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HEART BREAKING: Prosecutor Who Brought Bogus Charges Against Trump Let the Murderers of Her Son Off Easy, She Proudly Supports Trump

HEART BREAKING: Prosecutor Who Brought Bogus Charges Against Trump Let the Murderers of Her Son Off Easy, She Proudly Supports Trump

DA Alvin Bragg let justice exit by the side door.

Madeline Brame lost her son, Army veteran Hason Correa, to a violent murder in New York. But that is not the end of her suffering thanks to Alvin Bragg. (Hey, Alvin. Where is Simon and Theodore?)

It is heartbreaking for a parent to lose a child, especially an only child. I am living proof of that. My son died of kidney failure at age twenty-five. That was six years ago and I still feel the pain. But, my pain is absolutely nothing compared to the pain that Madelin Brame is going through. You see she4 has been a victim twice. Once by the four thugs that beat and stabbed her son to death and a second time by the Soros-backed DA, Alvin Bragg. Bragg let two out of the four off without charging them with murder.

The New York Post reports:

Madeline Brame, who sent the letter to Bragg and Gov. Kathy Hochul, claims the DA didn’t communicate with her before they decided to offer the plea deals, which let one of the defendants off on time served.

“You violated my rights as a crime victim to be fully informed, and to be heard,” Brame wrote in the letter sent Thursday.

“Why would you dismiss murder charges against half of the participants, when the murder and their roles were caught on video?”

At the time, authorities alleged that Mary, 41, had punched and kicked Correa before trying to pin him down while her brothers stabbed him and then chased after him when he attempted to escape.

However, during a May court hearing, Bragg’s prosecutors said they didn’t think they could prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Mary had intended to kill Correa, or that she knew her brother had a knife.

Prosecutors argued Mary’s behavior that night “supports her contention” that she did not intend to murder Correa and that the evidence showed her presence “was not a determining factor” in the vet’s death.

As part of her plea agreement, Mary pleaded guilty to a downgraded charge of felony assault and was allowed to go free on time served after she spent a year in jail as the case played out in court.

Stewart was permitted to plead guilty to attempted gang assault, and is slated to be sentenced to seven years behind bars on June 29 under a deal with Bragg’s office.

Fox reporter:
Madeline how do you feel? I know you have been on our show before, and you lost your son, he was murdered. And here we have Alvin Bragg focusing on President Trump for paying to some lady that he might have had a relationship with.

Well…they picked up a new slogan…’no one is above the law.’ If no one is above the law, then I don’t understand how Alvin Bragg could dismiss murder and gang assault indictments against two of the people involved in the murder of my son.

I guess no one is above the law, except for murderers. And rapists. And muggers. Etc. etc.

Fox reporter:
And you voted for Trump in 2020? Will you vote for him….

Absolutely and I will vote for him again, I am a proud black conservative.

There are only two reasons this story doesn’t touch you. Either you are dead or you are a Democrat.



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    ?????? Really

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    Bragg changing minds and hearts, we thank you for your stupidity.

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    Bragg is paid by soros

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