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Kari Lake Attorney Kurt Olsen Discusses Tuesday’s Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Hearing to Ban the Use of Voting Machines

Kari Lake Attorney Kurt Olsen Discusses Tuesday’s Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Hearing to Ban the Use of Voting Machines

Kari Lake"s attorney discusses next Thursday's appeal before the Ninth Circuit of Appeals.

Kari Lake’s attorneys are in the Ninth Circuit of Appeals today in their lawsuit against the Arizona Secretary of State and the fraud-ridden voting machines in Arizona.

Kari Lake’s lawsuit against Katie Hobbs to prohibit the use of electronic voting machines in the 2022 Midterm Elections was dismissed last August by corrupt Obama Judge John Tuchi, alleging that Lake did not have the standing to bring the case.

Explosive findings by Kari Lake’s legal team, including that Maricopa County employees engaged in the secret and illegal reconfiguration and testing of voting machines and printers after they were certified and before the election.

On election day, 59% of the tabulators in deep red precincts were malfunctioning just as Stephen Richer and his fellow Democrats wanted them to. This illegal testing occurred with no documentation in violation of the Elections Procedures Manual and the law. It also occurred after the time limit for such testing.

Kari Lake tweeted,

In April 2022, I filed a case in federal court asking a judge to BLOCK the use of electronic tabulators in the election. The Obama-appointed judge dismissed it. On Election Day, 59% of those machines FAILED across Maricopa County. On Tuesday, 9/12 our appeal will be HEARD before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. The Election Day Sabotage in Maricopa County proved our case. Now, the voters of Arizona await justice from the courts.

From The Gateway Pundit

This caused Election Day tabulators to reject nearly 1/4 million vote attempts on election day, according to the tabulator system log files. This contradicts Maricopa County’s claim that less than 18,000 ballots were affected by machine failures at just 60% of vote centers. “Tabulators failed at 235 times the Election Assistance Commission’s regulated failure rates,” said We The People Arizona Alliance’s Shelby Busch in an Arizona Senate presentation where she exposed the massive 2022 voter fraud. 

It is impossible to know how many votes were truly affected by the fraud on election day.

When The Gateway Pundit correspondent attempted to question then-Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, responsible for machine logic and accuracy testing in the 2022 election, about these issues, he was hit with a “Give it a f*cking rest, Jordan!” from the illegitimate Arizona Governor.

The Gateway Pundit reported just before Kari Lake’s historic trial in December that corrupt Obama Judge John Tuchi in Arizona ruled in favor of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors and sanctioned Kari Lake and Mark Finchem for exercising their right to petition Maricopa County’s procedures before the election. Tuchi waited four months after the dismissing the case, until after the General Election was stolen, to do this. It appears this was an intentional move to discredit Lake and her attorneys before they filed a lawsuit against the stolen election.

Obama Judge John Tuchi is the same judge who ruled that the Maricopa County Supervisors were allowed to discriminate against Jordan Conradson because he was exposing what happened in the county during recent elections. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals overrode the violation of Conradon’s right to free speech.

Lake shared the clip, commenting:

“Evidence shows the Election Day printer “failures” were caused by malware or by remote access. This created chaos where over 200,000 ballots were ejected out of 248,000 votes cast. The media has RUSHED to the defense of Maricopa County. There’s NO defending the fraud.”


  • Steven Ahle

    My investigation into a DHS program that instructed law enforcement to treat Christians as terrorists won me the 2014 CJN Journalist of the Year award. Here is a video of Glenn Beck reading my article on his program: I am a troll bridge. You can cross me, but you will pay a price.

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    • Carl Mac says:

      This coming 2024 election the true patriots should all be watching every polling place and keep watch after the polls close in the last election trucks loaded with illegal ballots arrived and delivered to the polling places where employees inside the polling places fed those ballots to the voting machines, security closed circuit cameras filmed these trucks news stations even showed this. We need to watch for these trucks and detain them and call federal police and have them arrested and the workers inside also arrested WE CANNOT ALLOW A REPEAT OF THE 2020 ELECTION FRAUD EVER AGAIN.

  2. tom says:

    Tuchi, is not a judge, a corrupt lawyer living off taxpayer’s money.. As Mike Lindell calls them “ambulance chaser”.

  3. bob says:

    Tuchi is nothing but a inbred , knee pad wearing , jism swallowing , asswipe liberal puppet !!! Interesting though ,,,, whenever there is a malfunction with voting machines at election time ,,,, it ALWAYS favors the democrats !!!

  4. earl says:

    never seen a more crooked state then Arizona ran by crooked democrats every where you turn democrats have control just like the mob that have control of the drugs the big man is there leader he stands at the top and lies threw his teeth these judges are on the take be leave me maybe not in green backs but donations we finally get some one with pride for her state Kari and they want to hang her GOD BLESS HER she is one stuff cookie

    • Bruno says:

      I hate to break it to you, but AZ is no more crooked than 30%+ of the states in this country. I guarantee you that IL, GA, PA, NY, NJ, CA, MI, WI, HI, WA and OR to name a few are as bad or worse.

      • jboo7 says:

        Thank you, Bruno – you open the “can of worms” even wider.

  5. Russ says:

    Fraud and corruption will continue until the citizens of this country decide to eliminate the democrats and RINOS. Need to put them out to pasture. Confiscate all their assets to start paying back the coffers they have been raiding be it government or private funds. The Democrat/socialists party in California needs shut down…..

    • John F Edwards says:

      Absolutely true Russ. The Demon-O-Crat party is just that completely self-serving and totally corrupt.

    • John says:

      excellent comment wish everyone would read it.

  6. David Barron says:

    All part of a Democratic conspiracy to take full control of government and squash any questions. Hobbs is a fraudulant govenor and kmows it.

  7. Kam says:

    I watched this live broadcast. The judges did more talking on the attorneys time click then the attorneys. You can tell their bias up front! Nothing but a denial will come of this. Mark my word!!! It was a joke to listen to. They still denied the election equipment was connected. They denied anyone could hack it. They eliminated all proof of validity of claim by stating those cases simply gave the ability to bring before the court, not that they were precident

  8. Carolinadog says:

    Just a reminder that the “our democracy” democrat party of today is the spawn of the DSA, democrat socialists of America created with the help of Nancy Pelosi and Bernie Sanders. It is communist through and through.

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