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How New York City Enables Repeat Offenders Including Rapists

NYC breeds repeat offenders.
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Officials in New York City claim that crime is not as big a problem as people make it out to be. Sure, it’s just a vicious rumor started by three million victims.

With their low bail and no bail policies, things have gone from bad to worse. Take the case of  Justin Washington as an example. Washington was arrested for the r5ape of a family member. He was charged with first-degree rape, first-degree sexual abuse, and forcible touching.

His bail was set at $25,000 dollars. Then the prosecutors suddenly claimed that they could not prove the charges and dropped them to sexual coercion and his bail was reduced to $12,000 dollars. He made bail. The plea deal they gave him would have given him just 30 days in jail. He wouldn’t even have to register as a sex offender. Naturally, he pleaded guilty, happy he did not receive the 25-year sentence he was originally facing.

Washington was due to be sentenced on Wednesday, but then he proved why NYC’s bail law and woke prosecutors are so bad for the public.

From The Blaze

According to police, Washington sexually assaulted five people — four women and one man — in the Bronx over the course of about two hours on the morning of September 15. Police say that Washington:

  • Broke into the home of an 18-year-old male. He groped the man’s buttocks underneath his underwear and repeatedly asked for a dollar. The man offered him a dollar, but Washington did not take it.
  • Crawled up an apartment fire escape about 40 minutes later and began banging on the window where a 26-year-old mother was at home with her infant child. When the woman opened the curtain, she found Washington masturbating on the fire escape.
  • Managed to force his way into an apartment elsewhere in the same building and tried to rape a 49-year-old mother. Washington forced her onto a bed, attempted to disrobe her, spread her legs apart, smelled her, and began masturbating. The woman then fought back, biting Washington’s hand and eventually hitting him in the head with a hammer until he left.
  • Stole a woman’s panties from another apartment and began masturbating.
  • Molested a homeless woman by pulling down her pants, grabbing her buttocks, and masturbating.

The 26-year-old alleged victim said she was not shocked to find that prosecutors and judges allowed Washington to remain on the streets and to continue his criminal activities.

She said:

“Isn’t that what they do?”

“If he would have not gotten out of jail during this time, none of this would have happened. Look what he did! They should change the system. It’s not right.”

The prosecutors defended their decision to offer the plea deal, saying that they talked to the victim’s family and that way the victim would not have to testify in court. One cop who wished not to be named added:

“I understand they talked to the victim’s family, but what about the rest of the citizens of New York who can become Mr. Washington’s victims in the future, like those innocent five people in the Bronx?”

So, the moral of this story is, “Why have one victim when you can have six?”


  • Steven Ahle

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  1. akashara says:

    Unbelievable! Typical of a city lead by Democrats. They care more about the criminals then the good people who live in their state. As if NYC wasn’t dangerous enough!

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