthony Fauci, Health and Human Services, Xavier Becerra, and other federal agents and agencies as defendants. The lawsuit alleges that the defendants colluded to censor conservative voices.

This is not the first battle that Biden has lost. Dr. Faucistein will have to sit for a deposition on November 23rd. The trio who brought the suit is planning on deposing dozens of witnesses in an effort to find out how deep the conspiracy was. But, even though they won the right to documents from the government and Big Tech, they are both withholding the damaging documents. They will probably have to sue them again, but even if they win they may not get the documents since the Biden caliphate is above the law.

But, the good news is that the good guys are winning in court in battle after battle. Sooner or later someone will crack and take a deal to testify on what was happening on the censorship front. Once the first domino falls, it will take the rest of them with it. Unless they all commit suicide and I won’t bet against that. They could always hire the Clintons as advisors.

From The Gateway Pundit

In October, a Federal Judge ruled that, even before the court decides the government’s motion to dismiss the lawsuit, Anthony Fauci and a number of other clowns, including FBI “Special” Agent Elvish Chan (the Assistant Special Agent in Charge of the San Francisco Bureau) must sit for depositions and spill their guts.

The Biden Administration’s lap-dogs lawyers, the Department of Justice freaked out and have desperately sought to shut down many of the depositions for absurd reasons.

“Special” Agent Elvish Chan became famous because in communications with the Missouri Attorney General’s Office, Meta (Facebook) identified Chan as the FBI agent who effectively requested/demanded that Facebook censor the Hunter Biden laptop story.

You may recall the Mark Zuckerberg bombshell a few months ago in which he admitted that the Federal Government strong-armed him into censoring all speech about the news story.

Recently, the DOJ, on behalf of Biden, tried to strong-arm Meta (Facebook) into retracting its statements identifying Chan as the source trying to coerce Meta into censoring the Hunter Biden laptop story.

Mark Zuckerberg told Joe Rogan:

“The FBI basically came to us, some folks on our team and was like, ‘hey, just so you know, like you should be on high alert. There was a lot of Russian propaganda in the 2016 election, we have it on notice that basically there’s about to be some kind of dump that’s going to be similar to that.”


  • Steven Ahle

    My investigation into a DHS program that instructed law enforcement to treat Christians as terrorists won me the 2014 CJN Journalist of the Year award. Here is a video of Glenn Beck reading my article on his program: I am a troll bridge. You can cross me, but you will pay a price.

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Comments 16

  1. Melissa Kohl says:

    There all crooked, I’m so disappointed in our government now in clouding the FBI, I always looked up to them, know more there just like the rest crooked ans evil. God help our Country we really love you. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️❤️❤️

    • rose says:

      this is a terrible time in this country , we have lost our way …

      • MCMMary MMAnonen Cj says:

        God works in mysterious ways to let the truth be known.

    • jim says:

      fbi has been crooked for many decades since edgar hoover took it over as he ran it as his own spy agency….he let people go after being caught breaking the law and he also put people away by laying false evidence on them so they would be convicted and was part of many many many fraudulent activities and he was so powerful the presidents were afraid of him as well they should have been because he had all senators and representatives and vice presidents and presidents and a huge amount of people investigated and had something on all of the politicians and had the files hidden so none of them could find them….so that is why they were afraind of him….and who was doing the illegal investigations?????? the fbi agents, THAT’S WHO…..and the last of but not least was the kennedy murdering as they the fbi was right in the middle of all those and knew who and when on jfk and robert too….so the fbi has been lowlife for a long time….i am 78 and it has been that way most of my life….just go do your reseach and it will take thorough and time consuming…..but if you really want to know the truth about the fbi that is what you must do as it was not printed in the papers nor on network news about all the crap that hoover was doing….

      • Tangocharlie says:

        I agree with you 100%. This is another reason that all the Kennedy investigation has not been released. Most everybody that was involved is dead, so there is no avenue there.

    • Sunshine Kid says:

      Melissa Hohl, don’t you mean “They are” rather than the place “there”? Please learn a little English or just make sure your auto correct feature on your device is actually working properly.

  2. Orange peel says:

    Most Americans have not lost their ways its the cheating democrat’s nazi regime who is destroying America with crooked judges and justice system. Biden stole the election. Now they democrats have cheated again in this election. Pennsylvania, Michigan and Arizona were rigged. People saw it. Videos show it and still not one person in our just system does nothing. The murdering of babies and seniors by democrat’s governors is disgusting ! But mostly by women thinking murder is a good thing. They will be punished for their disgusting deeds against humanity.

  3. CountryBoy says:

    2 words —- DEEP STATE

    • Sunshine Kid says:

      3 words: Democrats are Nazis.
      If you disagree, tough, but it is true. Do a little history research on the Nazi acts in the 1930s.

  4. Ger says:

    Biden is corruption

  5. Ger says:

    No truth from the king

  6. Elsie says:

    The FBI, NSA, DOJ W.H. are all corrupt, and infiltrated with bad actors, and Communist. . Remember Nikita Khrushchev said the Communist would take ver America and not fire a shot. That is exactly what they have done. Hell Obama hired Van Jones who was a member of the Communist Party. Obama knew that. Jones resigned when it became fodder for the news. This Government is not savable.

  7. Lisa says:

    they will plead the 5th or just deny it outright, they have got to have plenty of evidence

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