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Judge DENIES Defendants’ Motions For Attorney Fees And Sanctions

Judge Who Dismissed Kari Lake’s Lawsuit Promotes a One Party System of Government

Judge Thompson says we don't need no stinking' laws.

Some say that Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson is totally corrupt while others say he is spineless, but I say he is a spineless judge who is corrupt to the core. Just look at all of the laws the Maricopa Officials broke that Judge Thompson overlooked. Judges are not allowed to overlook crimes and that is why judges like Thompson need to be removed from the bench. Scott Jarrett even admitted that county officials allowed the voting machines to be reset on election day.

The case went from bad to worse starting with Thompson throwing out 8 of the 10 complaints from Lake’s lawsuit and then allowing just 2 days to present evidence. Evidence that he then ignored in making his decision.

Thompson claimed:

“This Court acknowledges the anger and frustration of voters who were subjected to inconvenience and confusion at voter centers as technical problems arose during the 2022 General Election. But this Court’s duty is not solely to incline an ear to public outcry. It is to subject Plaintiff’s claims and Defendants’ actions to the light of the courtroom and scrutiny of the law.”

I call BS on this judge. Scott Jarrett admitted under oath that the county altered the programming of the voting machines on election day. That was intentional and should be considered to be an illegal act with severe penalties. And what about the missing chain of custody on 300,000 votes? That too is illegal according to state law. What the judge actually ruled was that state laws do not apply to Democrats and that these illegal acts should be allowed to continue. He is in essence advocating for a one-party system.

The attorney for Maricopa County, the ever-unimpressive Thomas Liddy, son of G. Gordon Liddy, seems to have committed perjury when he changed his day one argument in which he told the judge that no one in the Maricopa County Election Committee is named Betty. Lake’s lawyers proved that to be a false statement and if he were a Republican, he would be disbarred for it.

Townhall’s Rachel Alexander made some excellent points in an article there.

Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson only gave her two days for a trial and issued his ruling immediately afterwards, even though he could have taken several days, and it was one of the biggest, most important cases in the country. Legal experts believe his decision was ghostwritten, they suspect top left-wing attorneys like Marc Elias emailed him what to say.

The standard should have been whether voters were disenfranchised, not all the additional hoops Thompson added. If inner city blacks had been disenfranchised, Thompson would not have added all those extra requirements, he would have made the law fit. Robert Gouveia, a rare attorney who isn’t afraid to speak up and who describes himself as watching prosecutors, judges and politicians, said the standard should have been whether there was voter suppression.

Instead, Thompson said Lake had to show an extremely vague, high bar in order to prevail, that an election official intentionally caused the printer changes in order to change the results of the election, and that it did affect the outcome. He explained away many of the disturbing election anomalies as accidents or mere coincidences. He ignored the vast majority of them; in a show of arrogance, his opinion was less than eight pages long.

Thompson completely ignored all the voters who saw the long lines and gave up trying to vote, as if they didn’t count. Considering probably well over half of the voting locations in Maricopa County were affected, not to mention they were almost all in heavily Republican areas, this was no small disenfranchisement. Many voters have come forward and told how they were unable to vote for this reason or similar, such as a man who couldn’t find parking in time due to the overcrowded parking lot.

Even with the higher burden required by Thompson, well-known lawyer Viva Frei, whose real name is David Freheit, said Lake’s team showed there was intentionality and believed the case was a slam dunk.

Let’s hope that Lake can win an appeal and then go on to win her case, otherwise, elections will forever be meaningless because conservative votes don’t count.



  • Steven Ahle

    My investigation into a DHS program that instructed law enforcement to treat Christians as terrorists won me the 2014 CJN Journalist of the Year award. Here is a video of Glenn Beck reading my article on his program: I am a troll bridge. You can cross me, but you will pay a price.

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Comments 28

  1. Discouraged American voter says:

    Totally agree that this judge did a crucial injustice to the American voting system with his decision to disregard the proof presented before him of an illegal voting process in Arizona. If AMERICA is to be saved, Kari Lake’s case must be appealed and won! Arizona is only ONE example of the disenfranchisement of the voter by the ruling class across the nation. In today’s politics, the one who counts the votes is the decision maker for who is declared the winner, no matter who the majority of voters wanted.

    • Hat Bailey says:

      Agree one hundred percent. Can they make it any more clear that they will twist the law in any way that suits their agenda. We are expected to comply without question, but they will do whatever they wish.

      • Dana Gonzales says:

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    • Patriots United says:

      Judge Thompson is a corrupt communist judge that needs to have a dust-up with fentenyl.

      • Lisel Sipes says:

        He look like a character out of Animal Farm. Fat Soros servant.

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  3. Hat Bailey says:

    The removal of judges who refuse to honor their oath of office is extremely necessary if we are to have any confidence in the so-called “justice” system. I am angry and don’t suppose I am the only one who is alarmed and concerned about this continuing flouting of the supreme law of the land with impunity. Where are the faithful public servants who will step forward to take some real action in this regard? Is the military, real patriots, or an incensed public to rise up and do something about this?

    • Ima Enyurphase says:

      We need as a VERY LARGE group of disenfranchised voters to each complain to the State Bar and demand this damn judge be removed. He’s violated his oath of office and certainly broken judicial rules and possibly State and Federal laws. This judge has got to go.

  4. Grandpa says:

    This clown needs to be removed from the bench.

  5. messup says:

    Yes! It was the “high bar” remark that really knocked all listeners for a loop. If this isn’t “high bar” enough in Elections for many State, County and local positions don’t know what can qualify! 13,000 ballots literally dropped out of the sky into someones vehicle who transported them to some delivery destination. Folks, this didn’t even have a “low bar” CHAIN-OF-CUSTODY sign off sheet. Judge Thompson’s job interview must have been full of “law school palaver.” Because his speaking ability was all run-on-sentences…no pause, no sequences just drivel (with REALLY BIG WORDS)…content really made no “rhyme-or-reason.” Is this how easy it is to get hired for the County’s Legal Department? WOW! Threw out 8 of ten valid complaints, deliberately picked two of the simplest, requiring literally little or no research, just “fly-by-wire” huzpah!!! Geez! Let’s hope and pray Supreme Court has well trained and seasoned expert judicial review – savvy experts able to see into the validity of candidate for Governor, Keri Lake, legal complaints. God Bless America, She’s on life support. Read A Bible. KJV. Psalm 128. 10 Commandments everywhere. Kitchen Militias to decimate marsit ideology and indoctrination. Pray…


    • Ron C says:

      The SCOTUS have been supporting fraudulent elections since the 2020 presidential election, we the people are screwed!

  6. TRUTHBETOLD says:

    He’s just another , ” DEVIL’S ADVOCATE “…. The left is a SINISTER LOT, & need to be expunged. I believe there should be a MASSIVE EXORCISM @ the very least. IN GOD WE TRUST….

  7. Sons of Liberty says:

    You’re right Hat! The real patriots (if there are any) or a very angry public needs to stand up now and do something about this travesty of justice, and do it “all across the fruited plain” from sea to shining sea!

  8. l1254 says:

    This is the results when voters dont understand what they are voting for the seriousness of voting for the wrong party how these kind of socialist judges that wont be removed are trying to change our society into China or North Korea.

  9. Ron C says:

    The courts continue to support fraudulent elections, even retard’s can see the sloppy way democrats are stealing elections and giving this nation over to the Marxist’s! Bad unconstitutional policies of the authorities is going to be the death of this nation!

  10. bob says:

    It seems like whenever a Republican files a lawsuit about election fraud ,,,,,, they always end up getting a screwed up , nutty , 7 brain celled liberal judge !!!! When President Trump re-takes OUR White House in 2024 ,,,, he can start on day one putting in Conservative judges in all branches .

  11. Jose Felenica says:

    It’s just like the Wizard of Oz. He reduced the complaints to just two and gave the Lake team a nearly impossible task of proving intentional tampering with the voting machines and the loss of chain of custody. Much like the Wizard asking for the wicked witches broom expecting them never to see them again. To his dismay they came back with more than he ever expected. Unfortunately the Wizard of Oz is a story with noble people who come clean and make things right. That’s not something you’ll find in Maricopa County or Judge Thompson. There was never a real hearing. It’s clear Thompson had his thumb on scale from day one. He’s now in the process of urinating on ALL the voters in Maricopa County because its clear that none of them matter. Please don’t insult us further by telling us it’s only raining.

  12. Ima Enyurphase says:

    hobbs should be prevented from taking office by ANY MEANS NECESSARY ! Once in, she will destroy all evidence showing the fraud. She’s had plenty of practice, doing so in the 2020 election. Following the marxist handbook to a T.

  13. pa l says:

    the slippery slope to civil war….a corrupt govt aided by corrupt legal system

  14. KawikaFiveSix says:

    Say FOOL!
    Whenever did a One Party System ever work?

  15. Fisher4men says:

    This judge has taken to heart a document called ‘Rules for Radicals’. It was written by Saul Alinsky who regularly communicated with people such as Hillary and a few other notorious individuals. Needless to say, this judge is using this document as his bench rules. You can fit his open and notorious rulings into the specific rules outlined in Rules for Radicals. When Republicans finally get around to understanding these rules and how to counter these rules, then and only then will Republicans start winning battles. Rules for Radicals is the democrat play book. It does not matter if the person who pledged allegiance to these rules is a judge, president, congressman, senator, secretary of whatever, prosecutor, organizer, boss, they all understand and use the Rules for Radicals. Why? Because they have been getting away with it for almost 60 years. There has been zero accountability. Why? Republicans have no backbone!! Elon has exposed so much corruption, has anything changed? Not at all. Sad but true. Until there is accountability nothing will get fixed, including corrupt judges. Until the judicial processes are cleaned up there will be zero chance of having a fair trial on based on merits and merits alone.

  16. Bob Russell says:

    Sadly, America is no longer a representative republic, representation was stopped many years ago, and now is a dictatorial oligarchy ruled by satanists!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Richard says:

    So many corrupt judges who should be removed…all bias.

  18. max says:

    So, we just allow this commie to sit on the bench for years?
    Is there an honest judge that can on-do his dictates?
    Otherwise what he wants is what we will get soon. A one-party
    country and it will be the democrat party run by Obama.

    Are we dumb enough to allow this to happen? I think so!

  19. anthony cuccia jr says:

    How in the world ,did the Lawyers group ever allow that Jerk off to keep saying he’s a Lawyer? When he obviously stands for everything against the Law.SICK

  20. CharlieSeattle says:

    Drag this P0S out and down the steps!
    No bruises, blood or broken bones? DO IT AGAIN!

  21. ox says:

    Obviously this judge is a Communist . A one party rule= Communism. Communist China ha a one party rule. In Communist China, all the politicians running for Office come out of the same party. There are no opposing views. It’s just a matter of which politician one can think will screw the people the best. This judge needs to be removed from office. One can bet this judge is probably for illegal immigration.

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