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Joe Biden Claims That the Reason People Don’t Like Him is Because They Don’t Know How to Be Happy

Joe Biden Claims That the Reason People Don’t Like Him is Because They Don’t Know How to Be Happy

Can anyone besides George Soros be happy with President Joe Biden?

Joe Biden in an interview for 60 Minutes (Which takes him 2 hours to watch) says that the reason that people don’t like him is that they just don’t know how to be happy.

Do you believe that? Maybe I do. How does someone suffering from high inflation and skyrocketing prices become happy? How can someone who is now facing higher taxes become happy? How can people who see the country being flooded with illegal aliens, who have more rights than they do become happy?

Why can’t people who have lost their First, Second, and 14th Amendment rights be happy? Yes, Joe Biden is right, people don’t like him because they are not happy, but what he is missing is that he is the root cause of their unhappiness. But, let’s face it. Joe Biden is just not that smart.

This morning in the paper he read that 14 Brazilians had drowned in the ocean. He turned to Jill and said, “I don’t know how many are in a Brazilian, but it sounds like an awful lot.

But, Biden says that he scored one hundred on his cognitive test. That is true, but I guess he doesn’t realize that a 100 is out of a possible 2,500. Also, it is easier for someone like The Big Guy to be happy when he has a son giving him 10% of his shady business deals with America’s enemies.

Even members of his own party are afraid of appearing in public with him for fear it will cause people not to vote for them. In contrast, GOP candidates fight like hell for the endorsement of President Trump.

Well, not all of them. Liz Cheney didn’t want it. Of course, she lost in a landslide that no incumbent member of Congress has ever seen. Eight out of the ten House members who voted for Trump’s impeachment will no longer be in office after the first of next year.

Why are people so unhappy?

  • Inflation is at 40-year highs
  • Gas prices have spiked since Biden took office
  • Biden imposed unconstitutional Covid vaccine mandates
  • Biden’s disastrous and deadly Afghanistan withdrawal
  • Wages are down
  • Russia-Ukraine war because of Biden’s weakness
  • Open borders allowing millions of illegals to pour over the border
  • Deadly fentanyl coming over the border
  • Supply chain crisis


Biden said:

“It’s a really difficult time. We’re in an inflection point in the history of this country. We’re gonna make decisions and we’re making decisions now that are gonna determine what we’re gonna look like 10 years from now.”

“The impact on the psyche of the American people as the consequence of the pandemic is profound…think of how that has changed everything – you know, people’s attitudes about themselves, their families about the state of the nation, about the state of their communities and so there is a lot of uncertainty out there.”

From The Gateway Pundit

Joe Biden sat down for a one-on-one interview with CBS’s Scott Pelley.

The “60 Minutes” interview, which aired Sunday evening, is Biden’s first one-on-one with an American outlet in more than 7 months.

Biden declared the Covid pandemic is over in his interview.

Joe Biden also told Scott Pelley that people disapprove of him because they are psychologically unable to be unhappy after the pandemic.

Why are so many Americans unhappy? Because there are so many Democratic Dementors in Washington. Where is Harry Potter when you really need him?



  • Steven Ahle

    My investigation into a DHS program that instructed law enforcement to treat Christians as terrorists won me the 2014 CJN Journalist of the Year award. Here is a video of Glenn Beck reading my article on his program: I am a troll bridge. You can cross me, but you will pay a price.

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Comments 10

  1. Ric says:

    Biden & crony Democrats have destroyed our American economy…..and Biden has the gall to state why our people dislike him so much…….the man is crazy & must be removed from office.

    • Tommie Charlene Colaw says:

      I don’t like him because he is a lying idiot that is destroying our country and I would tell him to his face if I had the chance.

  2. bob says:

    Dang!!! I thought it was becasue he is a criminal and has destroyed America!!!!!!!!!

  3. Lily says:

    He really is delusional in his dementia. I don’t like him because he has done nothing except work hard at destroying the country since he took office. He has undone all the good Trump did. Jill should have kept him home in the basement, feeding him ice cream, instead of supporting his run for office. He doesn’t know where he is half the time, or who people are when he introduces them. Shame on congress for not removing him before he does any further damage.

  4. John says:

    I would be much happier if Biden was not in office.

  5. Drosack says:

    LOL, what a putz.

  6. Gunny Gil USMC says:

    What he is really saying is you are using the wrong drugs. Need to start buying from his Cartel buddies on the border

  7. Chaplain88 says:

    There is ‘no way’ Biden knows what he is saying. He thinks we should all be glad he wakes up every morning. He thinks it’s so great in America right now and just can’t understand why anyone has the right to be sad. He thinks we don’t like him because we are psychologically unable to be happy. What in the hell do we have to be happy about? We have inflation at record high, fuel and food prices so high people are having to choose between the two which they need to buy; either to eat or buy fuel to drive to work to earn enough to buy food next week. He left American citizens in Afghanistan with no way to get them out now that the Taliban has taken over. All of the live’s of our brave service men and women that died in battle, died in vain. We are now having to beg foreign countries to sell us oil to replenish our strategic reserve at over twice the cost it could have been just two years ago. What is there to be happy about? Well, just that we can be happy that he will only serve one term and the Republicans can take the majority in both houses of Congress. Then we can stop this stupid man and his defenders from tearing our country apart from the inside out.

  8. merle says:

    He doesn’t pay for gasoline, electricity, food or heating oil. So, he has no idea why we are unhappy with him and his admin. He doesn’t know that what he did on the first day ruined America., nor does he care. He said he would unite America, but has consistently done the opposite. Why hasn’t the Republicans impeached him?

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