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Illegal Alien Who Stabbed 8, Killing 2 Las Vegas Would have Been in Prison if Not for Democratic Prosecutor

Illegal Alien Who Stabbed 8, Killing 2 Las Vegas Would have Been in Prison if Not for Democratic Prosecutor

An illegal alien who stabbed 8, killing 2 should not have been on the street.
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This is what happens when Democratic prosecutors decide that violent criminal illegal aliens should not be deported. During the time that Jackie Lacey was the DA in LA,  Yoni Barrios was arrested for criminal domestic violence in 2019. Barrios committed the crime on August 18, 2018, but Lacey did not charge him until July 2019. His first court date was April 8, 2021. During that court date, the judge ruled that Barrios’ right to a speedy trial was violated and he walked free.

Since California is a sanctuary state, ICE was never notified about his crime and he walked out of court a free man. Had he been prosecuted in a timely manner or if ICE had been notified, Barrios would have been in prison or deported. But, since he wasn’t, he was able to stab eight people, killing 47-year-old Brent Allan Hallet and 30-year-old Maris Mareen Digiovanni on October 6 of this year.

There were actually two times that barrios could have been removed from our streets but wasn’t. He was picked up for speeding and driving without a license in 2016 in the city of Riverside, California. And the second, of course, was the domestic violence charge. If US law had been followed either time, barrios would not have been able to commit the mass stabbing in Las Vegas. Hopefully, he will never see another day of freedom as long as he lives, but as long as there4 are Democrats, he has a prayer of getting out and still avoiding deportation.

From The Blaze

Since Lacey had failed to bring the criminal domestic violence case to court in a timely fashion, the judge dismissed it on the first day of the trial, citing the state’s penal codes 1381, 1381.5, and 1382.

California has strict speedy trial laws. California Penal Code Sec. 1382 states that the “court … shall order the action to be dismissed … [in] a felony case, when a defendant is not brought to trial within 60 days of the defendant’s arraignment on an indictment or information, or reinstatement of criminal proceedings … or within 90 days after notice of the writ or order is filed in the trial court and served upon the prosecuting attorney.”

Notwithstanding the judge’s insistence that the case was dismissed owing to delays, Eric Siddall, vice president of the Association of Los Angeles Deputy District Attorneys, told the, “If the case was thrown out by the judge, it was probably because of witness issues.”

This tragedy could have been avoided had people in power seen illegal aliens who commit crimes as ones who should be deported immediately, and aside from that, had been prosecuted in a timely manner. This is something we have gotten used to seeing from the far-left elitists who live in gated communities or who have taxpayer-funded security. Ordinary Americans are expendable.

Anna Westby, who survived a stab in the back, held Maris DiGiovanni in her arms as she was dying. She said that Barrios had shown up and claimed to be a new chef. He displayed his knife and claimed that he had developed new cutting utensils. Barrios asked people to have their picture taken with him and his knife. When they refused, he began stabbing them.

At least 60 illegal aliens have been convicted so far this year of murder and manslaughter, and 1,020 have been convicted of assault, battery, and domestic violence.



  • Steven Ahle

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Comments 3

  1. 1947 says:

    Here is an open and shut case and a rope should be prepared for a windy day when he should swing in the wind so he can never do it again.

  2. Grizz Mann says:

    C’mon man! Have a little compassion for the murderer. He was just a ”Dreamer” living his dream.

  3. akashara says:

    Everything the Democrats do, every law they pass, every lie they tell, is strictly to keep their cushy political careers. They don’t care about us. This murderer is just one of many who are now in this country due to the Democrats stance on immigration. The more they let in, then give them Green Cards, the more they believe will vote for them. Come November if you don’t oust the Democrats, don’t you dare complain about inflation, high cost for gas or food, because you helped create what we are living through today.

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