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Kurt Olsen, Attorney for Kari Lake: “We Are Confident About Our Lawsuit”

Kari Lake DESTROYS Stephen Richer And Bill Gates’ Lies With Maricopa County Heat Map

Kari Lake reveals a new bombshell.

Kari Lake has made a new discovery in her case against Maricopa County. On Sunday she held a massive rally about the 2022 election. This is most extraordinary since the rally was at the same time as the Cincinnati-Kansas City playoff game to see who would go to the Super Bowl.

Her election was fraught with fraud. Over half of the tabulators in the county could not read the votes with over a quarter million vote rejections by the tabulators and tens of thousands of votes in which the signatures did not even come close to the ones on the registrations. B8ut, with all of the illegal voting in the county, I do not expect a single person to be sent to prison.

And remember, Scott Jarrett admitted that the bad settings for the ballots were programmed in on election day. That means it was intentional. 84% of the bad ballots were in deep red precincts. Voting in deep blue precincts was normal. No way was this by accident. Lake blasted RINOs Steve Richer and Bill Gates, both of whom should be locked up.

Count of Ballot-INSERT FAILURES in 30 Min Time Intervals Across ALL Voting Centers on Election Day: ~ 8,500 Ballots per Half Hour at 7 AM and 6 PM – Average = 7,000 every 30 Min

From The Gateway Pundit

Lake: These two men have the gall to say that was just a hiccup. That was a ‘hiccup.’ You waited for hours in line, and that was a ‘hiccup.’ You had to go to three or four vote locations, and that was a ‘hiccup.’ Your vote didn’t count, and that was just a little ‘hiccup.’ I’m sorry. That’s not just a hiccup. These clowns trampled on our sacred right to vote, and now we know that richer and gates lied and downplayed what happened on this day. This hiccup occurred in at least 59% of voting locations. I want to show you something really, really disgusting. You can actually take your phones out. This is interesting, guys. We had observers in MCTEC, and for some weird reason, they had this map on the wall. We thought, well, that’s interesting. This is the map, we were told, that shows the hotspots where all the Republicans vote. Why would they want that map on the wall? Why would it matter where Republicans vote? So you see the areas where it’s really heavily Republican in Maricopa County.

Now, I want to show you another map. This is an image showing all of the vote centers that were sabotaged on election day, okay? Do you see that? You’re going, what’s the difference in colors here? The white pins show areas that are just a complete and utter failure. For every single ballot that was tabulated, another ballot was spit out. That’s a wash, right? Every ballot that was tabulated, one got spit out. Those were the worst-case scenario. These other pins here are areas where the tabulators were spitting out ballots all day as well.

Now, put the two maps together:

Oh, now I’m starting to figure out why they needed that heat map. Isn’t that something? I’m sure it’s just a coincidence, guys, purely a coincidence. She said it’s BS. Republicans were targeted on election day in Maricopa County. It was so bad; you’ve heard President Trump tell this story. I didn’t even vote at my normal voting location because we knew that the tabulators were misreading. So, I told my team, hey, look, I didn’t have four hours to wait in line on election day. I had a lot of stuff I needed to do out there. I said, let’s find the most Democrat voting center in the most Democrat part of town, and I don’t care how long it takes, let’s get me there. We drove 20 minutes across town, and we had no line, no wait. They said the machines were working fine, tabulators were working. We were in and out in 15 to 20 minutes. That’s right. You’d think there would be one reporter back there who would care to cover that story. That’s a pretty big story, right? Why don’t you guys cover this? That’s my question, why? Fake news. The media is working against us, and it’s sad. It’s not that they’re just working against us. They’re working against our country.

Richer and Gates intentionally printed the wrong image on the ballot on election day so that those ballots would intentionally be spit out of the tabulators, and then, they lied and said the problem was fixed early in the day. Who remembers when they said that? Right? ‘Oh, no, wait, we fixed it. We got it fixed.’ Well, these guys are really, really terrible at running elections, but I found out they’re really good at lying. Let me show you why. This just came out. We recently got a hold of system logs from election day, and what we found was truly shocking. And maybe you’ve seen this already. This is actually raw data, and by the way, data doesn’t lie. Data is not Republican or Democrat. Data is not political. This is just raw data from the system logs that show that this issue persisted all day long, from the second the polls opened, until the second the polls closed. I want you to take a look here and remember Stephen Richer and Bill Gates. They said that these were not widespread problems, but we know there were problems at 60% of voting centers. They said it was all fixed by mid-morning. This shows you it wasn’t. Look at this. The minute the polls opened, right away, 8,500 ballots per half an hour were being split out of tabulator centers, and that continued all day long. It never got better. It never got better. We did the average on this. On average, every single 30 minutes, from 6 pm to 8 pm, for 14 hours, every half an hour, at least 7,000 ballots were being rejected by Republican voters primarily. And it’s crickets back there in the media. It’s crickets back there. So I want to put this into words that the media will understand. This was a coordinated assault on our democracy.


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