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Fugitive Hiding Under Mattress Opens Fire on Cops Who Were Searching for Him

Fugitive Hiding Under Mattress Opens Fire on Cops Who Were Searching for Him

Fugitive from justice, Timothy Johnson is killed in a shootout with police.

Oklahoma City police appeared at a travel trailer after they got a report that a fugitive from another state had gone into the trailer but never came out. Jennifer Garner lets three officers into her trailer to search for Johnson. Johnson was wanted on burglary charges. The police searched the trailer without luck when one of the officers lifted a mattress and found Johnson hiding there. Johnson was armed and he fired at an officer.

The police officers called for Johnson to give himself up after he was hit by at least one bullet during the exchange in the fire that occurred before. But Johnson did not give up.

Why is it that criminals never seem to understand that a few years in prison is better than being dead forever? I just don’t understand the criminal mind, probably because I don’t associate with Democrats, The mattress was lifted once again and Johnson and the police became involved in a second shootout

Two of the officers rushed out of the trailer and one stayed behind. Eventually, the 6two officers reentered the trailer. It was decided that they should call in the tactical unit to ferret Johnson out. It was then that they discovered that Johnson had achieved room temperature.

The police department has released the body cam footage and has placed the three officers on desk duty while an investigation into their actions is complete. This is just a formality.

From The Blaze

Police said the department’s Tactical Unit was activated and responded to the scene.

After attempts to contact Johnson were unsuccessful, police said the Tactical Unit entered the trailer and found Johnson dead. KOKH said it wasn’t released if Johnson’s death was self-inflicted.

The officer who said earlier he was hit was struck in the face by flying debris during the exchange of gunfire, police said, adding that the officer was treated at an area hospital and released.

All three officers were placed on routine administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation, police said.

KOKH noted that it’s unclear how Johnson and Garner knew each other, but Garner was arrested for harboring a fugitive. Police said that Garner was aware that Johnson was hiding in the trailer with a gun.

Well, the good news is that Johnson will not be a repeat offender.


  • Steven Ahle

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  1. Travis R says:

    I think you misunderstand our prisons today. Rape is common. Beating is normal. Guards will sell you to the highest bidder.
    I will never go to prison. I hope not breaking the law will allow that. You can’t tell today.

    • Kendra Tilley says:

      Do the crime do the time. If you don’t want to be raped or beaten then do not think you are above the law. And believe me many of these prisoners are not raped but rape each other and enjoy it when locked away from sex for a long time. Always the exception but criminals are not the most moral people among us.

  2. Tim says:

    felons? “a couple years in jail”? GOD says to kill those that take another’s life. Amerika is losing the battle. Slaves (people that work, own property) of the STATE are fools for not separating. Continue to pay socialist & communist to abuse them?

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