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J6 Political Hostage Jon Mellis Speaks Out – Jan 6 Detainees Have Been Sexually Assaulted and ‘Ziptied In the Middle Of The Night’

J6 Political Hostage Jon Mellis Speaks Out – Jan 6 Detainees Have Been Sexually Assaulted and ‘Ziptied In the Middle Of The Night’

Jon Mellis speaks out about the DC gulag.

Big Brother is Watching You. That infamous line from George Orwell’s 1984 rings in my ears every time I read about the political prisoners being held in the DC gulag. And no wonder. If you have read the book, you can remember when Winston Smith was arrested by the thought police. He is taken to a building where he is tortured day in and day out until he complies with Big Brother. He is served infrequent meals and the food he does get is rancid.

He is not released until he has been “rehabilitated.” Is that what the J6 prisoners have in store for them? The more they tell us about what they have been put through I have to wonder if the wardens are fro Third World countries.

Today, we shall hear from political prisoner Jon Mellis, who has been in custody for almost two years and he has not even had a bail hearing. At one time there were over 400 political prisoners until a US Marshals Service conducted an inspection of the DC jail and Patriot Pod and found it to be inhumane. Guards would withhold food from the prisoners as punishment. The waste and excretions are totally unsanitary and the final report found the jail to be below Third World status. As a result, 400 prisoners were removed from the gulag and sent to federal prisons.

But, still many political prisoners remain in custody in the prison that the United Marshals Service called  “do not meet the minimum standards of confinement as prescribed by the Federal Performance-Based Detention Standards.”

From The Gateway Pundit

Here is Jon Mellis in his own words:

Dear America,

My name is Jon Mellis. I am a January 6 detainee inside the DC Gulag. I have been incarcerated for almost 2 years. The treatment I have endured since my arrest has shaken my faith in humanity. I thought I was in a country where citizens were deemed innocent until proven guilty. I thought I was in a country with due process and equal application of the law, regardless of political affiliation. I thought I was in a country where citizens are afforded dignity and treated humanely.
I was arrested on February 16, 2021 as if I were an Al Qaeda terrorist. Dozens of heavily armed FBI agents and an armored vehicle executed a predawn raid on my parents house as I was visiting. Since then I have been denied visitation or video visitation. I have not seen my family’s faces in almost 2 years. My father, Gennaro Mellis, died a few months after my arrest. I was denied bond back then and still today. My father was a decorated Vietnam War hero. He was a retired US Army Major, and also retired from the Navy. The last time I ever saw my father I was in handcuffs in front of his house surrounded by dozens of militarized FBI agents. My father was my best friend. My father knew my character and stood by me until his death on May 17, 2021. Unfortunately my widowed mother is being forced by circumstance to sell the home our family grew up in. It looks like I will never get to see the inside of the home my father raised me in.
The DC Gulag is a special kind of hell. We J6ers have been housed in our own unit together called the Patriot Pod. For nearly a year of my incarceration I have been subjected to solitary confinement. This means 23 hours or 22 hours every day in my cell. I got 1 or 2 hours a day outside of my cell to shower and make a phone call. We J6ers have had to deal with racist, hateful, and abusive correctional officers. There have been many instances where one or several of our brothers have been beaten, maced, or even sexually assaulted by our jailers. One of us was ziptied in the middle of the night in his cell and severely beaten. One of us was maced for not wearing his mask. One of us was sexually assaulted while he was strip searched on his way back from his lawyer. I was taken out of this pod randomly one day and placed in the hole, which is a worse version of solitary confinement with chains, for 35 days with no due process or explanation. I was lied to by supervisors and treated like an animal because I’m a Trump supporter. This has happened to many J6ers. Our entire pods food has even been poisoned with cleaning chemicals after court rulings against this jail because of how we are treated or when our complaints resulted in the US Marshalls inspecting this jail. This jail failed the inspection resulting in hundreds of Federal inmates being transferred out of here. This jail lost a lot of money because of this. Simply put, this jail hurts us and hates us.
The DC Gulag is a nasty building unfit for human habitation. It is infested with black mold, rats, and toilets that do not flush. The drinking water from the sinks is frequently brown and stinks like rotten eggs. We are not given proper cleaning chemicals and this is how we live. We rely on ourselves to keep our spirits up because we do not have access to visitation or even video visits. I have not seen my loved ones in almost 2 years. This alone has had a detrimental effect on my mental health. I feel isolated and alone. Deputy Warden Kathleen Landerkin made her feelings clear in her public Twitter and social media posts. She hates Trump supporters and believes we deserve to be treated worse than human beings. The grievance process in this jail is completely broken. We have no recourse for relief. I must tell you that given our current situation we J6ers still stand to sing the Star Spangled Banner every night at 9pm with our hands on our hearts. I love this great nation and I believe in the American people.
I feel terribly frustrated. The inaction from our elected representatives to our plight is very upsetting. We are up against the full weight of the DOJ and the mainstream media. I’m scared, depressed, and overwhelmed. My life is on the verge of being completely destroyed. I could really use some help. My lawyer alone will cost me an arm and a leg. I’m drowning and I don’t know where else to turn. I am so grateful for the American people who have already donated to my legal fund. But I am short of the amount I need to continue with my current legal team. I hope you can forgive me for reaching out for assistance. I am struggling. God bless Jim Hoft and the Gateway Pundit for helping me get my story out. And God bless you all for your love and support.
Strength and Honor,
Jon Mellis



  • Steven Ahle

    My investigation into a DHS program that instructed law enforcement to treat Christians as terrorists won me the 2014 CJN Journalist of the Year award. Here is a video of Glenn Beck reading my article on his program: I am a troll bridge. You can cross me, but you will pay a price.

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Comments 109

  1. It is hard to believe that this continues in the USA. Hardly a peep in the press, among lawmakers, law enforcement, the legal profession and the judiciary. History will not be kind to those who ignored this blight on our national honor just as it has condemned the inhumanity of Civil War military prisons, atrocities against Native Americans, and slavery and racism. It is difficult to understand the silence, especially within the legal community and judiciary, despite the reports materializing of the almost total denial of Constitutional protections to these “presumed innocent” prisoners jailed without bond and awaiting court for 2 years on misdemeanor charges or less. What will we say to our grandchildren when they ask how this could happen here and why we did not demand justice for these Americans?!!!

    • Grayfox41 says:

      You assume our grandchildren have not already been brain-washed by our communist/socialist education system. The more likely response from children in the public education system would be why didn’t we accept the election of a demented, incognate old fool as president of this woke country. How can WWE expect our decencents to know the freedoms of our Constitutionally governed, sovereign country if they have never experiences those rights and freedoms?

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    • sandra waechter says:


    • Jeannie says:

      And the oh so illustrious, Jan 6 “committee” led by the the WITCH, PELOSI, Is so bent on getting Trump, that they allow this to go on!!! It is a disgrace!!!

    • Joe Taylor says:

      God have mercy on these prisoners! And punish their tormentors.

    • madmemere says:

      It is more than “hard to believe” this kind of treatment is being forced on American citizens, anywhere, anytime, but in Washington, DC of all places. The pug-ugly mayor, I think her name is “Bowser”?? – -reminds of a dog (bowser)!! She should be arrested and detained (for allowing this) along with ALL her mentally warped corrections nit-wits. Perhaps some of this same kind of treatment should be afforded to them – – that would be quite fair, at least, in my opinion. My next thought is WHY are our representatives doing NOTHING to get these people, at least, released on bail, to”wait” for a hearing. Actually, none of them should be in prison, except for people like Ray Epps (FBI confident) and those who assisted HIM in stirring up the crowd to begin with. That crowd was, initially, PEACEFUL, but Epps, with his bullhorn AND his helpers, agitated that group. I won’t even go into the “rest of the story”, because most of you have seen it, or heard it already. I would ask all of you to pray for these folks AND contact your representative and DEMAND they DO THE RIGHT THING and do it NOW!!

  2. Dr. Reverend BigBoa says:

    It is SHAMEFUL that Donald Trump himself and other “republicans” aren’t raising holy he77 over this and demanding these people get hearings and transfers to other accommodations.

    Most of these people are in there because of supporting Donald Trump and our nation. The real nation, not the communist creation we see today. People need to unite and DEMAND that this inhumane treatment end. The terrorists in Guantonamo receive better treatment and this has to stop.

    • turdbreath says:

      Donald Trump has been doing things to support J6ers. It’s just not publicized. He has been financially helping some inmates, mainly families.

    • GRAYFOX41 says:

      Need I remind you that people have been unjustly and illegally imprisoned for objecting o Jan 6th. You sound like the democrats and rinos who created Jan 6th. Another Jan 6th we don’t need. What we do need is a ground up reformation of our Constitutional Republic of United States and it will come from a more omnipotent, omniscient, loving Creator of the Universe. Our Constitutional Republic was lost to the will of man many decades ago.

      • FRANK BEMAK says:


    • Stealth says:

      The entire corrupt MEDIA ( in all forms ) will not let Trump or any supporters do anything toi help as they will not print or broadcast this ugly truth to begin with…

    • Cj8 says:

      DJT HAS been speaking out – it’s just not publicized, so has MJG and other legislatures, but NONE on the Democrat side.

  3. MikefromTexas says:

    I say put the guards into that jail and treat them as they treated you and see what they say then. I hope a republican wins in 2024 and they may free/pardon you.

    • Beartrap says:

      Any Republican elected to the presidency will pardon or commute sentences. I’m convinced of that.

      • Stealth says:

        Sure, but will they PROSECUTE all the many people responsible ( including the guards?? ) NO!

  4. Jodi Feldbush says:

    My heart breaks to hear about the horrible treatment and aweful conditions these J6ers are forced to live in. CAN’T SOMEONE DO SOMETHING TO HELP THEM! WHY weren’t all the J6ers moved out and why aren’t they given bail?? For 2 years this has been going on seriously somethings got to be done and done now!!! If anybody can help them out, please do….my prayers cry out to God. May He bring a solution to this injustice.

  5. GenEarly says:

    What “Rights” do Citizens have When the Government instituted by Those Citizens Abuses the Rights that the government was formed to protect in the first place???
    Being held for almost 2 years in a Jail without bail or being charged, or being charged with misdemeanors and labeled as insurrectionists.
    The Insurrection is against the Constitution by the Feral Coup Gov DOJ, and Feral Polezi FIB, ATF, US Marshals, etc.Treason is the Charge

  6. Hat Bailey says:

    I pray to God that this inhumane disgusting violation of human right comes to an end with restitution for those so mistreated and accountability and justice for those guilty of these sickening abuses.

    • Car says:

      Especially Nancy Pelosi!! She set up this whole mess in trying to ruin Trump. She needs to stay with these American citizens for a few days in the patriot pod. Nancy, you are the scum of the earth.

  7. Ron C says:

    The so called DOJ and their freaks in the FBI continue to harasses citizens when they should be arresting the jailers of the DC Jail, so how can the creeps in the Democrat Party continue to sanction this treatment of human beings?

  8. Irish Kahuna says:

    The families of these political prisoners should provide names of these jailers. Expose them, and let outsiders provide equal justice.

  9. Jamie says:

    Absolutely disgusting!

  10. The Iceman says:

    It’s a shame that under the Democrat Cartel the government is more corrupt than those in Communist Countries. The Biden family is just one example and the rest of the government politicians who make around $200,000. per year, they have two households to support and pay taxes and are then somehow worth millions of dollars while saying they are not corrupt. A blind man could see how corrupt our politicians have gotten.
    God bless those denied their rights and someday justice will be done to those who harmed these patriots.

  11. Marjorie Trafeli says:

    What I can’t understand is: if the govt. needs time to prepare and bring each case up for trial, why can’t these detained prisoners be let go on their own cognizance and return for their hearing when scheduled? We do that for actual criminals, thus, we should at least do that for these people. This is an abomination on our criminal justice system. Some heads need brought up on criminal charge for their roll in these actions.

    • S GRIT says:

      You have to be illegal aliens to be let go on their own cognizance and return for their hearings when scheduled.

  12. Doug Litchfield says:

    I see a couple of pea brained snipes have exhausted their intellectual repertoire today. Must be Twitter rejects.

  13. Drosack says:

    Get them to testify. Should be fun.

  14. Lee Vail says:

    Time to overthrow the corrupt U.S. Federal government. Execute every Democrat and RINO without any trial as those bastards deserve to be killed for their treason to this country.

  15. King O’Biden could NOT care less about these people ! He and the rest of the Democratic TRASH and RINOS ruining our ONCE great country are no better that any other third world, banana republic dictators !!!! They only care about THEIR power, and how to destroy our country as fast as possible !!!! They take their marching orders from CHINA and the cartels, and the SICK WOKE “WORLD” agenda !!!
    They WANT to inflict as much harm, pain, suffering, and chaos to America as possible to FORCE us to SUBMITT, and welcome with open arms, the “ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT” to restore some sense of peace and stability again !!!! They are, and HAVE BEEN using BLM, ANTIFA, and the CORRUPT members of the DOJ, the FBI, and EVERY other arm of the government that they can corrupt, to make this happen !!!!
    I KNOW that there ARE many good, honest, and true patriots in these organizations but they have been silenced, sidelined, and threatened or intimidated to keep them quiet and under control !!! I can only hope that the patriots of this country will wake up, and stand up to this tyrannical agenda !!!! I am old (74) and will not live to see it, but I hope that it will happen !!!!

  16. Jtrevino says:

    Right here is 1 main reason to vote. To get every single person you know to vote. To save these people. This isn’t what the USA stands for. We aren’t China..Biden knows this is happening he has commanded it. Get your friends, family…make sure,they Vote.

  17. anarchyst says:

    On day one of the “new” Republican-run “House of Representatives” the first act of business should be to free ALL of the J6 prisoners and drop all charges.
    Anything less and the Republicans will have proven themselves to be frauds.

    • jean says:

      I would like to be wrong, BUT they will be too busy kissing democrat arse !

  18. Viti says:

    Hay McCarthy how about a jail break for the 1/6 prisoners!!!! If garland doesn’t agree cut their funding! The shame is McCarthy will say there is nothing he can do. Show us you are not a controlled opposition rino butt boy of the left!!

    • Doyle says:

      The new Republican House needs to remember they are in charge now with no regards to what the Dems threaten. In other words, grow a pair !!!!

    • Judie says:

      All the more reason why RINO McCarthy should NEVER be Speaker of The House!

  19. jean says:

    Why is that a surprise? The democrats in charge of them, are made up of homosexuals, and sexual perverts who are under the protection and ORDERS,
    of the F B I AND the bidden administration!

  20. PROUDWHITE says:

    White Patriots being beaten by Ghetto Negro SCUM. Where are the WHITE Republican fighting for them ?

    • PROUDWHITE says:

      I agree with you. Those Ghetto SCUM are doing that, and we are supposed to WANT to “respect” the Negros ? No way in hell.Hopefully, the day will come SOON, and PAY BACK, will be a B!tch to them.

  21. sandra waechter says:


  22. Ann says:

    It’s terrible that these people are being treated like this, this country used to be innocent until proven guilty, these people haven’t even been charged, it’s awful what this country has come to under this Biden administration. His whole family are lawless and the DOJ is a joke, they are supposed to be non partisan, Garland is nothing but a puppet for the democrats. Thank goodness he didn’t get on the Supreme Court! Where are the Senators you would think they would have some say in how these people are being treated.

  23. G.W. says:

    NO ONE should be treated like this!!
    With treatment like this for two years they all should be pardoned and set free. This jail should be emptied and burned to the ground and every person who worked there and was over it should be fired and prosecuted. Even if some of the prisoners are guilty they have paid in full for their actions by being treated like this.
    Look how many murderers, rapists,etc. have been set free for no reason but these people have been treated worse than our enemies. Disgusting and criminal treatment has been done to them and it must stop and those incharge and the ones who have done the abuse must be prosecuted and punished.

  24. Bubba Love says:

    Biden’s Fascist Democrats have regular Americans incarcerated in their political prisons. Free the Jan 6th Patriots from the Democrat political prisons

  25. Mountain man says:

    A uprising made by Nancy Pelosi even the capital police directing people which way to go..this is totally about teaching the rest of us ..” will be severely punished for rising up against or questioning your loving government “ ..I used to dream about visiting the White House but since scum like bill Clinton,bush ,Obama and pervert Joe Biden have been living in there..I honestly don’t think I could stand the stink wonder Trump had rather live in Florida..our government was conceived to protect our people and our countries now tries to sell our resources ..oil drilling rights and coal mining rights to China and force Americans to do with out food and shelter and drive high powered golf carts and steal every dollar they can steal

  26. CeCe says:

    Since police officers and our men and women in the military Can Be and ARE “tried, convicted & imprisoned” for what is considered “war crimes” or “crimes against citizens”……then these Jailers and Democrat Politicians responsible for these hideous crimes against American Patriots most definitely should be arrested, prosecuted & jailed themselves! Only under Democrat Rule has America ever had political prisons for non-democrats! And why wasn’t the Capitol ‘black police officer’ who shot & killed the unarmed Patriot Ashley Babbit fired from his job, prosecuted & imprisoned like the officer that accidentally killed George Floyd?

    • madmemere says:

      If it’s any help the black pervert, who shot and killed Ashley Babbitt is one Lt. Michael Leroy Byrd and he’s NOT worried, because he is black and has even bragged about it. I’d like to see HIM in the DC gulag, FOR LIFE. I keep hoping Ashley Babbitt’s family will sue him for “wrongful death”, since the DC police and the DOJ refuse to charge him.

  27. Missy says:

    All of these demonically-led scumbags are going DOWN soon. They will be the ones “living” in incarceration at Gitmo.. while awaiting their Tribunals to be executed and/or serve life in prison. Then, experience GOD’S WRATH when the time comes.. unless they repent. So, while what these Patriots are experiencing is horrible in spades.. it’s a day at State Fair compared what these demon-scumbags will be facing. Hallelujah!

  28. the old Marine says:

    Missy, do not hold your breath waiting for justice to happen, we have old man McConnell going to be in charge and we know what he has done before. If this is true the whole Senate and Congress is guilty to let this happen. There must be some news outlet honest enough to let us know the straight scoop. Soro’s needs to be deported and face the music where he came from.

  29. CharlieSeattle says:

    I am still waiting for 10,000 so-called patriotic Lawyers and Judges to shed their silk ties and robes for bricks and broken beer bottles and shed a little blood to rescue the 200+ patriots locked in the DC Gulag!

  30. dee says:

    All of the J6 committee members and others involved in this fracas should have to be in this DC Gulag as prisoners. I could go on but you get my drift.

  31. Dik says:

    This is the current socialist/totalitarian administration mainly the phony J6 committee.

  32. Gideon Rockwell says:

    Senator Joseph McCarthy was right all along. Tyrannical Communist Criminals have take over our government, our media and our academia. The Republicans need to run all of the RINOs and Democrat Crime Organization Moles out of the party. They need to pull the party back to it’s Patriotic Conservative Pro-Bill of Rights roots. Then The Committee on Un-American Activities needs to be re-established in both Houses of Congress and go after the Anti-Bill of Rights Anti-American Communists throughout our society. Also the Democrat Crime Organization should be investigated under the RICO laws. The Jan. 6 Inquisition should be abolished in January and everyone serving on the panel should be investigated for violation of all the victims of this Unconstitutional abomination. Time to return the United States to the Founders original vision for this nation. A government of the people, by the people, for the people.

  33. After you read this Contact your Congressmen and Women and tell them to get the Supreme Court to get these people out that committed No Crimes Period

  34. Kaci says:

    Wow – Those lucky Americans –
    They will soon be multi-millionaires.
    And those reparations need to come out of the personal pockets of those police, and politicians, and anyone else involved.
    Money better not be coming out of my pocket.

  35. Ruth Aquila says:

    The prisoner said he needed money to pay legal help, but didn’t say how to get it to him. Can someone tell me? I want to help these suffering people.

  36. Bob Russell says:

    America has descended into 3rd world banana dictatorship status because the devildemocommiecrats, the Pravda/Goebbels fake news propagandists, big tech oligarchs and the gop establishment have conspired to destroy the “shining city on a hill” democratic Republic America was established to be!!!!! They ALL hate God, Christians, President Trump, his supporters, the military, veterans, liberty for we peons, and anyone who loves God and loves America!!!!! ALL of them lust for the personal wealth and power they see in a global dictatorship that will only last for 7 years and then it is off to the Lake of Fire for them to suffer torment for eternity!!!!!!!!!!

  37. anarchyst says:

    The first course of action when the Republicans take the House on Jan 3 must be to release ALL J6 defendants and pardon and expunge their sentences and records.
    I’ll bet that the Republican held House will do NOTHING of the sort…

  38. THOMAS says:

    I want to hear that every last one on the Jan6th ILLEGAL Committee and its founder Nancy Pelosi is serving time in the DC GULAG !
    Come Jan 3rd the Republicans need to take drastic action and put Jan 6th Committee DEMOCRATS and the RINOS into the DC GULAG !
    I want to hear that ALL of those political Prisoners in the DC GULAG have been turned loose because of the inhumane treatment they have received and the guards responsible have been put into Cells within the DC Gulag !
    I say ” F J B and his entire administration … may they all rot in HELL ! “

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  40. Wes says:

    It’s hard to believe that our own government would impose this kind of cruelty on our fellow citizens over political differences. The hatred for Trump and for people who support him has reached the stage of insanity. People need to know what is happening here and no matter what their political background is they should be outraged that this could happen here in the USA.

  41. Gregory Ganser says:

    Thank you for the much needed informative article Steven Ahle (your publications are great and to the point) highlighting the atrocities our veteran brothers are encountering .
    Mark my words to this demonic corrupt cabal…we will be coming with a vengeance soon enough!

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