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Feminist Author and Former Advisor to Bill Clinton’s Campaign Strategist, Dr. Naomi Wolf: Don’t Vote For Democrats, Ladies

Feminist Author and Former Advisor to Bill Clinton’s Campaign Strategist, Dr. Naomi Wolf: Don’t Vote For Democrats, Ladies

Feminist Naomi Wolf urges women not to vote for Democrats.
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Feminist author and advisor to Bill Clinton is urging women not to vote for Democrats. She is not telling them to vote for Republicans, she is telling them not to vote.

She says that the Democrats have been subjecting women to unnecessary hardships and that despite what they say, they are not for women at all. She’s right. They are just out for power and to achieve that they need to reduce everyone’s freedom.

Wolf published an article on Substack that lays out her reasoning to withhold their votes from the Democratic Party. She instructs women to stop and look at what is happening to them as a result of the policies of the party.

She says that their vote is being taken for granted, which explains why Hispanics and Blacks are leaving the Democrats and voting for Republicans. It is amazing that they have been able to string those three groups along since the 1960s. The chickens have now come home to roost.

In the article, Wolf shares:

I have watched in astonishment as the Democrats, over the past 20 months, have systematically thrown away what has in our lifetime been their primary treasure: that is to say, the women’s vote.

But — what is a “women’s issue”?

As a feminist, it has amazed me that the gender politics of what has happened to us over the past two years has gone virtually un-analyzed. Lockdowns and medical coercion, vaccine mandates, the masking of children, the closures of small businesses by force — freedom itself, for Lord’s sake — are all, obviously, “women’s issues.”

(As CEO and cofounder of a non-partisan platform, I cannot tell you for whom to vote. But I can remind you what freedom looks like; and as a feminist, I can certainly do what I have done for decades, and urge women to vote “like women.” The conclusions you reach when you think about how this issue is at play now, may surprise you.)

Who was disproportionately harmed by lockdowns? Masking? Forced mRNA injections?

Women and their children.

Lockdowns are women’s issues.

Who was expected somehow to fullfil their obligations to their bosses — while overseeing the well-being of school-age kids suddenly confined to their rooms, isolated without friends, and chained cognitively to screens? Women.

How was the lockdown for these millions of children, these millions of moms?

As a former single mom, even though a lucky one in many ways, I can say firsthand: lockdowns for millions of single mom households would have been unendurable; they would have brought these little families terrible harm and sustained suffering.

Who cared about this, these dangers, this exhaustion, this mental health degradation for mothers and children, these situations that left kids vulnerable to child abuse and neglect, violence and self-harm?

No one who was in charge of those right-on, “feminist” lockdown states.

Not Governor Gretchen Whitmer. Not Governor Andrew Cuomo. Not Governor Gavin Newsom.

Not American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten.

“Feminists” all.

This cruelty, misogyny and child abuse are reasons that rage-filled mama bear groups avenging children’s torture, such as Tiffany Justice’s Moms for Liberty, are growing exponentially. Though Moms for Liberty are caricatured as Trumpers, they are nonpartisan — see their website. When they urge community members to “Find your People” they don’t mention a political party. Theirs is a newly defined, awe-inspiringly effective tribal affiliation, deeper than party labels.

Wolf shared her explanation for her urging women to stay away from voting for Democrats as she appeared on “The War Room” with Steve Bannon. Wolf’s article describes the failures of the Democrats in regards to crime, the Defend the Police movement, the economic hardships and realities women face, the impact of open borders, and the devastating impact faced by women entrepreneurs and small business owners ravaged by Covid lockdowns thrust upon them.

Wolf says that all of those things will affect women for years, and she is right. Wolf was banned from Twitter in 2021 for accurately claiming that the experimental vaccines were affecting women’s menstrual cycle. This is just another example of how fake news and Big Tech spread disinformation every single day. Notice I said disinformation. Misinformation is when you spread lies unintentionally. Disinformation is when you do so intentionally.




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