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Biden Family Offered to Partner With Qatar, Undermining President Trump’s Foreign Policy

Former Prosecutor Says Biden Family Could Be in Serious Legal Trouble

A former prosecutor claims Biden family could be in deep trouble.

Andrew McCarthy, a former federal prosecutor told Fox News host Mike Emanuel that the Biden family could be in legal jeopardy over Hunter’s shady business dealings. Accepting millions of dollars from companies tied to the communist government does not provide good optics and could draw the attention of a prosecutor that Joe Biden cannot control.

Although, I firmly believe that Merrick Garland would fire him or her before any damage could be done to any of the Bidens, particularly Joe.

McCarthy said:

“[President Joe Biden] should be worried, I think, obviously should be worried about his son who has had a very troubled past, but in terms of the investigation, I think the talk that we are hearing now about the possibility of a disposition of the case with tax charges and maybe the full statement that you refer to, could be a choreographed event, what is swept under the rug is the thing that is of consequence to the country, which is the fact that foreign regimes…such as China, poured millions of dollars, millions into the coffers of the Biden family.”

Federal agents claim they have enough evidence to indict Hunter Biden on tax and gun issues. My question is why didn’t they mention money laundering?

Money was sent through companies in two countries before coming to the United States to pay Hunter for being on the board of Burisma. Although he may not have initiated the original money laundering, he had to be aware that the way he was being paid is not normal procedure.

McCarthy added:

“I really think we make a mistake as we talk about the Hunter Biden investigation, which is just a diversion from the fact that what is interesting and of importance to the American people is not what Hunter gingerly calls his tax matter, but the fact that these regimes paid millions and millions of dollars into the Biden family and the fact that the president himself is implicated in at least one of those transactions.”

McCarthy predicted:

“I expect that will happen here and indeed, I think what’s going to happen here, we better have coverage on Christmas Eve because it will be, you know, one of these events where they quietly bring him into court and you know, he pleads guilty to trivial counts and they hope that the rest of the investigation goes away. I think if the Republicans retake at least one house of the Congress, it’s not going to go away because I would expect they are going aggressively investigate the thing that’s of interest in this case, which is not Hunter Biden’s tax matter and not the mishandling of the gun and the false statement that he filed in connection with that, that’s small potatoes. What matters here is the foreign money that went into the Biden family coffers.”

Joe Biden has denied knowing anything about Hunter’s business deals, but, we now know that to be a lie because he met several of Hunter’s business partners in personal meetings. Is Joe compromised by the Chinese? Are they blackmailing him?

Tony Bobulinski, a former business partner of Hunter’s says that Joe Biden is the person identified as The Big Guy in emails found on Hunter’s laptop. Bobulinski has referred to Joe as the CEO of Hunter’s enterprises.


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  1. Nola Roden says:

    Nothing will happen to Hunter or Ole Joe!! If the GOP doesn’t get some Balls nothing will happen to any of the Bidens.

    • BEVERLY says:

      Those squishy Republicans better go after the bidens. We need to hold them all accountable. They work for us, not the other way around!

      • Donna Olin says:

        They have to wait till after the election. If they impeach him Kamal toe will be president. That would actually be even worse. Give them time.

    • Jen says:

      That is so true!!! Nothing is ever done to the democrats. The corrupt media makes sure of that!!!

  2. an says:

    Little Joey and his CRIMINAL CRIME FAMILY ” ALL ” need to see the inside s of a FEDERAL PRISON Cell for no less than 365 Years to LIFE !

  3. akashara says:

    I’ll believe it when I see it. Already they’ve lowered his misconduct to lying on a gun registration and something else minor. Nothing about Hunter, Joe Biden or Biden’s brother collusion with Russia and China. That’s what they should be tried for, not this silly nonsense.

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