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GarageGate: Document Boxes Seen Stacked Next to Biden’s Corvette In 2020 Video

GarageGate: Document Boxes Seen Stacked Next to Biden’s Corvette In 2020 Video

President Joe Biden released a video in 2020 showing him parking his Corvette in his personal garage, where boxes of what appear to be classified documents are stacked in boxes to waist height inside.

As Valiant News previously reported, Biden was caught illegally keeping classified documents in improper locations this week, the most recent being a trove of materials retrieved from the garage of his Delaware beach home.

When confronted by Fox’s Peter Doocy about the documents on Thursday, Biden  defended himself by declaring that “My Corvette’s in a locked garage” and thus “it’s not like it’s on the street.”

Following Biden’s comments, sharp-eyed Twitter users quickly located a video posted by the then-candidate in 2020, where he can be seen backing his Corvette into the box-filled garage.

After pontificating about his desire to drive “an electric Corvette can go 200 miles an hour,” Biden says, “You think I’m kiddin’? I’m not kiddin'” as he backs the car inside.

While the contents of Biden’s secret document stashes remain unclear, it has been speculated by far right publications that they contained documents related to China and Ukraine.

Though Biden and his allies have projected confidence while his handling of classified materials is investigated by his government agencies, Republicans in Congress have suggested they will provide oversight.

Today, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy told the press, “I think Congress has to investigate this” as Biden’s latest secret cache of sensitive documents became known.

“Here’s an individual that’s been in office for more than 40 years, here’s an individual that sat on ’60 Minutes’ that was so concerned about President Trump’s documents,” said McCarthy.

“Now we find, just as a vice president, keeping it for years, out in the open, in different locations.”

Biden has not released any statement confirming or denying that the boxes seen in the 2020 video contain the illegally stored documents that were discovered this week.

This news and commentary by Gabriel Keane originally appeared on Valiant News.


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