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J6 Prisoner, Barton Shively, Denied Proper Cancer Treatment in the DC Prison

J6 Prisoner, Barton Shively, Denied Proper Cancer Treatment in the DC Prison

Barton Shively relates the horror of living in the DC gulag.

J6 political prisoner and US veteran have been ill-treated in a display of what Democrats think of our military. He spent months trying to get into chemo-therapy7 at a veteran’s hospital, but when he is back in solitary confinement, he has to deal with brown, contaminated water and a cell that reeks of urine and fecal matter. Inmates in the gulag are often beaten and always mistreated by the Deputy warden and the guards.

Shively wrote to the Gateway Pundit, explaining he is in fear for his life of the lawless leftist thugs who run the prison.

Shively writes:

“Getting my cancer treatment set up in the DC Gulag was a nightmare. It took 3 months for me to see my medical provider. My first experience at the DC VA was a terrible and disheartening time. At first attempt, I was denied access to the VA on grounds of me being a prisoner, even though I had not been convicted of anything and I was only a pretrial detainee. After about 4 hours of debating with the administration, I was finally admitted. Although I felt they really didn’t want me there. Even though I’m a veteran and I was honorably discharged. The feeling of being forgotten and abandoned by my country filled my head and broke my heart.”

“As far as medical treatment goes at the jail it’s horrible and pretty much nonexistent. My struggle and journey with cancer is about to begin. On my appointment days, the jail wakes me at about 4:45 am and I’m taken to a freezing cold holding cell for about 3 hours waiting for transport to the VA.  After getting to the VA, I’m transported by wheelchair covered by a white sheet because people could see my orange uniform and shackles. I was told it would embarrass or cause anxiety with people at the VA. This to me is such an embarrassment and a mark of shame for me. I dread going to the VA.”

“Lt Lancaster came into our pod and did nothing but cause stress and anxiety. She is always very malicious towards us J6ers. The situation this particular day was very tense, to say the least. One of my friends, Ronald McAbee, was assaulted by this officer. He did nothing to provoke Lt Lancaster and incur such a horrible attack. His only offense was walking over to the nurse to get his morning meds without wearing his mask.”

“He was maced in his face 3 times, one of which was point blank after he was already handcuffed. Instinctively a couple of his friends stood up for him yelling at the officer to stop hurting our friend. In doing so we were taken to the hole/maximum security solitary confinement. The hole is a filthy, dirty, disgusting place. The sink water is brown and smells of contamination. The cell smelled of a combination of puke, urine, fecal matter, and mold. Not a good place for someone going through cancer treatment. Needless to say after my chemo treatment that week I got violently ill.”


“Being in this DC jail is nothing short of a horror show. I used to ask God why I was put here losing everything in my life. But I understand now I must grow my faith to be like a house built on a rock. Unwavering and steadfast. For this is God’s plan, not mine. Thoughts of never seeing my family or friends or dog again were completely overwhelming,” he wrote. “But God put those fears at ease. So I trust in Him with all my heart and soul.

“I faithfully served my country as a Marine for many years. My own government gave me cancer from contaminated water at Camp Lejeune Marine Base. I’ve been an upstanding citizen my entire life. But now my own government is holding me under inhumane and unconstitutional conditions at the DC jail. Even though I’ve been treated this way I still stand and sing the National Anthem every night with my brothers. I still love my country with all my heart.”


  • Steven Ahle

    My investigation into a DHS program that instructed law enforcement to treat Christians as terrorists won me the 2014 CJN Journalist of the Year award. Here is a video of Glenn Beck reading my article on his program: I am a troll bridge. You can cross me, but you will pay a price.

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Comments 25

  1. Pstlpknama says:

    This is a dirty rotten shame did nothing wrong. These are patriots of the USA. They are being treated like we lived in Russia. It is the Biden administration that did this. So unfair. I hope he and his son and brother end up in Jail.

  2. robinsong01 says:

    This whole January 6 BS is unconstitutional as well as evil. These jackasses need to remember that in the United States of America we are INNOCENT until proven guilty, not the other way around. We have a thing called due process and it hasn’t been followed.


    Today is Friday,November 18th,the 667th day
    of being held hostage by the worst Presidency
    in history. Biden’s lies, dementia, and
    blamestorming make him a “uniquely talented”
    threat to the national security,world economy,
    and democratic rule of law with equality of
    immunities,powers,privileges,and protections!

    Today is Friday,
    November 18th,
    the 667th day
    of being hostages…
    to undemocratic Democrats.
    Democrats positions are based
    on unprincipled whims,
    not principled reasons❗🐦≠•
    @Potus @JoeBiden, the Liar-In-Chief,
    needs to be impeached and removed from office.

    • Timothy P Mayeaux says:

      they can do this to supposed “free” people (cruel & usual) but NOT to criminals?

  4. Deb says:

    The ruling gestapo will have much to answer for when they face God. I pray for His mercy and blessing for Mr Shively and all J6 patriots who are being held in the gulag.

    • Timothy P Mayeaux says:

      GOD says the evil ones should be sent to Him. He is the righteous (perfect) judge. Never lost a case yet….

  5. JoAnn says:

    Republicans, where are you? How about YOU, media? This man’s Constitutional rights are being blatantly TRAMPLED, and you show NO concern? You should be screaming to high heaven and publicizing what these Demmunists TYRANTS are doing to these people trying to push their “insurrection” narrative! Republicans in Congress must DEMAND they be at least granted bail and RELEASED forthwith. When murderers and rapists are released with NO BAIL, how are the power-mad Demmunists justifying keeping these political prisoners–who have not yet been charged with ANYTHING–in these deplorable conditions? This is the United States–NOT Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union–but the power-mad Demmunists TYRANTS are acting like DICTATORS–not employees of a FREE Republic government.

    • Gene says:

      The media is just as corrupt as the Democrats, They will all burn in the eternal flame in hell. I can’t wait to see it happen to them, it is going to be just deserts.

      • douglas wilson says:

        Is there no organization willing to protest this treatment of our citizens ? No lawyer, no congress person, no one at all ?? For evil to succeed, good men doing nothing permits these types of transgressions. Who stands for these people ?????

        • Susan Satava says:

          Several congresspeople have visited the prison, to the extent that the biased warden would allow. The prisoners are not allowed visitors, not even their attorneys. They all need to be shot!

          • Timothy P Mayeaux says:

            The French scooter riders are more bold than Amerikans with guns. They have shut down Paris, twice for a dollar a day parking tax. It was repealed, quickly

    • Takebackthecountry says:

      Face it, we are a 3rd rate commie country. You know what needs to be done.

  6. Lucy says:

    Time to arrest biden his entire administration congress doj, nsa, irs, tsa, fbi, cia, these criminals have to pay for their crimes pelosi , schumer, romney, mcconell, many others, we the people must DEMAND this we have to do this to save America from obama communist politicians, judges, anyone that doesn’t uphold OUR CONSTITUTION as WRITTEN are Treasonous Traitor’s even in the military are many generals that are criminals allowing immoral behavior garbage in our armed forces

  7. Drosack says:

    Par for the course…whether it’s the outer course or the inner course.

  8. KenA says:

    If after the last two years of complete crap show, high energy prices, high food prices and pretty much everything else too, that the Democrats actually won back enough seats to keep the Senate then you are delusional. The only way that could have happened is by massive cheating again like happened in 2020. Most people are not stupid enough to line up and ask for more Dem mistreatment after living through the past two years.

  9. Doug Litchfield says:

    Serving up a useful medication that could benefit someone is beyond this regime’s sensibilities. Stuffing in useless medication by force feeding for fun and profit is more their style.

  10. Susan Satava says:

    I would like to take everyone involved in this J6 PERSECUTION, with the Empress in the lead, line them up and set them before a firing squad! Yes, and let them see the bullets coming! And maybe that’s too good! Precede the firing squad with a week in their own brig.

  11. Old wolf says:

    We will see how the real criminals in the democrat party feel after they are jailed for their corruption and lies for power and laws they broke. Their way worse then them on the j 6th set up. Waiting to see if they spend more time in Federal prison then them from the j 6th lie of the democrats.

  12. PROUDWHITE says:

    Lt. Lancaster…I am “thrilled”, that her NAME was revealed. So happy, that people know HER NAME !!! Do hat The Coward Democrats do.. “VISIT” her ! Let her know, we know now !

  13. Karen says:

    Why the Hell isn’t every single Republican in Congress standing at that prison and DEMANDING justice for these people? This is insane and so unconstitutionally WRONG! Seriously, WHY aren’t they there??? Can you even imagine if this was your loved one sitting in prison without a fair and speedy trial if that’s necessary? There are people in the present Administration that should be sitting in there!!!! It’s so obvious that this is an attack on every single conservative that loves this country. Republicans in Congress. . . DO SOMETHING!!!!

  14. Elsie says:

    Why have these people not had a trial? The trash that get released daily from our court system for every crime from murder to arson and these fols who did nothing are in this cesspool. Biden has a lot to answer for already and this and Afghanistan will send the old bastard t his pit in hell. Merritt Garland will join him, along with the real Boss Barry Obama. Throw that Battle Axe Pelosi and Killary Clinton in with them. Pelosi and Schumer and the number 1 RINO Mitch the Bitch set Jan 6th up. Had Nancy best of a daughter there with a video camera.

    • Act says:

      Communist are controlling the country now. We will be lucky to ever see America as we knew it.

      • Timothy P Mayeaux says:

        the republic was destroyed before the 1860’s. 98 years later Amerika became an oligarchy in 1963. There was an insurrection in Dallas on November 22 1963. “We” need to secede

  15. GreggM says:

    The J6 hostages need to take names so when they are freed, these traitors can be round up and legitimately prosecuted for their real crimes. Why is nothing being done? What happened to innocent until proven guilty? What happened to a speedy trial? It looks like a civil war is coming!

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