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IRS WHISTLEBLOWER: Sheila Jackson Lee is Not Intelligent

IRS WHISTLEBLOWER: Sheila Jackson Lee is Not Intelligent

Whistleblower Kyle Seraphin has earned the name Captain Obvious for saying Sheila Jackson Lee is not intelligent.

FBI Whistleblower Kyle Seraphin isn’t impressed by Texas Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee’s recent attacks on his credibility during a recent hearing in DC.

During the hearing of FBI Dictator Director Chris Wray, Lee took off on a tangent against the many whistleblowers who have come forward pointing out the corruption at the FBI and the DOJ.

She read tweets into the congressional record that proved she was clueless. That comes as no surprise as most people can see that her IQ barely makes it out of single digits.

Thankfully, Kyle Seraphin is pleased to provide a full rebuttal to the Texas Democrat’s claims:

“In May of this year, I watched my friends testify in front of Congress, and they were smeared for saying things that were true,” Seraphin explains, “And a result of that, we had allegations that they were being paid by Kash Patel and his legal foundation, ‘Fight With Kash.’”

Seraphin explains how Patel provided supplementary monies to FBI whistleblowers who had gone 10-16 months without a paycheck. 

“Kash sending them 2,500 or $5,000 at a time intermittently was not exactly a payment,” Seraphin explains, “I would say that was just keeping their head above water, and Kash got smeared for trying to help.”

There’s actually an ethics complaint against Dan Goldman because of this stuff,” Seraphin adds.

“I pivoted an existing GiveSendGo account that was under my name,” Seraphin explains, “We raised about $39,000 under my name, basically saying funds would be supporting me and other whistleblowers who I left unnamed at the time because they were still private — Garrett O’Boyle and Steve Friend.”

Seraphim says he gave $15,000 of the under $40,000 originally raised and a lesser amount to Steve Friend. Remember, the FBI and the DOJ are not paying them and at the same time, they are not allowed to seek or receive any job. Over a year, this bankrupts many of the patriotic whistleblowers who have revealed corruption in those two agencies.

From The Gateway Pundit

Another piece of the fundraising pie went to Steve Friend, while the rest was spent by Seraphin on personal expenses. 

“There wasn’t a significant amount of money stretched over a period of about a year, but that’s what we had,” explains Seraphin, “I essentially gave the FBI notice that I was acknowledging that they had constructively terminated me on April 14th, and within about two or three weeks of that we got the guys testifying in front of Congress.”

After the story went viral, Seraphin says funds poured in. 

“A bunch of bigger accounts went and retweeted it from my socials,” Seraphin explains, “Everyone from Dan Bongino and Tracy Beans and Sebastian Gorka and Dinesh DeSouza and some others. And so it ended up catching about two or 3 million views, something along those lines.”

Seraphin says the boosted publicity led to a current total of $603,000 raised through roughly 11,000 independent donors but administrative fees lower the total to “about $585,000.”

“I revamped the GiveSendGo go at the $40,000 mark this other 560 grand that we raised and basically stated that it’s gonna go and support Marcus (Allen) and Garrett and that’s what they’re gonna be giving their money to and that I won’t be taking a penny of it,” explains Seraphin, “And that’s been true so far.”

Seraphin says he wrote two checks totaling $255,000 and change and publicly posted them to social media, where they were seen by at least another million sets of eyes. 



  • Steven Ahle

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Comments 11

  1. William G Munson says:

    they should get more Money too from the Indevidals that under the Heads of the FBI Plus their Jobs too which I think is Fair for the ones that did this to them were Breaking the LAW period

    • Julia says:

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  2. Adonis says:

    Sheila Jackson Lee the moron. What a monkey.

  3. Adonis says:

    Sheila Jackson Lee the moron.

  4. Tim Kuehl says:

    Sheila Jackson Lee, notice in her name the 2 names associated with Confederate generals, wants to be Houston’s next mayor. And if she decides she does want it, she’ll get it because Houston’s powers to be will want her and Houston’s voters are that stupid. And she’ll be no worse than Houston’s 3 of the last 4 Houston mayors Bill White being the exception.

  5. Glenn says:

    She doesn’t need any intelligence as her qualification are being a black woman. Besides she fits right in with Fetterman and Biden.

  6. Save America says:

    jackson lee is a perfect examply of the complete failure of affirmative action. Creatures like her were placed into positions that they were never remotely qualified for.

    • Charles Covington says:

      BUT, she had the main qualifications, she was black and a woman, Brains, never was the equation.

  7. She is just your typical porch monkey. Do you ever wonder who votes this trash in? Color, IQ.

  8. Puckmeister Casey says:

    If Brains were dynamite, she couldn’t blow her own nose

  9. Old wolf says:

    She’s black , she doesn’t have to be smart. Intelligence has nothing to do with knowledge. Of ones jobs anymore, Color does. Look at the vp . She’ saids it all.

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