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BIDEN: ‘Do I Take Any Blame For Inflation? No… It Was Already Here When I Got Here, Man’

Joe Biden Finally Answers Questions About Money From China: Beclowns Himself

Joe Biden lied about the million dollars his family received.

The truth never bothers Joe Biden. He can lie right next to it and ignore its implications. Most Democrats go ape crap crazy when confronted with the truth, but Joe does not have a problem with the truth, he just lies anyway, He was asked about the million dollars John Walker sent to four Bidens and he looked the reporter straight in the eye and said it was a lie.

But House Oversight Chairman James Comer has the receipts. He has the banking records that show that Walker received three million dollars from a source close to the CCP. Comer has the bank records that show the very next day he sent a total of about one million dollars to the personal accounts or to businesses owned by them. This is no lie, this is ironclad proof. I just wish they would name the fourth Biden to receive money in this scheme.

Recipients of the one million went to Jim Biden (Joe Biden’s brother), Hunter Biden (Joe Biden’s son), Hallie Biden (widow of Beau Biden and former girlfriend of Hunter Biden), and a fourth, known as just Biden. Is this Joe? Inquiring minds want to know.

That is bombshell evidence. Comer wants to know what the Bidens did to earn that money. I’d subpoena Hunters bank records if they haven’t already and see if he paid tax on that money.

From Red State

It naturally raises all kinds of questions about Biden being potentially compromised and even if he got some of that money. Comer also said that this was just one wire and they had many more records yet to go through.

So perhaps that’s another reason his handlers wouldn’t let Joe Biden take any questions on Friday when he was meeting with the Irish prime minister, despite the White House reporters pitching a fit on Thursday that he wasn’t answering questions and White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre saying they might have an opportunity to question him.

But one reporter managed to get lucky as Joe Biden left on Friday for more of his perpetual vacation in Delaware. The reporter managed to get the question in as Biden was heading out. Biden’s response revealed just how out of it he was, he didn’t even seem to understand what the reporter was talking about. The reporter asks him about the House GOP memo about “his family dealings.” Biden repeated “my family dealings,” not getting it. Then the reporter explained the memo that showed that a Hunter Biden business associate had sent over a million dollars to Biden family members.

“That’s not true,” Biden claimed, despite the evidence that it was true. He’s saying that even in the face of the bank records, not even trying to explain them, simply denying their reality.

That’s where he’s at, at this point. It’s like his lie when he said he never spoke with his son or his brother about their business dealings, yet there were all kinds of pictures and evidence that Joe Biden met with Hunter Biden’s business associates including while he was vice president and even in his vice presidential office.

That’s how much Joe Biden’s word is worth. Nothing. It’s a lie, he’s been lying for years, and now the lies are starting to collapse around him.


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  1. Suspicious ,of course ! Damning ? Not quite ! Gotta bemoreto thisstory ! Go. Ack to the source ! Don’t start this unless willing to dig all the way !

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