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Jordan Investigates Jack Smith Counsel Prosecutor Over ‘Abusive’ Tactics

Jordan Investigates Jack Smith Counsel Prosecutor Over ‘Abusive’ Tactics

Rep Jim Jordan investigates prosecutor on Jack Smith's team for abuse of power.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) announced on Thursday that his committee is investigating Jay Bratt, a prosecutor on Jack Smith’s team for prosecutorial misconduct. Bratt tried to bribe an attorney for an alleged witness against Trump. The lawyer had applied for a federal judgeship and Bratt made it clear that his judgeship would go through if he were to turn his client into a false witness against Trump. When Stanley Woodward refused, Bratt charged Woodward with conflict of interest charges.

Jordan wrote to Jack Smith:

“The Department’s mission is to ensure impartial justice by upholding the rule of law, requiring all Department employees — including Mr. Bratt — to maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct. Mr. Bratt’s attempt to bully Mr. Nauta in cooperating, first by extorting his attorney and then by alleging a conflict of interest that precludes his attorney from the case, seriously calls into question your team and your ability to remain impartial and uphold the Department’s mission.”

Rep Jim Jordan has demanded various documents and records related to Woodward, his representation of Nauta, and others. They also want to see Woodward’s application for the vacancy on the Superior Court of the District of Columbia. A deadline of 5 p.m. on September 21 was given. Smith’s office has refused to make a statement on Jordan’s letter.

Tom Fitton, president of the conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch, reacted to the letter by posting to X:

 “Prosecutorial misconduct at the heart of the Biden DOJ abuse of Trump.” Mike Davis, founder of the Article III Project and former chief counsel for nominations to then-Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA), cheered Jordan on, saying, “End [President Joe] Biden’s lawfare and blatant election interference.”

National security attorney Bradley Moss took a different point of view:

“There is a real and serious need for congressional committees to conduct oversight of DOJ. This is not that. It’s a blatant political stunt designed only to protect the former president. The tactics allegedly employed are the type ‘law and order’ conservatives normally love.”

From The Daily Wire

Jordan’s new letter follows a demand last month for the Biden administration to provide details about Bratt meeting with White House officials in the weeks leading up to Trump getting indicted. The chairman set a deadline of September 12 for that matter.

Trump and Nauta have been charged on claims including that they schemed to hide classified documents from federal authorities and conspired to obstruct justice. They have pleaded not guilty, as has Carlos De Oliveira, a property manager at the former president’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida who was added as a co-defendant in a superseding indictment.

Woodward revealed in a court filing that his former client, Mar-a-Lago IT worker Yuscil Taveras, agreed to testify in the case in exchange for not being prosecuted, CNN reported on Wednesday. The report also said Woodward claimed in the filing that he “played no role” in the cooperation and asked the judge not to allow Taveras to testify in any future trial.

Trump faces charges in three other matters, including a 2020 election case also brought by Smith. He has broadly denied any wrongdoing and says he is the victim of a “witch hunt” as he runs a 2024 campaign for another term in the White House. The trial in Smith’s documents case is set to begin on May 20 in Florida.


  • Steven Ahle

    My investigation into a DHS program that instructed law enforcement to treat Christians as terrorists won me the 2014 CJN Journalist of the Year award. Here is a video of Glenn Beck reading my article on his program: I am a troll bridge. You can cross me, but you will pay a price.

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Comments 13

  1. Lawrence M says:

    Of course Jack Smith is abusing power; the whole rotten Demonicrat Party do that constantly and he is working for them! Look into the eyes of Jack Smith and it’s quite easy to see; that is a man with a lot of deception in him along with a wretched heart, who is surely working an agenda of malfeasance!

    • liss says:

      to me he looks demonic, a dark soul if he has one. Hes jusst pure EVIL!

      • Lawrence M says:

        Yes Liss! You said it well; and isn’t it amazing how many psychopathic hate filled people are in our political and judicial systems! Honesty, integrity and virtue are like things of the past, that a few people are trying to hold onto, while the most evil on the planet are promoting the masses to live by the opposite standards or lack thereof!
        Sign of the times and I can only think how it must resemble what was going on when Sodom and Gomorrah was wildly out of control before God vaporized it and all of it’s people, or what was going on just before the Great Flood as Noah prepared to leave behind the sin infested human race!
        Look into the eyes and therefore soul of this despot and all the maniacs like Bill Gates, Soros, Fauci and Biden just to name a few; and you can see the stark raving mad evil, in them; which is festering and spreading around the globe! All I can say is everyone who cares should try their best each day, to be the best person they can; while they devoutly say their prayers each day too; hopeful that God will come to stop all this wickedness before too much more time passes!

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  3. CharlieSeattle says:

    Another House investigation to distract from all the ones before that went no where.

  4. RockyMtn1776 says:

    Dirty Jack Smith strikes again. It’s amazing what Americans will tolerate before their get off their apathetic rear ends.

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  5. T-200q says:

    Republicans and President Trump are the targets of an all-out war by Democrats. First, there were bogus charges against President Trump brought by Nancy Pelosi that failed. Then Pelosi orchestrated a Jan 6 drama with mostly peaceful protests against widely perceived irregularities of stollen 2020 elections being labeled as insurrection. Many of those protesters were unlawfully imprisoned because, as per the First Amendment, “Congress shall make no law abridging the freedoms of speech, the press, or of the people to assemble and petition the Government for redress of grievances.” Congress under speakership of Nancy Pelosi clearly violated the Constitution. Then Pelosi assembled extremely biased J6 Committee, which fabricated materials against President Trump and many supporters of his. When this did not work, Democrats organized most vicious Democratic Prosecutors to file bogus charges against Trump and many members of his cabinet including attorneys, which violates common practice of attorney-client privilege. During investigations that are being carried under Republican leadership, all Democrats always start their ‘questioning” with accusing Republicans of being domestic enemies thus providing a pretext for later attack on Republicans when Democrats will gain the majority again. They hope to use the Oath of Office, “I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic”. Republicans, pay attention to this. Pelosi started the Trum witch hunt with seemingly benign statement “We will do anything to remove Trump from office”, and it has transformed into full out war on him.

  6. Peewee says:

    So what, nothing will ever be done about it and Smith will be allowed to continue his sham.

  7. Don says:

    All they do is investigate so I won’t hold my breath.

    • I make over thirty k a month working part-time. I kept hearing from other people telling me how much money they could make online, so I decided to find out. Well, it was all true and it completely changed my life.

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    • Lawrence M says:

      Ye Don; all talk no action and we’ve seen this so many times before so we can only hope they mean business this time but we shouldn’t hold our breath!

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