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Hunter Biden Deducted Prostitutes and Sex Club From His Taxes

Hunter Biden Deducted Prostitutes and Sex Club From His Taxes

Hunter Biden deducted hookers on his income tax.

Does this surprise you in the least? It surprises me. I would have sworn he would have deducted his crack cocaine as well. But, then again, I don’t suppose the IRS objects to writing off the cost of prostitutes from your taxes, although I am sure they made an exception for Hunter, if for no other reason than to save Joe Biden’s butt in the 2024 election. Joe Biden says that Hunter is the smartest man he knows could be correct, After all, he only knows Democrats.

Committee Chairman Jason Smith (R-Mo.) indicated in a press conference Thursday that two IRS whistleblowers have provided evidence of:

“Misconduct and government abuse that is resulting in preferential treatment for the president’s son, Hunter Biden.”

The IRS whistleblowers have testified that IRS and DOJ officials have bent over backward (And forward, I’ll bet) for Hunter Biden. The FBI, the IRS, and the DOJ have all worked full-time to cover up the many crimes of Joe and Hunter Biden. They all agree that the plea deal that Hunter got is not available to any other American living in Obama’s 57 states. Here is a fun fact. There are not 57 states, but there are 57 Muslim nations in the world. I can see how that could confuse him, can’t you?

The second, unnamed IRS whistleblower detailed:

From The Blaze

The 2018 investigation was apparently an offshoot of an IRS probe into a “foreign-based amateur online pornography platform.”

“He made payments — there’s an $18,000 wire that is made to one of these individuals, and on the wires they say $8,000 in wage and $10,000 in golf — $10K golf club member deposit,” said the whistleblower. “And we know that $10,000 went to pay for a sex club. He went to a sex club, and we’ve talked to the person that owned that sex club, and they confirmed that he was there.”

Shapley, the other whistleblower, also noted in his testimony that in 2018, there “was a $25,000 [payment] to one of his girlfriends and it said, ‘golf membership.’ And then we went out and followed that money it was for a sex club membership in L.A.”

Damon Lawner, the founder of the elite Beverly Hills sex club Snctm, wrote in a now-deleted Instagram post this week that Biden had once been a member.

“Hunter was a member at Snctm and I canceled his membership after 1 party because he’s a scumbag,” wrote Lawner.

Lawner, banned from the club shortly after making this admission, told the Los Angeles Times, “Posting what I did on my Instagram about Hunter was me letting people know that the type of behavior that he exhibited was something that upsets me. … I knew that the consequences could be me not being part of Snctm anymore, but I was willing to take that risk.”

The former club owner told the New York Post that Biden had been kicked out for “grabbing women’s asses” and acting “like a spoiled child,” adding, Hunter Biden is “a really bad guy — not a good person. He’s just not.”


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