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Jan-6 Inmate, Pete Schwartz, Releases Shocking Video From Inside the DC Prison

Jan-6 Inmate, Pete Schwartz, Releases Shocking Video From Inside the DC Prison

J6 political prison sends out a video with his take on January 6th.
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Pete Schwartz will have been a political prisoner in the Washington gulag for nearly two years come December. Big Brother has locked him up for not following the rules laid out by the Democrats who are determined to intimidate anyone who stands up to them. He spent six months of that time in the hole.

He has been accused of pepper spraying police and was arrested on Feb. 2nd in Uniontown, Pennsylvania. According to the letter he sent The Gateway Pundit, thirty armed agents attacked him and his wife with flashbangs and had rifles pointed at his chest. This is the type of treatment Big Brother dishes out is horrific, and the people involved MUST be exposed!

Schwartz said:

“At no point did either my wife or I resist, but we were both roughly handled and forced/dragged up the stairs after being shackled and handcuffed as we were shoved around.” 

Last year Pete told The Gateway Pundit:

“Today is Nov. 8, 2021. I was arrested in Feb, 2nd 2021. The only portion of my discovery, (the evidence against me), that I’ve seen, is a warrant that was publicly published by Forbes Magazine. After this much time of being incarcerated, I don’t know what evidence is being used against me, nor do I even know what specifically I’m being charged with.”

This week Schwartz sent the Gateway Pundit a video where he outlines what happened that day, including the actions of Ray Epps, who is believed to have been a government plant. Epps spent two days inciting people to riot and storm the Capitol Building, yet he has never been arrested even though his actions are on videotape.

He is asking anyone who has video from that day, to please come forward and help the J6 prisoners get justice. According to Schwartz, all of the timestamps on the purposely pixelated videos being used against them have been altered to create confusion, and they need the assistance of the people to get the REAL footage out there!

From The Gateway Pundit

Here is a partial transcript from Pete’s video inside the DC Gulag:

My name is Pete Schwartz. I’m a January 6 defendant. I’m being housed in DC’s gulag, and today I would like to talk about January 6. I would like to talk to people about what happened, what brought the events to that level that it did, and some of the misunderstandings and what really happened, and some of the things that we can do to both prevent this and to bring justice for some of the Jan Six defendants…

…There were a lot of rogue officers there. But as a whole, I don’t believe that the police themselves were collectively operating in a malicious manner to instigate January 6. I don’t believe that, in fact, the people who designed the agitation and the escalation of the events of January 6, called in a bomb threat to pull away a lot of the capital pleas so that they would be undermanned in order to allow this type of event to develop. So there may be people that are DC residents and DC officers, and just being in such a liberal environment. There may be people that as individuals hold resentments towards Trump supporters or conservative values, but I don’t believe that collectively as a whole. I don’t believe the police department was malicious in that manner. The agitators were predominantly undercover, and they were provoking these undertrained, understaffed police who probably may have had some prejudices against Trump supporters, but I don’t think that that necessarily caused what happened to happen.

So who are the undercover agitators? They’re basically four different ones that we identify. The FBI themselves in undercover form, wearing four or five hats, costumes, just really suspicious behavior and suspicious outfits. They weren’t at the Trump speech. They were there taking down barriers.

That was one we have the Fed assets. We have one guy in here who said he told us all about his co-defendant. He said his co-defendant had been arrested in a drug conspiracy in 2020. His co-defendant’s name was Nathan Degraves, and that going to January 6. And promoting the insurrection narrative is what got him out of those charges…

…Then there was a second group of Agitators who had on costumes who were designed to promote an insurrection narrative. They were at photo shoots at various posed places in the Capitol. And a lot of these costumes were basically designed to try to give the media image that all Trump supporters are just dumb rednecks. So you see buffalo horns and people covered in furs and just ridiculous costumes. So this is interesting because these types of costumes were not present at the Trump speech.

…All of these people, all of these people who are doing these things that I describe and wearing these costumes that I’m talking about, were all people who didn’t attend the Trump speech. They were up at the Capitol tearing down fences and ripping up the signs that told people that it was trespassing and stuff like that, all elaborately laid, trapped to bait the Trump supporters when they came from the Trump speech. It’s suspicious right off the jump. But they weren’t at the trump speech, because this speech was different than other Trump speeches. A lot of people say if you’ve seen one Trump speech, you’ve seen them all…

…It’s not possible for Ray Epps by himself to create an entire riot. While there may be innocent people that he entrapped the night before, we’re going here into the capital, and this is what we’re going to do, and we all need to go do this, it doesn’t matter. We’re going to take the capital, we’re going to commit insurrection. And all the crazy things this guy’s saying, there may be innocent people that got caught up in the moment. Not everybody has good intentions, not everybody has a good heart.

Maybe they got trapped. But for the most part, Ray Epps has people that are working with him. Ray Epps showed up on January 6, the night before on a large bus, a charter bus full of people. These people are most likely all working with him. So as we watch the videos, the numerous 140 hours of videos, we go over them and over and over, and the one thing we notice is a lot of the people that are leading small team operations of agitators all seem to be wearing the yellow and black gadget and patch, similar to the Gadsden flag.

…We didn’t know we were going to be set up by our own government using Gestapo tactics at the Capitol. And that they were going to then imprison us for years in solitary confinement just for our beliefs, just for who we support, just for our basic Christian values. What we’re asking is, we’re asking for the people who are out in the world, who have access to normal quality video. The videos in our discovery have all been pixelated, so we can’t tell as well what’s going on in there. They don’t want us to know.

They entrapped us. The last thing in the world they want is to be caught doing what they did. Our government, our FBI operates exactly like the KGB. They’re going to crush us. They’re going to destroy each and every one of us. But we need to take them down. And if we help identify them, we can. Myself, Pete Schwartz, and my friend Tim Hale have put together a lot of work. And Tim has done a presentation.

…Bring it to anybody’s attention. Please help us. And God bless.


  • Steven Ahle

    My investigation into a DHS program that instructed law enforcement to treat Christians as terrorists won me the 2014 CJN Journalist of the Year award. Here is a video of Glenn Beck reading my article on his program: I am a troll bridge. You can cross me, but you will pay a price.

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Comments 17

  1. Nick1 says:

    WHEN will Pelosi be indicted for this?

  2. Thomas says:

    After the communist regime in Washington is gone all players in law enforcement and themselves need to be brought to real justice as in our constitution and with their prescribed penalties.

  3. Robert Miller says:

    Isn’t Pete putting his life in jeopardy by making this video?? Won’t the gestapo thugs pay him a visit in the middle of the night?

    • Patriot says:

      He probably made sure this got out before the thugs get to him. He knows the National Socialist aka democrats want to disappear him.

  4. Don says:

    When will We The Sheeple declare our American Bastille Day and get these political prisoners out of the DC Gulag?

  5. 1947 says:

    First of all who is the most despised woman in the USA, Hillary Clinton or Nancy Pelosi? Next, It is my belief that Hillary is just too darn washed up, physically out of shape, as a hoot owl to be much of a threat anymore on a grand scale. We all know she is a thief, has had a hand in the demise of a lot of people, has committed treason, and broken so many laws its unreal. On the other hand, Nancy Pelosi is treacherous and a cunning enemy of the people. She was brought up in a MOB based family in Baltimore Maryland where he father was a corrupt Mayor. She could not get into politics there because everyone knew her. She move to California and entered into Politics not by being voted into office but appointed. From there she exploded onto the scene and used every cunning trick in the book as she walked over every one or destroyed them. She is ruthlessly and cunning as a Fox. It is my belief that she has committed many illegal acts and has committed so many human rights violations it is unfathomable. The only way to get rid of her is through the ballot box but she controls it in her California District. To give you an idea of her power she demands that she gets a private executive Airforce B-757 for her travels back and forth to California and it MUST have her favorite booze and specific chocolate covered strawberries on board for her entire flight. She is rude, obnoxious, demanding, and a total drunk after only an hour in the air. She knows no shame and lies like rug to cover up anything she doesn’t want out. To me she is more dangerous than Hillary Clinton as a lot of misinformed people still believe in her. To those people do you think she feels she is above he law? Of course she does. Here are only two things she got caught at that would put any of us in Jail for a long time: Insider Trading: Her Husband Paul has the best stock market record than any one in the History of the USA with no training or skills. In only the last decade the two have managed to purloin well over $220,000,000.00 and not lose one dollar. Impossible for even a well oiled trading corporation to do. Next, Political appointments for family members, abuse of power, she ensured that her daughter became the Manager of the touted Kennedy Center for the Arts just a Covid 19 hit, and both Nancy and Her daughter tried to fire all of the Arts Orchestra with no recall, unemployment, or recourse. There was a contract which the two violated and through the courts it was stopped. Anyone else would have been terminated for such a boneheaded move, but her daughter just got another raise. Then of course Nancy refuses to allow her communications at and around January 6th to be reviewed but of course Trump gets a microscope investigation. To me this woman must be terminated in the voting booth. If she is not I do hope the House changes hands and an investigation can be started on her as her power will be decreased a lot. Lets just hope that she doesn’t use the Hillary answer when people get too close to the truth.

    • Diana says:

      And probably why Paul Pelosi’s FRIEND ATTACKED HIM .After all he asked WHERE’S NANCY? THE DUDE WASN’T AFYER MR PELOSI HE WAS AFTER NANCY. SO BY RIGHTS THIS WAS ALL NANCY’S FAULT. If Paul Pelosi wouldn’t have went after the guy he probably would have been fine. But I’m glad this political prisoner was able to get his story out .Now he has to worry about his life. And we all know the FBI and every libral in DC instigated Jan.6th

  6. John says:

    Pelosi is too puffed up about her own self-importance and hates trump so badly that she would allow these people to languish in a Washington DC jail. Many have been beaten by Black guards reportedly and some maimed. Regardless of what the charges may be, they are Americans and do not deserved to be incarcerated for an extended time without charges preferred or appear before a Judge and offered bail or bond. Pelosi like most Democrat politicians just don’t care about the average American, they are too concerned about themselves and making an easy fortune in DC.
    The main thing that I feel to benefit all Americans is to vote these traitors out of office and out of power. Yes, I said traitors because many of them have made money off of the blood and lives of our own military troops during the Mideast war that apparently was not worth pulling out the billions of dollars in equipment when Biden abruptly pulled everyone out on a moments notice.

  7. George Horvat says:

    There’s a very strong element of credibility with Mr. Swartz’s recitation. I beleive him and mainly because of the constant barage of left-wing attacks on President Trump from his very first day in office, to this very day. He really really scares them and as a last resort they will asssinate him the same way they assinated JFK when he proposed to do away with our illegal Federal Reserve Bank.
    God be on our side when the fighting starts in the streets in ernest because the fate of our nation depends on our willingness to make the supreme sacrifice to preserve it.

  8. Christian Wolf says:

    Job number one when the new Congress takes over should be to pardon ALL of the January 6th protestors. Nothing any of those people did warrant imprisoning them without bail, or trial. On the other hand the Capitol cop who shot Ashli, should be terminated. As we all know, there was NO reason for deadly force.

  9. Bob Bastion says:

    This unbelievable. What happened to the right to a speedy trial? Have these people even seen an attorney?
    This is what I know. Two guys from my hometown went up there and I watched them on FB live. Everyone was wet and had mud on them because it drizzled rain that day. Then a couple of buses pulled up with people who were clean and dry like they’d been in a hotel room all day. The service members brought chairs for those people to sit in and that’s when the garbage started. It was *those* people who perpetrated the “assault.” Put the pieces together.

  10. Nanci says:

    God Bless You Pete. Thank you for speaking up to enlighten those of us who can never get any transparency. I am sorry this has happened to you and all the others who are being held for NO REASON. I pray for your protection.

  11. skai says:

    Truth MUST be told. Thanks Pete

  12. Houdini says:

    This is a TRAVESTY on too many levels. When will these demons in Government FINALLY be sent to jail for their heinous crimes against humanity!?!

  13. Kaci says:

    99 1/2 % of police are communist stooges –
    This happened certainly in the 1980’s when word was going around that LAPD was hiring gangsta’s, illegals, and whatever low-life’s they could find…
    It’s all gotten worse since then..
    I suspect this might’ve started in the 1960’s, because no Real American would act the way police have been acting, since the 60’s/70’s ..
    It’s just gone downhill from then.
    No one has much respect for most police – They’ve over-stepped their bounds, ages ago – and we’re trying to put them back in their corners again… where they belong…
    along with politicians, too.

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