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Federal Prosecutors Offers J6ers Deal if They Would Lie About President Trump

Federal Prosecutors Offers J6ers Deal if They Would Lie About President Trump

Two J6ers tell a bombshell story of a plea deal they were offered.
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Making plea deals is something that prosecutors routinely do, but the federal prosecutors offered plea deals to J6ers, William Chrestman and Ryan Zink that should get them locked up in prison for years or even decades.

Supporting perjury is a serious charge and if you add extortion in order to threaten defendants in order to get them to lie on the stand, I might even suggest life in prison, although judging by history, the chances of them paying for their criminal acts are never going to happen.

Look Ahead America’s Matt Braynard was able to visit the prisoners in the DC gulag and this is what he discovered:

“Just going in was completely dehumanizing…but I went there to meet a guy named William Chrestman…this guy has not been charged with any violence.  He’s a military veteran.  He’s not being charged with conspiracy or organizing or anything…he’s just a guy who showed up. 

He was arrested in January of 2021.  He still doesn’t have a trial date and they have denied him his psychiatric medicine.  He tried to keep journals and they just come through and throw all of his papers away.  He has two daughters he has not seen for those two years plus. 

Two young daughters.  And he was finally going to get to see them the week after I was in to visit him.  Whatever the wildest thing in the world they wanted to accuse him of, that they might even charge him with, he would have already had time served.  But they’re keeping him in there in dire conditions, still without a trial date.  A military veteran, not charged with any violence, because they can.  Not for what he did, but because of what he believes.

Right after that Braynard made another shocking claim about Chrestman’s situation. He said that Chrestman told him that he was offered a plea deal that could get him released possibly right away if he pleaded guilty to two lesser charges and he was willing to claim that the Donald made him do it. Ryan Zink later confirmed that he was offered a similar deal.

From The Gateway Pundit

The Gateway Pundit’s Alicia Powe had the opportunity to interview Chrestman in April about the events of that day, the treatment of J6ers in the “DC Gulag” and the federal government’s role regarding the events.  In the in-depth article, Chrestman told Powe:

“We’ve got confidential human sources, which is just a fancy word for FBI rat,” he said. “They are basically people who have been caught doing other bad things.

So, what the FBI does is they hire them and give them a deal: ‘Hey, we’ll get rid of your charges, we won’t press charges against you, but you come work for us and we’ll pay you. We’ll pay you damn good money.’

Some of these guys are getting paid $30k a month to set people up. I’ve got a confidential informant — and the funny thing is, they are saying I did nothing wrong. And they still lock me up — their own informant says I did nothing wrong.”

Zink was arrested on February 4th, 2021, less than one month after the protest at the Capitol.  FBI agents raided Ryan’s house at 3am with a “no knock” warrant, leaving his door blown off the frame.  He was arrested and kept in Lubbock County, TX for days during a snowstorm, but was later moved to the “Gulag” in Washington D.C. where he was held for six weeks in solitary confinement.  Around week five of his detainment in the Gulag, Ryan called his father in tears and told him ‘Dad, I don’t mind getting beaten every night at 9 o’clock when we say the Pledge of Allegiance and sing the National Anthem.  But the guy that was beaten next to me, I could hear what they did for a very long time.  They ended up having to take him to the infirmary.  I don’t know if he’s alive or dead or whatever.  They are now trying to kill us inside of this Gulag.  You’ve got to get me out.’”

Ehmke, the man Zink was trying to stop from damaging the Capitol, was detained that day and let go, but was later arrested at his home and let go the very next day on a $40,000 bond, something most J6ers who did no damage to the building were not given the luxury of.  Ehmke was also not subjected to a “no knock” raid and his door was not broken down. 

In the sentencing document, Ehmke is said to have “began to experiment with drugs” and traveled “on his own to Portland and Seattle,” two hot bed cities for Antifa.  The next four pages of the sentencing document immediately following the travel admission are strangely redacted.  


  • Steven Ahle

    My investigation into a DHS program that instructed law enforcement to treat Christians as terrorists won me the 2014 CJN Journalist of the Year award. Here is a video of Glenn Beck reading my article on his program: I am a troll bridge. You can cross me, but you will pay a price.

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  1. Stephen Russell says:

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  2. Lyudmila says:

    I’m sure this is dirty blackmail by the feds against innocent prisoners to get away with their heinous crimes against peaceful “Stop the steal” march demonstrators.

  3. T-200q says:

    Every office holder gives the Oath to Office: “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So, help me God.” Why is it that Congress is mute on who the domestic enemies are?
    Well, Democrats are really pushing in that direction by naming the parents, as well as all Conservatives in general, as domestic terrorists. This is a prelude to what is going to happen when Democrats chit their way into usurping all three government branches.
    Republicans must wake up and unite their ranks against this very real threat.

  4. john says:

    The dEmocrats aren’t going to give Trump up easily, they’ll continue to drum up false charges, lie, cover the truth and pay people to lie in front of. jury. And yet people still support, believe and parrot the lies that the Democrats, media and leftists spew.

  5. Harry T. Seemans says:

    Why? This has gone to far, treasonous actions right from the White House on down through the democratic party. Time to close them down, we as Americans are being destroyed from within. It ia time to end this madness. In all my 75 years here on this earth I never thought I would have to go against my own government, but here I am. January 6th wasn’t far off from doing the right thing. God Bless America and all those who are fighting for our freedom here and abroad.

    • T-200q says:


    • RockyMtn1776 says:

      I totally agree. I never thought I would live to see this level of outright treason by many in BOTH political parties during my lifetime. It is out of control, deep and at all levels of government. There’s a good chance we have passed the point of no return, I see no quick and easy way out of this any time soon. We have allowed our elected officials to push us into national suicide and the worst if yet to come. Our nation is in serious trouble, the only thing that can save us now is the American people, government has already proved they cannot or will not do it. I’m not taking any bets either way as to how this all ends. To many unknowns and all of them major problems.

      • Ruth Broch says:

        I do not understand how this is in any way, shape or form legal in America to hold these people as prisoners for over two years with no crime attested to them and no trial for anything!! Why is nothing being done about this and who can get them out?? This is pure totalitarian, Nazi, Stalinist, Mao, Castro, etc. political imprisonment. Why isn’t this being brought to the attention of the Supreme Court??

  6. CountryBoy says:

    It is a SETUP….. ANY testimony that is based on a LIE is punishable by PRISON time..

  7. Hat Bailey says:

    No more dramatic proof that our country is upside down, when the cruel tyrants can ignore their sworn oath to the constitution and violate the promise of a swift and speedy trial and justice for all as well as simple human decency and humane treatment of political prisoners. When will things get righted and true justice don??? WHEN!?

  8. john s nowosacki says:

    Where are the Republican Senators and Representatives? How can they let fellow citizens sit in prison with no charges filed against them? Either charge them with something or release them. This is so unconstitutional and anti-American. It is disgusting that this can be done to our fellow citizens. If there is evidence of wrong doing, bring the charges and prosecute, but only in a totalitarian society can citizens be held against their will with no charges of any illegality being filed against them. Heads literally need to roll over this. There should be a million person march on the capitol over this egregious behavior by the federal government.

  9. Tim Kuehl says:

    I read in 2021 some of the court appointed lawyers assigned to J6 political prisoners refused to represent them until they denounce President Trump and “admitted” the 2020 election was safe, secure and valid with no fraud committed.

  10. Harry says:

    That’s a great idea but this is such a separatist nation that it would be pure chaos and the swamp would be right in the middle of it, Antifa, BLM, LBTQ or whatever it is. This would cause an all out civil war. We need the true Americans in congress to step up and show some backbone. Lockup those that truly need to be prosecuted in our government, no more political games. Supporting We the people!

  11. Kevin M. says:

    To Julie; nobody cares how much you claim you make on whatever website. If you can’t stick to the articles subject, then don’t comment. You’re not as relevant as you think you are.

  12. Audine Haynes says:

    This is a rotten mess and those in congress should demand these people to be released or given a FAIR trial…NOW

  13. Mary Griffin says:

    No one can do anything, with the dem having control over the fbi and the justice department. The dem have showed us, the people that they are in control. This election will show us just how hopless we really, voters will vote our traders back in office. As long as dem keep gaving them everything for free they will vote them bsck in.

  14. Old wolf says:

    What the f#ck are we becoming ??? The democrats can lock you up for what you think ??? The fbi and doj is so corrupt now . They become nazis now for the democrats. And yet yall vote for them. Are you just stupid or what ??? Remember this when the Republicans take over and start doing to you democrats like what the democrats are doing to the Republicans. Nothing will change but the party’s incontrol . The people will still suffer. so don’t cry when it’s your turn in the hot seat.

  15. Thank you ever so for you blog article. Cool.

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