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Joe Manchin Bamboozled By Democrats Failing to Keep Their Word

Joe Manchin knows how Republicans feel after Democrats stab him in the back.
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How much of a fool must you be to be making a deal with fellow Democrats that requires you to give them what they want while you have to wait for your reward? Joe Manchin agreed to vote for the $700 billion dollar misnomer Inflation Reduction Act. Economics 101 would show this to be folly. Anytime the government has to print money it devalues the dollar, which results in inflation. This bill will raise inflation, not lower it.

Democrats have a long history of reneging on deals they make. President Reagan cut a deal to cut spending by three dollars for every dollar that was created by raising taxes.

Here is what Reagan said:

“I made a deal with the congressional Democrats in 1982, agreeing to support a limited loophole-closing tax increase to raise more than $98.3 billion over three years in return for their agreement to cut spending by $280 billion during the same period; later the Democrats reneged on their pledge and we never got those cuts.” 

So, Joe Manchin may face a defeat in his reelection bid. In the $700 billion plan, coal mines will suffer and many people in West Virginia will lose their high-paying jobs.

Manchin had decided that passing his bill to speed up energy programs would counteract that loss of jobs with the new jobs created by his bill. He should have insisted that they pass his bill before he voted for theirs. Trusting Democrats is like offering a lion a ride in Your car. Bad things are bound to happen.

left-wing Democrats in both the House and the Senate are against the bill, although it could pass over their objections, I expect the bill to fail during amendments offered in the spending bill. They could vote to toss Manchin’s bill into the closest dumpster.

From The Daily Caller

Manchin released the Energy Independence and Security Act on Wednesday. The provisions, which Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer will include in a continuing resolution, are intended to streamline and speed up the federal permitting process for energy projects. However, Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, Democratic Arizona Rep. Raul Grijalva, and other left-wing elected officials have threatened to shut down the government rather than support Manchin’s package.

Most notably, the legislation would speed up completion of the Mountain Valley Pipeline, a more-than-300 mile pipeline that would transport natural gas from West Virginia to Virginia. Democratic Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine announced his opposition to the project and Manchin’s legislation, saying that he and many of his constituents “felt ignored” by his lack of inclusion in the negotiations.

Sen. Tim Kaine is upset because he was not included in the negotiations for the pipeline that would deliver natural gas yo Virginia from West Virginia. He said:

“Over 100 miles of this pipeline are in Virginia, but I was not included in the discussions regarding the MVP provisions and therefore not given an opportunity to share Virginians’ concerns.”

The Energy Independence and Security Act would require agencies to either approve or kill energy projects in 1 or 2 years. But all projects must be approved by the agencies enforcing the National Environmental Policy Act or the Clean Water Act. If a Democrat is president, they will never allow it.

Democratic Arizona Rep. Raul Grijalva said:

“You can still see fossil fuel’s fingerprints all over the text: Shortened public comment periods, fewer avenues for communities to fight back against projects polluting their communities, and weakened enforcement of bedrock environmental and public health laws. These dangerous permitting shortcuts have been on industry wish lists for years.”

Rumors were flying about last year that Manchin wanted to switch parties but he can’t stand Mitch McConnell. But neither can we conservatives.


  • Steven Ahle

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Comments 2

  1. BlueButterfly says:

    Hey Manchin,
    How does it feel to be grabbing you ankles with Schumer’s hands on both your shoulders?
    You can now relate as to how evil the ACP is. One in which you are member of!

  2. akashara says:

    Manchin caved to his fellow Democrats and now he’s complaining because they lied to him. That’s all the Democrats do is lie so why is he so surprised????

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