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Judge Calls Out DOJ For Secret Negotiations In Plane Crash Cases Where Over 300 People Lost Their Lives

Judge Calls Out DOJ For Secret Negotiations In Plane Crash Cases Where Over 300 People Lost Their Lives

Judge chews out Garland for DOJ lies about investigations into plane crashes.
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What can you say about Biden’s DOJ that hasn’t been said about Al Capone, Fidel Castro, or Joseph Stalin? Merrick Garland has placed himself in famous company since he was named as head of the DOJ. Not that it’s a good thing, but they are certainly famous. And for much the same reason. Two Boeing aircraft crashed, killing everyone on board.

An Ethiopian flight that killed 157 people and a Lion Air flight that took the lives of 189 people. The families of the victims wanted to be in on the negotiations, but the DOJ claimed there was no ongoing investigation.

Then, the DOJ entered secret negotiations with Boeing in which Boeing admitted that they had lied to the FAA. The 300 plus that died wouldn’t have had Boeing not lied.

The DOJ agreed to drop most of the charges and Boeing would pay $2.5 billion in damages. (Plus some rather large campaign contributions I’ll bet.)

The victims’ families were upset and sued over the matter. The judge agreed with them and then chewed out the DOJ for their corrupt handling of the situation.

CNN reported:

For the second time in less than six months, a brand-new Boeing aircraft has crashed just minutes into a flight.

All 157 people on board the Ethiopian Airlines flight from Addis Ababa that crashed on Sunday morning have died, the airline has confirmed.

The tragedy follows the Lion Air flight that went down over the Java Sea in late October, killing all 189 people on board.

Reason reported:

On Friday, Judge O’Connor handed down his ruling that the crashes victims were crime victims. He explained that the families had proven both direct (that is, “but for”) causation and proximate causation. Regarding but-for causation, the families had:

established a direct chain of causation. Had Boeing not committed its crime, the FAA[] would have required … [flight simulator] training for operators of the 737 MAX and would have included information related to MCAS in relevant training materials. As a result, foreign regulators—including Indonesian and Ethiopian authorities—would have issued similar training certifications and instructional materials, having taken their [cue] from the world’s leading authority on aviation standards, the FAA. And ultimately, foreign operators of the 737 MAX—including the pilots on Lion Air Flight 610 and Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302—would have received training adequate to respond to the MCAS activation that occurred on both aircrafts. In sum, but for Boeing’s criminal conspiracy to defraud the FAA, 346 people would not have lost their lives in the crashes.

Regarding proximate causation, Judge O’Connor ruled that the crashes were a foreseeable consequences of lying to the FAA (citations to the record omitted):

[I]t is generally foreseeable that Boeing’s deceiving the [FAA] which resulted in an improperly low level of differences training certification, would potentially cause a disaster. As noted above, reasonable laypeople could easily predict that inadequate pilot training might result in catastrophic airplane crashes, as it did here. And given the well-recognized global industry practice of foreign entities following the FAA’s recommended guidance, it was generally foreseeable that Lion Air’s and Ethiopian Airlines’ pilots, would have been inadequately trained with respect to MCAS because of foreign regulators’ reliance on the [FAA training requirements] certification and silence on MCAS in its [materials about training]. Not only was this outcome generally foreseeable, Boeing admitted as much [in an internal email]: “FAA is pretty powerful and most countries defer to what the FAA does[.]”

In light of these factual findings, Judge O’Connor granted the families’ motion for findings that the Justice Department and Boeing negotiated the DPA in violation of the CVRA. As explained in the families’ motion, the CVRA entitled the families the rights to: (1) reasonably confer with the Department about the DPA; (2) receive timely notice of the DPA before it was finalized; and (3) be treated with fairness during the process. As also explained in the motion, the Justice Department not only made no effort to confer with the families, it actually deceived them by falsely stating that the FBI was not conducting a criminal investigation into the two crashes.



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  1. robinsong01 says:

    Garland is complicit in every dirty trick enacted over the past 2 years. GOP will investigate him and others in the Biden regime come January. He’s going to jail!

  2. Wes says:

    Garland is corrupt and needs to be held accountable for his indiscretions and outright lies. With him as head of the Department of Justice there will be no justice!

  3. 1947 says:

    Garland, what can I say. The man thinks he is God but in reality he is a criminal and should be fired for cause.

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