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In the Wake of the Paul Pelosi Attack Here is the Leftist Political Violence Democrats Refuse to Acknowledge

In the Wake of the Paul Pelosi Attack Here is the Leftist Political Violence Democrats Refuse to Acknowledge

Democrats are crying about political violence but ignore leftists who have committed violence,
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The left is decrying the attack on Paul Pelosi by a mentally deranged leftist man. They are trying to put the blame on Republicans, but this year alone the most political attacks were perpetrated against conservatives by leftist domestic terrorism.

Two campaign workers for Gov. Abbott were attacked. Recently, a canvasser for Marco Rubio was severely beaten by left-wing terrorists. How about the murder of Cayler Ellingson on Sept. 18 by leftist Shannon Joseph Brandt because he was a Republican?

Suddenly, the left sees political violence over the attack on Paul Pelosi, but it is unlikely that we will ever know the facts about it just like we did not get all the facts about the car wreck Pelosi had while he was driving drunk. Who was the mysterious passenger that night?

The left is trying to use this to smear Republicans just before the midterm massacre. The left is desperately looking for something they can use to stem the coming red tsunami.

Here is a reminder provided by The Daily Caller of left-wing violence:

Fire-bombings at Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers

Three pro-life pregnancy centers were firebombed in the course of one month following a leak of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Heath Center. Many of these attacks were carried out by the radical pro-abortion group Jane’s Revenge, which has openly endorsed violence against pro-life individuals and organizations. Multiple pro-life centers, in Colorado, Virginia, Oregon, and other states, were vandalized or firebombed in the week after the Dobbs decision came out.

The FBI has failed to arrest even one person in these attacks.

Lee Zeldin Attacked

Republican New York gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin was attacked on stage during a July campaign rally. The suspect shouted “you’re done,” then rushed stage with a knife. While some on the left, such as President Biden and New York governor Kathy Hochul, condemned the attack, the media was relatively silent on what was effectively an assassination compared to their breathless coverage of the Pelosi attack.

2020 Summer of Riots 

During the riots following George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis police custody, leftist media ran cover for activists who torched American cities. Infamously, CNN described August riots in Wisconsin as “fiery but mostly peaceful protests” while live reporting in front of towering flames. An MSNBC reporter in May also reported live from a riot in Minneapolis, saying, “I want to be clear on how I characterize this. This is mostly a protest. It is not generally speaking unruly.” As he said this, a building burned in the background of the footage. These riots caused an estimated $1 billion in damages and 24 deaths.

Congressional Baseball Game Shooting

In 2017, a volunteer for the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign opened fire on a Republican practice session in preparation for the Congressional Baseball Game. The gunfire wounded Republican Whip Steve Scalise. It is clear the shooter was targeting Republicans, as he asked a passerby which political party was practicing on the field before opening fire. The shooter was also an avid fan of MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow.

And how about the fact that Chuck Schumer stood on the steps of the Supreme Court saying that Justice Brent Kavanaugh would pay a price for voting to reverse Roe V Wade? One week later there was an assassination attempt on Kavanaugh’s life. The mainstream press and the Democrats are silent on that, aren’t they?



  • Steven Ahle

    My investigation into a DHS program that instructed law enforcement to treat Christians as terrorists won me the 2014 CJN Journalist of the Year award. Here is a video of Glenn Beck reading my article on his program: I am a troll bridge. You can cross me, but you will pay a price.

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Comments 13

  1. Randy Poff says:

    Paul wanted a booty call and it got out of hand

    • Tom says:

      I heard she was going down on him when the accident occurred. But the left said nothing about that!

      • Katie says:

        What “she” are you talking about? I haven’t heard anything about a woman being there. Having pointed this out, I don’t think we will ever know what the true facts are. If the facts were not damaging to the Pelosi’s, they would be plastered everywhere. However, since everything seems to be pretty Hush Hush, I am surmising that there is more to this story and the Pelosi’s are hiding it.

  2. Old wolf says:

    The Pelosi’s know the j 6th story isn’t sticking and they need a new lie to tell about Trump and the Republicans for votes. This is it. After Paul’s dui they know they screwed things up . They need a new attack plan. To bad they can’t make a lie stick tho. Well to bad for them , not Trump or the Republicans.

    • Susan Satava says:

      The conspiracy theory that arose about Paul was WAY too easy to believe. Paul’s issues with alcohol, SF being a city with a certain population highly tolerated (I used to live there, well aware of the history), a high degree of tolerance and potential personal acceptance is not outside the realm of possibility.

  3. Enough e says:

    I’ll use an old analogy from the farm, and I hope it doesn’t offend anyone, but the FBI and Democrats are as worthless as tits on a boar hog. Hopefully everyone can understand the analogy

  4. an says:

    PIGGLOSI , Wasn’t going down on him. Pigglosi would scare the Warts off the back of a Toad. And Pigglosi Sr. Couldn’t get it Up in a Rain Strom alone in the Bedroom.

  5. Susan Satava says:

    And because the SFDA refuses to release the police body cam (because it’ll be embarrassing for the PD AND the Pelosis), they will not be able to complain about the “conspiracy theories” that have flown like startled San Francisco pigeons when the chief released the story he was given!

  6. hank says:

    This whole thing stinks there are cameras all around there the glass looks like it was broke from the inside the cops wont show there body cams sounds like an election ploy to me all for votes.

  7. Lyudmila Loseva says:

    It’s just that Paul hired Pape’s male prostitute, but then something went wrong – they fought with hammers and both gays ended up in the hospital.

  8. Doug Litchfield says:

    This side show has certainly deflected scrutiny of other cover ups and failings of the donkey party. With election day drawing close, expect another stunt real soon.

  9. Dennis McLain says:

    I believe they both need jail time for these two. Both have committed crimes they have never been punished for in court. A couple of fakers and takers.

  10. Lola says:

    And all the diehard Demoncrats will fall for these lying media reports and the SFPD are in cahoot with the coverups! Disgraceful! Everything they blamed Republicans for rest assure tge Demoncrats already did! And their politicians are so confident they can spin their stories and their followers/ voters are so stupid to keep believing and voting their candidates! Bunch of …….,!

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