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GOP Sweeps Long Island, Wins All Four House Seats Including Two Battleground Swing Districts

GOP Sweeps Long Island, Wins All Four House Seats Including Two Battleground Swing Districts

The Republican Party swept all four House seats on Long Island, a swing state battleground that has grown increasingly conservative even as the party has failed to make gains statewide or across New York City.

This morning it was confirmed that retired New York City police detective Anthony D’Esposito, a Republican, beat Laura Gillen, a Democratic law professor for New York’s Fourth District.

Democrats held that seat before the election, with Democrat Rep. Kathleen Rice leaving office in January of next year.

With this news, Republicans have officially won all four available House seats on the island, despite the known battleground status of the area and none of the candidates being incumbents.

A similar series of events played out in the Third District, where Republican George Santos beat Robert Zimmerman, who the New York Times reports is a member of the Democratic National Committee.

Both men were competing for the seat being vacated by Rep. Tom Suozzi, who is also stepping down, meaning this represents another Republican flip.

In the First District, Republican Nicholas LaLota beat Democrat Bridget Fleming in a race to determine Rep. Lee Zeldin’s successor, the New York Times explained. Zeldin ran for Governor of New York instead, and did not win.

Republican Rep. Andrew Garbarino won a rematch against Democrat Jackie Gordon, who he beat in 2020, securing the Republican Party’s hold on the Second District.

Garbarino thanked his supporters on Twitter, and made big promises on behalf of his Republican colleagues.

“Americans are sick of one party rule in Washington,” he wrote. “They are sick of living through crisis after crisis brought on by failed policies.”

“The GOP majority is going to get our country back on track by curbing inflation, revitalizing domestic energy production, and empowering law enforcement to address rising crime and secure our border.”

Garbarino added, “That is our commitment to America and that is my commitment to the people of LI.”

Scott Presler, a popular Republican activist who specializes in voter registration events, discussed his efforts in Long Island as results began suggesting a red wave had swept the area last night.

“We registered thousands of voters on Long Island,” wrote Presler. “The places where we invested in voter registration, we won.”

Republicans are widely expected to take the U.S. House, though their chances of taking the U.S. Senate remain slim.

At press time, the race between Blake Masters and Sen. Mark Kelly in Arizona remains too close to call, and the race between Herschel Walker and Sen. Raphael Warnock in Georgia appears to be headed for a runoff.

This news and commentary by Tom Pappert originally appeared on Valiant News.

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    People can’t be that sick of inflation and crime they still vote Democrat. I guess some people have to learn the hard way.

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  3. Ruth says:

    I like the Billings Report.

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