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George Floyd’s Family May Sue Kanye After Rapper Said BLM Icon Died of Fentanyl Overdose

George Floyd’s Family May Sue Kanye After Rapper Said BLM Icon Died of Fentanyl Overdose

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George Floyd’s family is considering a lawsuit against music and fashion mogul Kanye West after he asserted Floyd died from a fentanyl overdose, and not from the actions of Derek Chauvin.

Appearing on the Drink Champs podcast, West explained that he was struck by the revelation after seeing Candace Owens’ documentary on the life and death of George Floyd.

“I watched the George Floyd documentary that Candace Owens put out. One of the things that his two roommates said was they want a tall guy like me, and the day that he died, he said a prayer for eight minutes,” West said on the podcast.

“They hit him with the fentanyl.” West said of the infamous video showing Floyd’s death, “If you look, the guy’s knee wasn’t even on his neck like that.”

Of Floyd’s final words, West said, “When he said ‘mama’, ‘mama’ was his girlfriend.”

Fact checkers assert that Hennepin County Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Andrew Baker said Floyd’s heart disease and fentanyl use were only contributing factors to his death, not the direct cause.

Apparently attorney Lee Merritt was approached by Floyd’s brother, Philonise Floyd, who according to CNN, told him that he wants to sue West over the claim.

While it’s impossible to sue, as Floyd is dead, the lawyer said he put together a “team” to pursue “other legal avenues” that may result in the Floyd family receiving money from West after having their feelings hurt by his remarks.

“I have put together a working team to investigate [West’s] statements and to investigate the source of those statements,” Merritt revealed to the left wing cable network.

On Twitter, the lawyer acknowledged that the dead cannot be defamed, but nonetheless revealed that Floyd’s family “is considering suit for Kanye’s” statements about his death.

After discussing Floyd’s death, West questioned whether the podcast could be aired, and again asserted that negative coverage of him stems from Jewish control over the media.

“Tell me, could you even really run this interview?” West questioned the host. “They block me out. The Jewish media blocks me out. This shit lit, right? I’m lit, right?”

West then discussed the reports that he was dropped as a client by J.P. Morgan after making allegedly anti-Semitic remarks on Twitter.

“J.P. Morgan, I put $140 million into J.P. Morgan, and they treated me like sh*t,” West charged. “If J.P. Morgan Chase is treating me like that, how they treating the rest of y’all?”

“I am outraged,” said West, before noting that he didn’t break the law.

“It’s like a social contract,” he mused. “It’s basically like, they told Candace Owens she couldn’t hang out with me.”

Today it was revealed that West plans to buy Parler, the free speech social media website. George Farmer, the CEO of that website, is married to Owens.

This news and commentary by Tom Pappert originally appeared on Valiant News.


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Comments 2

  1. 1947 says:

    This is a problem today. Everyone gets their feeling hurt and it automatically becomes a cash cow for those who are “Offended”. That offends me and I want a cash cow. I prefer a chocolate milk Cow.

  2. Angry 1 says:

    All Blacks are like this. Sue crazy. They’ll sue anyone for anything. Greedy, greedy, greedy.
    Many White people have been murdered by Blacks. You don’t see any of their survivors raising a stink and suing.

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