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Kansas Dem Faces Pressure to Resign: ‘He Needs to Step Aside and Let a Real Democrat Represent His District’

Kansas Dem Faces Pressure to Resign: ‘He Needs to Step Aside and Let a Real Democrat Represent His District’

Marvin Washington, crossed over with the Republicans to ban men from women's sports.

Kansas Democrat Rep. Marvin Robinson (D) is Being vilified because he voted to ban biological men from women’s sports. This is just one more example of the Democrat’s war on women. Democrats try to feed us this bilge that biological men have no advantage over women. Every day we see these biological men (BM) not only winning events but setting new records that will probably stand until a stronger BM tops it.

If what the Democrats are saying is true, why aren’t there any biological women winning male events? Not only winning but just being competitive. If biological women are men and equal to men why are they not dominating in male sports? This makes a mockery of women’s sports, but it goes much deeper than that.  What about the women hoping to get a scholarship to college, but failing because they were beaten by a BM? How many scholarships for college will go to BM?

Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly vetoed the bill on March 17. Robinson crossed party lines, allowing the override of Kelly’s veto. He is now under constant attack for that vote. So, Democrats now insist that representatives must play follow the leader. That is especially bad since the leader is a radical nutcase. The leader is to the far left of Joseph Stalin, Mao, and Fidel Castro. Either toe the line or leave office. When will the DNC start distributing litmus tests for all potential candidates? Pardon me, but I support the women.

From The Blaze 

When asked why he changed his mind about the measure, Robinson claimed Democrats and radical voters attempted to bully him into submitting to their agenda. Robinson said such people were “rude and insulting and attacking.” He even claimed that one female Democrat colleague told him that he “should die” as a result of his vote to override the veto, though he declined to name the culprit.

Rep. Heather Meyer, another Democrat from Kansas City, has been one of the most vocal proponents of allowing men to participate in women’s sports. Meyer is married but identifies as bisexual and purports to have a 13-year-old “transgender son,” News-Press Now reported. Meyer denied that any Democrat would have made such threats against Robinson.

“We care about mental health, and we care about our colleagues, even if we disagree,” Meyer said.

Despite the appearance of collegiality, some Kansas Dems have called for Robinson’s immediate resignation. “Right now, he’s voting more with the other party than he is with ours,” said Kansas House Democratic Leader Vic Miller, who also said he would be “pleased” if Robinson resigned.

 Brandie Armstrong, chair of the LGBT caucus of the Kansas Democratic Party stated:

“If Rep. Robinson is going to allow hate to overrule his commitment to Democratic values, he needs to step aside and let a real Democrat represent his District. Democrats barely have representation in Kansas as is, the least someone who claims to be a part of our party can do is represent our ideals.”

Democrats go all out to win their war on women.


  • Steven Ahle

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  2. nanny says:

    stick to your decision marvin robinson. you made the right one

  3. Michael Kabriel says:

    Stick to your guns Marvin!! Just because you don’t fall in line with all the other delusional morons doesn’t mean you need to step down from your position!! We the people are behind you.

  4. Drosack says:


  5. e e says:

    wait a minute…. let me get this straight. a democrat reaches over the aisle and votes with the GOP on only ONE bill and the rest of the dems want him replaced?! how come these same dems were nowhere to be found whenever a RINO GOP member votes alongside the dems?! i realize that Rep. Marvin Robinson is a state rep and not a fed rep, but i’m sure that there have been a RINO or two in the Kansas state legislature that has voted with the dems in the recent past. if not, there certainly is nothing to stop them from crying foul about a fed RINO from breaking with party lines, yet these same dems are nowhere to be found?! sounds kinda’ hypocritical if you ask me.

    • Recce says:

      No, the word “hypocritical” is the wrong word I believe. The appropriate word is “homicidal’, both for opposing individuals and the Republic.

  6. SO; Because Rep. Robinson understands the REALITY of biology, he is now a demon and no longer fits into the SICK, twisted family of the Democrat party !

  7. Crotte says:

    Sir when all else fails common sense prevails. I salute you!!!!! Congratulations on your decision!!!

  8. Notalib says:

    He made the correct decision. He should not be punished for it. The Dem’s are ok when you agree with them. When you disagree you need to be punished. Too bad. There are two sexes. Male and female. Period. Live with it.

  9. Recce says:

    It won’t be long before the radical progressive representatives will be calling for the deaths of fellow Democrats, and perhaps Republicans, who don’t follow their agenda.

    As Victor Hanson wrote in “Our French Revolution – America now has three potential futures and two are bad,” we’re at a critical juncture for what’s left of our Republic.

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