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“Journalist” Calls Child Protective Services on Senate Candidate Because She Teaches Her Daughter About Columbus Day

“Journalist” Calls Child Protective Services on Senate Candidate Because She Teaches Her Daughter About Columbus Day

Liberal reports conservative candidate for teaching her daughter about Columbus Day.
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A person who poses as a journalist, David Leavitt called Child Protective Services on Virginia State Senate candidate Tina Ramirez. He accused her of child abuse because her belief about Columbus differs from his.

If she taught her daughter how to be a boy or how to have oral sex in the third grade, he would have been fine with that. Liberals should love Columbus because of his green credentials. He got 6,000 miles to the galleon.

It began with the revelation that PayPal would be seizing $2,500 from the accounts of people who spread misinformation. Ramirez asked “Only women can be pregnant. Do I owe PayPal $2500 now? ” Leavitt replied, “Why are you celebrating torture, rape, murder, and enslavement?” This is the way liberals work. Propaganda goes in both ears and out their mouths.

Many liberals demonize Ben Franklin, accusing him of enabling slave owners. Why? Because he had to leave slavery out of the Declaration of Independence in order to get the Southern states to go along. But, the city of Philadelphia did not allow slavery, and Franklin was one of the biggest supporters of that ban and he never owned a single slave.

Leavitt was referencing another tweet by Ramirez.

Leavitt then tried to get his 300,000 followers to contact child services and accuse her of child abuse for teaching her daughter about Columbus Day. Eventually, Leavitt called child services himself and filed a complaint. I am a firm believer that what he did was a criminal act. He robbed child services of the hours spent investigating Ramirez, who had done nothing wrong. Perhaps a real child abuser hurt their child while the investigation into Ramirez was ongoing.

He then complained about how long he had to wait to file his false complaint:

“The Virginia State hotline for child abuse has a 10+ minute hold and is experiencing ‘high call volumes’ with 14 callers ahead of me. This is absolutely unacceptable. How many people try to report child abuse and hang up? How many children will continue to be abused?”

While Leavitt was on hold, Ramirez replied to his tweet:

“Mighty bold and liberal of you to lecture a Hispanic mother with a black daughter on racism. What’s next? Are you going to lecture me on women’s rights?”

From The Daily Wire

Leavitt continued to complain about the wait time, posting updates showing that he had been on hold for over an hour. As he waited on the line to report Ramirez for abusing her child —by celebrating Columbus Day — he lamented the amount of abuse that must be taking place in Virginia for wait times to be so long.

Ramirez responded to the entire situation in a Twitter thread of her own, saying, “Tonight, @David_Leavitt called Child Protective Services to report ‘child abuse’ because I teach my daughter about Christopher Columbus and real American history. As a single mother, I am my daughter’s only support. This is appalling for a number of reasons.”

“Radical leftist @David_Leavitt didn’t just call CPS to level accusations against me,” she continued. “He waited an hour on hold, tying up the lines of our CPS professionals trying to help Virginia’s children. The radical left is willing to put our children at risk to cancel conservatives.”

Ramirez concluded:

“This goes back to what Virginians fought for in 2021 when they elected @GlennYoungkin: parent’s rights. The radical left is willing to sit on hold with CPS for a full hour to level accusations of child abuse — all because we don’t agree with their out-of-touch worldview.”


  • Steven Ahle

    My investigation into a DHS program that instructed law enforcement to treat Christians as terrorists won me the 2014 CJN Journalist of the Year award. Here is a video of Glenn Beck reading my article on his program: I am a troll bridge. You can cross me, but you will pay a price.

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Comments 13

  1. Ted says:

    These freaks are killing this country. It’s more than just indoctrination. These mutants were born brain dead. The cop should have arrested her for her the bogus complaint call….

    • Tom Harrington says:

      Ted, did you even read the story or did you just look at the picture and read the caption? The so called journalist was a man named David Leavitt.

    • Maria says:

      Thanks for your comments as they are my own. These leftists want to change history only to start with today’s ill-changes, immoraility, deception, faithless communist groups arising.

      • Evangeline says:

        The communist must be placed in coffins and buried!!

        • Irwin says:

          I agree with that. not that long ago many of us were paid to eliminate communists. Now we can not even criticize our government( communists ) which is really a shame. Just preach on and vote.

        • Grizz ManGn says:

          Buried? How about composted?

  2. Barefoot Marine says:

    So how do we handle a so-called journalist like David Leavitt’s abuse of a Hispanic mother?
    How ’bout doing a complete background check, compiling ALL of his false narratives over his career, then listing them online, showing exactly what he posted, and fact checking every instance of his twisting of the truth, and pointing out every fallacy of his false life and lies and expose these bowl movements to a the world? ALL of these liberal liars need to be laughed out of the country!

  3. Philip Seth Hammersley says:

    Maybe if IDIOTS weren’t tying up the phone lines with PHONY complaints, the legitimate complaints would get handled more quickly!

  4. Doug Litchfield says:

    Who dialed the hot line for little Davy when we know focusing is an issue? Maybe Fauxihauntas isn’t really part of a tribe but does show clownish tendencies. Twisting history is such an easy thing to do.

  5. Kawika56 says:

    Fact #1: Christopher Columbus brought the Faith and civilization to America. In fact, Pope Leo XIII issued a glowing encyclical, Quarto Abeunte Saeculo, to celebrate Columbus’ providential mission.

    Fact #2: Columbus was “extremely zealous for the honor and glory of God,” wrote Bartolome de las Casas. “He deeply yearned for the evangelization of these peoples and for the planting and flourishing everywhere of people’s faith in Jesus Christ”.

    Fact #3: Leftist professors hide this fact: Slavery was widespread among the Natives in the Caribbean; this was a long-established fact… long before Columbus arrived.
    NO, it was NOT Columbus or his men that enslaved the natives to work for them… THAT happened LATER, after Columbus’ voyages… no matter what your Leftist Professor said!

    Fact #4: The first tribe Columbus and his men encountered was the Taíno tribe. The first encounter between Europe and the Americas went well. The Taíno were curious and helpful. Columbus was emphatic that his crew treat them with kindness and respect.
    Lest you think that Columbus stumbled on the Garden of Eden, the islands were also inhabited by the Caribs, a tribe of cannibals for whom, according to Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Samuel Eliot Morison, babies were a delicacy—or, in Morison’s words, “a… toothsome morsel.” Like every place else on Earth, in every time in history, the local peoples were a mixed bag. Some good, some not so good.

    Fact #5: Leftist professors also hide this fact: Syphilis was an unknown disease in Europe until after Columbus’ men brought it to Europe.
    Interesting fact: Sassafras a product of a New World tree, was imported to Europe as a supposed ‘cure’ for syphilis. It is from sassafras that we get Root Beer.

    Fact #6: Columbus insisted on the fair treatment of the Indians. He wrote: “I recognized that they were people who would be better freed [from error] and converted to our Holy Faith by love than by force.”

    • Doug Litchfield says:

      Now you have just glazed over the orbs of many professors attempting to manipulate their next lesson plans for mush minds to absorb. Great “facts” on our early history.

  6. Tarheel says:

    I thought filing a FALSE report with a government agency was unlawful. There was no abuse, simply a difference of opinion and this asshat should be punished,….with great prejudice.

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