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J6 Prisoner Beaten, Loses Eye, Has Blood Clots, Precancerous Growths, Denied Medical Attention

J6 Prisoner Beaten, Loses Eye, Has Blood Clots, Precancerous Growths, Denied Medical Attention

The degenerate left must be stopped.

I have often said that Democrats are evil incarnate, but even I did not realize that they far surpass Satan himself. Ryan Samsel attended the protests at the nation’s capitol on January 6th. After the infamous Ray Epps whispered something in his ear, he pushed over a bike rack and stormed the capitol, allegedly injuring a female officer during that incident.

He has been held in the DC gulag ever since. On March 21, 2021, Ryan was awakened by correctional officers and his hands were zip-tied. They took him to a room where they beat him senseless with his hands still tied so he was totally helpless. They smashed his face and he lost an eye. The very next night, he was beaten again.

Joseph McBride, attorney for Ryan Samsel appeared with Greg Kelly of Newsmax in July of 2021. During the interview, he laid out the type of torture the Biden caliphate was allowing the gulag to mete out to Ryan and other political prisoners. Ryan is not the only one being treated like a prisoner in a Third World country. And yet, somehow ray Epps is in the clear, even though he is on video inciting a riot for two days.

Ryan Samsel told The Gateway Pundit that he was beaten by the guards repeatedly, tied to a chair for 12 hours until he developed blood clots. Ryan suffered a broken face and a ruptured kidney. The guards later broke the right side of his face. Now he has precancerous growths on his chest that are spreading and the US government will not allow him medical treatment.

Here is the partial transcript from today’s call:

Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft:
Hey, tell me something real quick, Ryan. You mentioned something about reaps, and you don’t want to say that over the phone? What was that again?

[00:04:06.830] – Ryan Samsel
Yeah, I don’t want to speak too much over a record of phone about that day with him because I really am in fear of my lifetime. I was assaulted three different occasions. In all three occasions, I had to be taken to the hospital when his name or anything was brought up. And I was in DCG the very first time. And I didn’t know exactly what the assault was pertaining, but that morning, Dominic Pezzola had asked why I was assaulted. And Dominic, what did they tell you? This is Dominic. He’ll tell you exactly what.

[00:04:54.730] – Dominic Pezzola
Basically orders from the FBI. All the treatment we were getting.

[00:04:59.050] – Jim Hoft
Okay, Dominic.

[00:05:01.300] – Jim Hoft
Can you tell your last name, too? Tell everybody your last name.

[00:05:04.690] –Dominic Pezzola.

[00:05:05.390] – Jim Hoft
P-E-Z-Z. Got it. Dominic Pezzola.

[00:05:11.050] – Dominic Pezzola.
I was the first one to see Ryan after they beat him. They beat him good. I mean, his eyes were swollen shut, black and blue and everything.

[00:05:18.430] – Jim Hoft
Oh, my God. That’s awful. And then they didn’t give him treatment or they did?

[00:05:24.080] – Ryan Samsel

[00:05:25.690] – Dominic Pezzola.
Well, let me put him back on the phone. He can probably tell you better.

[00:05:27.900] – Jim Hoft

[00:05:29.050] – Ryan Samsel
What’s up, Jim? Hey.

[00:05:31.150] – Jim Hoft
Yeah, I was just going to say, did they give you a treatment after they found you? Beat up Dominic? Found you?

[00:05:36.290] – Ryan Samsel
No. So they took me to the hospital, and Howard University Hospital found I had a blood clot, my left shoulder, and I had a broken face, I had a broken nose, a ruptured kidney, and they ordered I get further treatment, and they never gave me that. So then I went to a vascular surgeon after the assault in Virginia, and she said she recommended that I go to physical rehab. And the prosecutor, which name is Karen Rocklin, she denied me that. And then when I went to Warsaw, that’s where I got the worst beaten. They broke the right side of my face, and I have a blood clot and my right head, and they left me in a chair for about ten to 12 hours.

[00:06:21.560] – Jim Hoft
And I tied to a chair or what?

[00:06:23.760] – Ryan Samsel
Yeah, it’s a corner-strength chair. They tie me in the chair for 12 hours, and I end up getting a blood clot in my right leg. And I asked because I know what the blood clots feel like. And when I asked and then they tried to cover it up. And they forced me to take this. They squirt the stuff up my nostril and said that I overdosed on drugs. And then when they tested me for drugs, I obviously came up negative. So they tried to cover up, but when I went to the hospital, the doctor at the hospital was the same doctor at the jail. It’s the same doctor. And he had to mark that it was an assault. And they took pictures. And from there, they transferred me out.

** Please give to Ryan Samsel’s GiveSendGo account here.  This man desperately needs funding.

** And here is Dominic Pezzola’s GiveSend Go account.  Please help this man and his family.



  • Steven Ahle

    My investigation into a DHS program that instructed law enforcement to treat Christians as terrorists won me the 2014 CJN Journalist of the Year award. Here is a video of Glenn Beck reading my article on his program: I am a troll bridge. You can cross me, but you will pay a price.

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Comments 751

  1. Danny S Phillips says:

    Somebody needs to die for this. Treating these so-called prisoners like this is immoral and illegal. The DOJ in charge of this need prosecuted to the fullest extent. They need to release all the prisoners involved in the Jan. 6th Capitol event. You don’t want us coming after you. The Jan 6 commission is a total scam. They should all be jailed.

  2. Stephan Rutan says:

    This is some really sick stuff and the guards that beat these men should be charged with excessive force as well as terroristic treatment if prisoners already incarcerated. There is no excuse for this behavior. Even POWs. Do not get treated like this in America. First of all no capital or DC police officers were killed during the walk through the capital building. The only person that was shot was an unarmed lady that was needlessly gunned down in cold blood by a scared guard. That never should have happened. Beating prisoners that are strapped to a chair and having their head beaten so bad they lose an eye and break ribs and blood vessels all over their face is criminal and those guards doing such things or fbI agents should be fired and charged with their criminal acts. This isn’t a third wolf tyranny yet but it sure sounds like it. This is grounds for all of them to be fired for excessive force and assault to a prison inmate by thugs . They ll to be sent to prison as ex guards and placed into general by population of a federal prison! Disgusting!

    • turdbreath says:

      3rd world countries treat people better than that. Fired for this offense is going too soft on them! If these thugs masquerading as guards get sentenced, it should be severe. The only plea to a lighter sentence is to get people farther up the ladder sentenced. Notice it was said this comes down from the FBI.

      • Larry says:

        You know this administration is corrupt because most interrogations such as this are farmed out to other countries so that they can say they didn’t do it. These people don’t care. Oops, almost forgot. Heil Biden!

  3. I am NOT surprised at the LEFTIST GARBAGE in DC !!!!!!!!!! If it had been a Democrap instead, he would have been out on bail in a couple of hours and given a medal for bravery !!!!! I will work as hard as I can to elect ONLY Republican candidates; and NO RINOS !!!!!!!!!!
    I can only hope that the “NEW” crop will have a spine and make the leftist trash PAY dearly for their treason against this country !!!!!!!!!

  4. Roland says:

    I hope to see the prosecution of the people violating the constitutional rights of these political prisoners. And I see that us tax Payers are going to be shelling out many millions in law suits.

  5. Ann Marie says:

    What I want to know is why are these people still in Jail. If anyone should be in Jail it
    should be nancy pelosi for not giving President Trump the National Guard he Requested.
    This was a Sham like all the Drama the democrats Create. I didn’t even know about this
    man until now and I think it should be put out there for all to see what they did to an American
    Citizen. How come the cop who shot an innocent Woman was never jailed for what he did?
    He got away with Murder. We need to take the power away from the left who are becoming
    like the communist in other countries. This is not my country the United States as I know
    it and it only took the idiot in chief two years to cause all the damage. It will take a long
    time to reverse all the bad things he did to the country and the American People.

  6. Mark Clapp says:

    What, exactly, can be done until after the mid terms when these slimeballs lose their free get out of jail cards?

  7. Tangocharlie says:

    I saw the video of the Babbit woman getting shot. This video had a little more in it before and after. there were a bunch of people rioting with the capital police just standing there. Then apparently the woman was climbing into the window and you see the gun come out and point across the hallway and fire. The camera goes right to where the woman was falling and the capital police are lined up along the wall. they are immediately on the woman starting aid and one of the police has a rifle pointed at the person who fired. He gives a thumbs up and puts his rifle down. There is some SERIOUS, SERIOUS coverup going on here. The capital police are as criminal as anybody else. This was all a set up from the gitgo.

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