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Jan 6 Defendant Leaks Footage from Inside DC Gulag: Prisoners Forced to Drink Dirty Brown Water

Jan 6 Defendant Leaks Footage from Inside DC Gulag: Prisoners Forced to Drink Dirty Brown Water

J6 political prisoner smuggles video to Gateway Pundit.

J6 political prisoner Jon Mellis was able to sneak a video of his living conditions out to the Gateway Pundit, showing the filthy water they are forced to drink.

Mellis has been held prisoner for 2 years as of February 16th without so much as a bail hearing. He has pleaded not guilty to all charges. Mellis warned Americans back in December that the J6 political prisoners being held in the “Patriot Pod” are being tortured by “racist, hateful, and abusive correctional officers,” sexually assaulted and treated like animals for being Trump supporters.

While murderers, sex criminals, child rapists, and murderers are routinely set free, J6 political prisoners do not even get a bail hearing even for misdemeanors.

And Antifa and BLM rioters do not even face charges as liberal DAs set them free to riot some more. Then there is the little matter of the constitutionally protected right to a speedy trial.

On Monday, Mellis was able to sneak a video out of the DC gulag and what it shows will shock you.

From The Gateway Pundit

Jonathan Mellis: My name is Jonathan Mellis. I am a January 6th detainee inside the D.C. Jail. I have been incarcerated for over 700 days without trial and treatment.

What I have endured since my arrest has shaken my faith in humanity. I thought I was in a country where citizens were deemed innocent until proven guilty. I thought I was in a country where citizens are afforded dignity, who treated humanely. Democrat rioters who stormed the White House in the summer of 2020. They injured 100 federal officers, burned St. John’s Church and forced President Trump to be evacuated to an underground bunker.

The next day of mainstream media and Democrats only laughed at President Trump. No Democrat experienced the inhumane and unconstitutional conditions we J6ers have endured for two years. One year of solitary confinement. Two years denied visitation. We live under threat by violent and hateful correctional officers with black mold, brown drinking water,rats and cockroaches. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy.

We J6ers still sing the Star Spangled Banner every night. may look better Every night a great deal.



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