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Fox News’ Martha MacCallum on the Border: “That’s Great. It’s not Working”

Fox News’ Martha MacCallum on the Border: “That’s Great. It’s not Working”

Martha MacCallum destroys John Kirby over Biden's open door policy.
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Fox News’ Martha MacCallum told White House National Security spokesperson John Kirby that President Joe Biden is failing with his open border policies even as Democrats who have traditionally backed increase illegal immigration are incensed as their cities have to suffer the consequences.

Kirby lied and said that Biden has made great strides in gaining control of the border. Yeah, just like he has been able to control his son.

MacCallum said although Biden gave a speech to the United Nations on Tuesday, he did not meet with leaders of countries who could help lower the number illegals making their way through their countries and into the United States. In fact, the only two things he has done about the border is to appoint ineffective Kamala Harris as the border czar and to make it much easier for illegal immigrants, Mexican cartels, and international terrorists access to the entire United States.

MacCallum asked Kirby:

“How is this something that he doesn’t address when he’s in New York City where there’s a crisis unfolding less than a mile away from where he’s speaking?”

Kirby spun:

“Well, Martha, he did address the challenge of regional migration in the speech. He talked about the Los Angeles Declaration for Migration and support for migrants. He knows, and he addressed it again in the remarks, that this is a regional thing. You’re not wrong, I mean, there are more people on the move in this hemisphere now than we’ve seen since World War II. And you’re absolutely right, as the weather cools down and conditions get a little bit better —”


“You’re blaming climate change for the reason that people are coming?”


“No, no, no. I’m talking about just the weather conditions as we head into fall. It’s just easier to be on the move.”

From The Daily Caller

Kirby called on Congress to allocate $4 billion toward border security and touted how the administration handed both New York City and the state of New York $140 million in the 2023 fiscal year to tackle the crisis.. (RELATED: ‘I’m Not Deflecting’: Fox News Contributor Gets Into Near Shouting Match With Democrat Over Border Crisis) 

MacCallum questioned why Biden didn’t call on Mexico and Guatemala on Tuesday to stop the flow of illegal migration in their own countries to prevent them from reaching the U.S.

“So why doesn’t the president address this? It’s a very urgent need in this country while he’s talking to the U.N. Really missed opportunity today?” she asked.

“No, no, no. I mean, he’s absolutely addressed this,” Kirby said.

“He doesn’t talk about it, John,” MacCallum responded. “He never talks about it.”

Kirby argued Biden has addressed the crisis with these leaders by traveling to Mexico City a few months back and at two Summits for Democracy. Kirby cited famine, drought and other difficult conditions as the reason the migrants are on the move in record numbers.

“But 89% of these people don’t have legitimate asylum claims,” MacCallum said.

“Which is why he has worked so hard in the region to develop these centers around several countries where people can apply for legal pathways to come in,” Kirby said.

“That great. It’s not working,” MacCallum said.

“And it’s why we bolstered, as much as we can, we bolstered security at the border to try to deter illegal immigration,” Kirby said.


  • Steven Ahle

    My investigation into a DHS program that instructed law enforcement to treat Christians as terrorists won me the 2014 CJN Journalist of the Year award. Here is a video of Glenn Beck reading my article on his program: I am a troll bridge. You can cross me, but you will pay a price.

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Comments 18

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    • The only thing I can say about Kirby is that he is NO LONGER serving in the U.S. Navy. In my opinion, the Navy is miles ahead with him gone.

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  2. JCE says:

    Kirby, like the rest of Biden’s pack of fools is a certified liar. The sooner they are removed from government the better America will be. All the illegals need to be deported.

  3. Linda says:

    Kirby, exactly what bolstering was done to secure the border to deter illegal immigration? To Martha McCallum, I say have him back on for another interview and make him name each act they bolstered to make the border secure. They keep saying the border is secure, and he apparently doesn’t believe that if they bolstered security as much as they can. I want to know exactly how did they do that? And did it make it any more secure than they believe it is? lol They are such stupid people to think we accept what he says, same for Mayorkas. We have enough intelligence to see a clear picture of exactly what they are bolstering.

  4. Viti says:

    I can no longer be polite about what these fools are doing to my country. They waste trillions, their goal is to dismantle the middle class. These illegals through no fault of their own will be used to lower wages, to distract from the real enemy. The middle class is the power that drives this engine we call the republic. The only counter to that power are lies and decete. All it took to load most of the Warsaw Jews on the trains was one German officer and two soldiers. The officer told the people that the Russians were near and on their way. Please get on the train, to take you to safety. Who will you believe? It is even easier today, they don’t even need a soap box to stand on to get your attention today. Look at the Americans they put in prison, basically for having a different opinion. Think on that.

    • Rosie46 says:

      And mandated to wear masks and lick themselves in their homes. All the while trying to mandate poison injections.

    • VinnieA says:

      POLITE? We are dealing with the Hate America Democrat Party! They are the Enemy! To Hell with Them. In any event, The Problem is that No One KNOWS who or what these Invaders ARE! We undoubtedly have Terrorists, Cartel Gang Bangers, Rapists, Drug Dealers and Addicts, Disease Ridden Carriers, Drugs like Fentanyl and Crack Cocaine being ALLOWED into OUR COUNTRY by Biden and his Gang of Criminals! Our Country is being Destroyed by these Enemies Within and they must be Stopped in one way or another!

  5. Rocky Venti says:

    Now these idiots are blaming the Republicans for the open border crisis. If I am not mistaken under President Trump the border was under control and they were building a fence; which biden stopped immediately when he took office. I can’t remember if he did that first or after he halted the Canadian Pipeline. What a pack of fools you democrats have instilled in this once great country. God help us all. I hope we can weather this storm without a bankruptcy or the 3rd world war.

    • Rosie46 says:

      And mandated to wear masks and lick themselves in their homes. All the while trying to mandate poison injections.

  6. DP Mosco says:

    The ulterior motive and the reason no real action is being taken is because the Administration believes they will vote Democratically. Biden will attempt to get them approved to vote next.
    Out of control immigration
    Out of control crime in cities
    Forfeiting energy independence
    On slaughter inflation
    Out of control printing and spending our hard earned dollars on electric vehicles and windmills and junk

    Vote Democratically and this will continue and the USA will fail. We can not pay for this stupidity.

    • Pete says:

      That used to be the “Democrat” thinking…
      …now it primarily “destroy America” because

  7. Concrete Cowboy says:

    The gaslighting is unbelievable. Much worse than even Baghdad Bob.

  8. SilverRascal says:

    Here’s one more little caveat… If and when most of the illegals start working or receive their ‘stipend’ for their stay here, a lot, if not, most of that money will be wired home to families in their home countries and or the cartels that helped get them here in the first place. Any way you cut it, WE LOSE!

  9. Carolinadog says:

    I have to wonder how many more crackpots like Kirby are still in high ranking positions in the Navy and other service branches considering the stupidity running rampant there.

  10. Pete says:

    They only get away with the “secure border” or any of the other nonsense…
    …without the absolute worst and corrupt MEDIA the ENTIRE WORLD has ever seen

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  11. Tim Shep says:

    Kirby has been an ass-kissing rank-grabbing toady his entire career. He was a propagandist prevaricator for BHO and he’s doing the same for China Joe. He’s a typical liberal and has an excuse for everything or it’s someone else’s fault.

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