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Joe Biden is Hiding the Fact That the Country Could Be Out of Diesel Fuel One Week After the Election

Joe Biden is Hiding the Fact That the Country Could Be Out of Diesel Fuel One Week After the Election

Joe Biden is hiding severe diesel shortage just before the election.
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The country has enough diesel fuel for about 25 days and Joe Biden and his lapdog media will not acknowledge that. He does not want anyone to know until after the election.

This will not just hurt the supply chain, it will destroy it. No matter how much companies produce it won’t make it to the stores without trucks to haul it.

And not only will the lack of diesel stop stores from receiving goods, but the price of diesel will see a disastrous rise in prices that will cause even more inflation.

The lack of diesel will throw many people out of work. Besides truck drivers, farmers will have to shut down as well as manufacturers It doesn’t how much you produce if you can’t move it.

And as far as consumers are concerned, you can go to the store, but you may find it difficult or impossible to purchase the bare necessities.

And don’t expect any help from Biden. The man is a waste of space. If you don’t believe me, ask yourself why he has been unable to solve the baby formula shortage he has known about for over a year.

It’s bad enough that people can barely buy enough food for their families, this could destroy their ability to put food on the table even if they can find it.

No wonder Biden is hiding this information just before the midterm election. This is a ticking time bomb that will bury this country into a deeper recession than we already have.

Bloomberg noted:

The diesel crunch comes just weeks ahead of the midterm elections and has the potential to drive up prices for consumers who already view inflation and the economy as a top voting issue. Retail prices have been steadily climbing for more than two weeks. At $5.324 a gallon, they’re 50% higher than this time last year, according to AAA data.

The real scandal is that Biden has done nothing to try to solve the problem. Undoubtedly, Biden and his cabinet will try to spin this as positive and they will push for the sale of electric trucks. But the worst part of all of this is that Biden has over two more years to destroy this country. And after that? All the king’s horses and all the king’s men may not be able to put this country together again.

From PJ Media

Aside from that remark, the White House has done little to nothing about the issue — an issue that could further cripple confidence in the ability of Democrats to lead America through tough times, as they’ve already proven on many occasions over the past two years.

Diesel has also been described as the nation’s “inflation canary,” given that it’s so critically important for everything we need to survive. The bottom line is that without ample supplies and record-high prices for what’s left, Americans will get financially hammered over the winter and into 2023.

Folks, it’s probably going to get really bad out there. The scary part is that the Biden administration doesn’t seem to give a rip.

We have a historically low supply of diesel fuel, which powers everything that allows us to eat, drink, and live our daily lives. Because of the diminished supply under Biden, we have surging prices, making the cost of hauling goods, farming, and everything else that requires diesel fuel (pretty much everything) higher than ever before, which will cause prices of everything we use and need to increase in the coming months significantly.

Add to that a potentially hard, cold winter for many parts of the country, when heating oil demand will skyrocket, causing prices to soar once again over competition for what’s left in the tank.




  • Steven Ahle

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Comments 5

  1. Lawrence says:

    When is that Prick Ice Cream Licking Garbage Receptacle going to not only be tried for Treason but arrested for Crimes Against Humanity and dumped into GITMO!

  2. william hamilton says:

    the fbi the cia and all democrats need to be locked up for treason.

  3. Don’t forget the Democratic news media who are not reporting the actual facts to the people of this country! Our whole government and media are turning this country into a socialist camp.

  4. Wes says:

    Other than the political implications of diesel shortages by the Biden administration I’ve wondered why diesel fuel is so much more expensive a gasoline. Diesel fuel doesn’t go through the refining processes that gasoline does so why should it cost more?

  5. Ger says:

    I’m not surprised that they would have figured in the diesel fuel shortage, also. It should have been evident with the cost skyrocketing. These Dems and elites must have a very powerful computer. Or maybe they are using China’s?

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