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Idaho Lawmakers Approve a Bill To Incorporate Eastern Oregon into Their State

Idaho Lawmakers Approve a Bill To Incorporate Eastern Oregon into Their State

The Greater Idaho Movement makes progress.
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The state legislature in Idaho has passed a bill to expand its borders to incorporate 15 Oregon counties in their state. People in Eastern Oregon are tired of being suppressed by liberal cities such as Portland.

The problem is that these 15 counties are filled with people who have moral standards, but they are ruled by liberals who have no morals at all. Idaho is a small state, but they are very conservative and its morals mirror those of the 15 counties looking to move.

So far 11 counties have approved the secession movement, with more counties yet to vote. A Republican member of the Oregon legislature has offered up a bill that would allow Oregon and Idaho to enter into talks on secession.

Actual secession is a long way off, as it has to be approved by the Oregon legislature and then by US congressional approval. But, so far they are the only state with a secession movement that is actually making progress.

Conservatives in Oregon fed up with the far-left policies coming from the state legislature in Salem may have hope on the horizon.

The Greater Idaho Movement, a secession movement, has allies in both the Idaho and Or43egon legislatures. Their chances of success are better than other movements since it will not alter the numbers in the House or the Senate.

The California session movement would create 2 new GOP Senators. That is probably a non-starter.

From The Gateway Pundit

Mike McCarter, the leader of The Greater Idaho Movement, argues his endeavor will give eastern Oregon voters an actual voice in state affairs should the counties officially join. Unlike the urban liberal areas which dominate Oregon politics, Idaho is a rural, conservative state with traditional values.

Idaho News reported:

The “Greater Idaho” bill, which would move the Oregon-Idaho border to include a large swath of Eastern Oregon, has passed the Idaho House of Representatives. The bill authorizes Idaho legislators to begin talks with Oregon about relocating the state line.

During debate on the floor of the House, proponents of the bill cited the desirability of applying Idaho law to eastern Oregon as a way to move Oregon drug laws farther away from Idaho’s current population centers.

Proponents also cited an economic analysis from the Claremont institute that shows that rural Oregon counties would be a net benefit to Idaho financially, according to the report.

We will continue to follow this story and provide any additional information here.

By FOX 12 Staff

 Idaho lawmakers in the House of Representatives voted 41-28 to pass a bill, HJM1, in support of the Greater Idaho movement on Wednesday.

The bill is a call to action that will allow Idaho lawmakers to start talking about the movement with Oregon lawmakers. The House State Affairs Committee received testimony on Monday before the Wednesday vote. The measure will now go to the Idaho Senate.

The plan calls for Idaho to be expanded to include rural Oregon. So far, 11 counties in Oregon have signed a petition in support of the expansion.

The plan would also need to be approved by Oregon lawmakers and then sent to the federal government, where Congress would decide whether or not to approve the expansion.



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