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Ga State Legislature Starts Impeachment Proceedings Against Fani Willis for Abuse of Power

GOP legislators in GA want a special session on Fani Willis.

Republican Georgia State Sen. Colton Moore called for a special session of the state’s General Assembly on Thursday to review the actions of Fani Willis and her abuse of power over her indictment of President Trump for purely political reasons.

I also expect President Trump and some of his co-defendants to sue Willis and Atlanta for malicious prosecution over the junk charges after the dust settles.

Moore requested the special session in a letter to Gov Brian Kemp. It won’t happen as Kemp is a corrupt Democrat in Republican clothing.

The letter said:

“We, the undersigned, being duly elected members of the Georgia House of Representatives and Georgia Senate, and comprising 3/5 of each respective house, pursuant to Article IV, Section II, Paragraph VII(b), hereby certify to you, in writing, with a copy to the Secretary of State, that in our opinion an emergency exists in the affairs of the state, requiring a special session to be convened under that section, for all purposes, to include, without limitation, the review and response to the actions of Fani Willis.”

Kemp does have the power to call a special session, but he has proven in the past that he has no problem with Democrats cheating to win.  The good news is that he has advanced as far in politics as he can possibly go because nationally, Republicans don’t trust him. Of course, he could become honest and run as a Democrat. But I do not expect him to become honest.

Moore is calling for the legislature to strip all of the money Willis is wasting pursuing these bogus charges and if appropriate to impeach her as well.

Moore told The Hill:

“The legislature has this great check and balance when it comes to controlling the purse. Ultimately, from what I’ve seen, I think she should completely be defunded of any state dollars. People in northwest Georgia and Georgians all over don’t want their tax dollars going to fund this type of political persecution. If it turns out that she’s doing some corrupt things, then absolutely impeach her.”

“America is under attack. I’m not going to sit back and watch as radical left prosecutors weaponize their elected offices to politically target their opponents.”

“I just encourage all Georgia citizens to stop talking and get to action. Call their legislators, encourage them to sign on to this special session and keep the momentum rolling,” Moore said. “Because conservative Georgians and all Georgians are very upset when you have a political persecution going on.”

From The Daily Wire

Trump, who is facing four criminal indictments, stated he would produce “irrefutable” evidence at a press conference proving that the 2020 presidential election was stolen. But across all the legal matters, Trump has broadly denied any wrongdoing and has claimed politically motivated forces are targeting him in a “witch hunt” propagated by the Biden administration and Democrat prosecutors in New York and Georgia.

Kemp responded to the former president’s claim, saying, “The 2020 election in Georgia was not stolen.”

“For nearly three years now, anyone with evidence of fraud has failed to come forward — under oath — and prove anything in a court of law,” Kemp said. “Our elections in Georgia are secure, accessible, and fair and will continue to be as long as I am governor. The future of our country is at stake in 2024 and that must be our focus.”

At a press conference on Monday, Willis said she would give the defendants subject to arrest warrants “the opportunity” to voluntarily surrender by noon on Friday, August 25.





  • Steven Ahle

    My investigation into a DHS program that instructed law enforcement to treat Christians as terrorists won me the 2014 CJN Journalist of the Year award. Here is a video of Glenn Beck reading my article on his program: I am a troll bridge. You can cross me, but you will pay a price.

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Comments 18

  1. Bruno says:

    Nothing will come of this. This is just RINO window dressing to fool gullible Republican voters that the Party is doing something.

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    • billi says:

      Really tired of Rhinos huffing and puffing about “doing something”. They’ve done nothing, and I do not expect they will do anything. What we need is Ai to assemble all the huffing and puffing and compare them to what they actually did.

  2. jerry1944 says:

    And i remember when one could think of Geogia as a great state now look how low they have become Just another coopt state run by crooks for crooks Many dem states are going that way these days. Guess it shows crime does PAY after all

    • RockyMtn1776 says:

      Maybe it’s just me but I don’t remember Georgia being what most Americans would call a great state. Even going back as far as the 1920s Georgia had a reputation of being corrupt. They were famous for ticketing out of state drivers for non-existent violations.
      Granted, they may not have been as corrupt that long ago, but my guess is it wasn’t for lack of trying. Remember Hank Johnson, Dem. Congressman from Ga.? That epitome of academic brilliance once told a US Admerial that the island of Guam would tip over if we put to many troops on one end of the island. Hank was re-elected many times and may still be in Congress.
      You can’t fight ignorance at this level.

      • mspidge says:

        Yep, I remember that one.

      • Lawrence M says:

        RockyMtn1776; you’re right and back in the 20’s through the 40’s plenty of still operations were trying to stay a step ahead of the revenuers from the federal government; basically “cheaters.” Along with that popped up a strong “southern state mafia network” that Georgia and other southern states incorporated through “crooked politicians, business owners and corrupt judges” to “protect their vested interests in moonshine, gambling and prostitution rackets!”

        But more currently the corrupt mentality of some influential Georgians was busy within the education department doing their dirty deeds! Go figure in a state according to some of this current media dribble with such claimed to be honest politicians and “Kemp the Rino” waving the flag of Georgia’s “election integrity” now!

        “An investigation by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) released in July 2011 indicated that 44 out of 56 schools cheated on the 2009 CRCT.[2] One hundred and seventy-eight educators were implicated in correcting answers entered by students.[3] Of these, 35 educators were indicted and all but 12 took plea deals; the remaining 12 went to trial.[4] The size of the scandal has been described as “one of the largest in United States education history.” Wikipedia

        Sure thing folks we can just take the word of Fanni and Kemp that all is well in Georgia, and end of story! Not!
        After-all the only thing at stake is the survival of our nation so why get so concerned about some lost votes or rigged voting; they know what they are doing in Georgia the finest and most honest people we can ask for, genuine Americana; like “mom’s homemade apple pie!”
        Probable election corruption in Georgia; oh C’mon man stop being silly!

    • Lawrence M says:

      Politically Organized Crime Pays Best! Our government on the state levels on up to the central command federal level Political Head is like a Syndicate!

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  4. Mike Hansen says:

    Go suck a Democratic egg!!!

  5. Mike Hansen says:

    Keep on sucking that Democratic egg!!! You seem to enjoy it!!!!

    • Lawrence M says:

      Yea, they can keep sucking that egg if they seek to become rambling minion useful idiots for the master brainwashes! Many already have; so it’s just all in another day’s work or sucking eggs!

  6. Old wolf says:

    But time Republicans wake up. Time to shut down the corrupt far left Communist democrat party

  7. Dexter Wilson says:

    They Can’t have a Super Power and Trump will be able to restore America to this. The democrats (Marxists in the west wing) are scared to death of anyone who would be able to make America Great. The RNA Covid Vaccines have been killing off people which goes along with the Globalists who want to put all nations under their power and can’t have a Super Power exist which would prevent them from taking over. Klaus Schwab (see you tube: The shocking truth of the World Economic Forum) says you will not leave your home and we will provide for your needs and you will be happy never leaving your home. Facts, you tube:”2000 Mules” describes part of how the election was stolen. The other is that Mike LIndell has provent that the voting machines were indeed accessed by hackers who changed votes. He has the proof

    • Eagle says:

      The latest episode started with that unlawful president Obama who was never ‘natural born’ eligible. Republicans ignored the Constitution because they were scared of being labeled ‘racist’. Then Trump came along and said he was going to ‘drain the swamp’ and they were frightened again. Now it’s the continuing of Obama’s promise to ‘fundamentally transform America’. Trump said ‘America First’ and ‘Make America Great Again’ but as ‘patriotic people’, we are way short of leaders to help or candidates to pick from.

  8. Ernst says:

    Brian Kemp might as well be promoting Democrats. He certainly is destroying the Republican Party.

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