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Judge Orders Trafficking Victim to Pay Restitution for Killing Her Attacker

Judge Orders Trafficking Victim to Pay Restitution for Killing Her Attacker

The judicial system that we have in place is anything but just. While punishing those who are the victims of crimes, we allow criminals get away with it all day long.

We witnessed individuals during the Summer of Love 2020 who were genuinely responsible for setting buildings on fire and inflicting harm on whomever they believed deserved it, but all that would follow was their release from custody and the dismissal of all charges by the state. They had clearance to riot the next day.

If they did require bail, there would be no need to worry because a number of famous people donated money to bail them out.

However, our system is so broken that a court recently decided that a victim of human trafficking must pay damages for killing her rapist.

According to Fox News,

Lewis, who was 15 when she stabbed Brooks in a Des Moines apartment, had run away from home to escape her abusive adoptive mother. She was sleeping in the halls of an apartment building when Christopher Brown, 28, took her in and began trafficking her to other men for sex, according to officials.

Among those men was Brooks, who Lewis said raped her multiple times before she killed him. She recalled being forced at knife point to go to his apartment for sex. After Brooks raped her for what would end up being the last time, Lewis grabbed a knife off a bedside table and stabbed him.

Imagine how much of a slimeball you have to be in order to be the prosecuting attorney to level charges against a sex trafficking victim. That is despicable.

Now, I’ll admit that I don’t know the full details of this case, but if a minor who had her life threatened by a man with a knife fought for her life and killed her abuser and attacker in the process, we should be applauding this woman, not labeling her as a criminal.

The argument put forth from the prosecutors is that she wasn’t under immediate threat because he was asleep. FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! She had already been attacked and couldn’t escape. What was she supposed to do instead? Wait until this stronger individual has a chance to defend himself and likely kill her instead? Maybe she was supposed to just let it continue to happen. Seriously though, I would love to hear what the recommended course of action should have been.


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  1. Roland says:

    This judge is a Dem they believe that you protect the criminal. And if you can punish the victim it appears to be a bonus to them. Like I have said many times the Dems seek out the mentally impaired for recruitment.

  2. Drosack says:

    Don’t wake up America, liberals not through destroying the country yet.

  3. Mary says:

    The Democrat people let Democrat party slap on their faces kick them on the bottoms insults them by alway promise but never delivered, gave them the crumbs but took away a lot from them, sent those thugs Antifa , BLM to destroy their communities etc etc & they still just worship the party & continuing vote for them, that the way they alway be so why they care if democrat harms trafficking victims

  4. This is pathetic and absolutely horrible this rapist deserved even more than what he got.
    Rapists when caught the very first time should be surgically made so that they cannot achieve an erection and the second offense death.

  5. I heard in the radio today that she has to pay $150000 to this asshole’s family. She should sue his family for several million dollars for raising such a douchebag.

  6. Kerry says:

    Someone with true justice as their motivation needs to step in and reverse this situation. Just like “fund me”, she needs to be found sheltered, and a new trial held in a court that would be fair. From what has been related, yes, this is self defense. Sores sponsored AG’s, and Judges need to be disbarred, forever, from anything court or government related. This is the same as courts being bought by the Mofia.

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