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Kurt Olsen, Attorney for Kari Lake: “We Are Confident About Our Lawsuit”

Kari Lake Files a Lawsuit Against Maricopa County Alleging 10 Different Violations of Arizona Law

Kari Lake files an appeal of Judge Thompson's rulings.

Kari Lake has taken the next step in her lawsuit over the intentional acts by Maricopa County that suppressed the vote on election day in which Republican voters outnumbered Democratic voters by 3 to 1. And yet somehow, Katie Hobbs got 50% of the election day votes. Anyone who believes that will also believe that Joe Biden got 81 million votes. Hobbs is scheduled to be sworn in this coming week. However, if Lake wins her suit, she could replace Hobbs as soon as the count is finalized if she wins.

Judge Peter Thompson dismissed the lawsuit last Saturday, Christmas Eve, despite overwhelming evidence of fraud as far as the chain of custody documents and the voting machines that were tampered with on election day. In her new suit, Lake has added the other 8 complaints she had filed previously that the corrupt judge tossed before the hearing. If we don’t get justice this year, our voting in the forthcoming elections will be a waste of time because they will have no fear of being caught.

From The Gateway Pundit

The Gateway Pundit reported on the explosive findings during Lake’s trial.

On Election Day in Maricopa County, over 50% of tabulators and printers failed the moment that polls opened, causing voters to be turned away from the polls and creating long wait times of four hours or more. This was caused by a printer setting that was changed on election day, which printed 19-inch ballot images on 20-inch ballot paper.

According to cybersecurity expert Clay Parikh’s testimony, this was an intentional act aimed at disenfranchising Republican voters who turned out 3:1 for Trump-Endorsed candidates.

Maricopa County Elections Director Scott Jarrett testified at least four times on Day one of the trial that 19-inch ballot images were not printed onto 20-inch ballot papers, and he had “no knowledge” of this occurring.

The next day, Jarrett changed his testimony to state that he learned of a fit-to-paper issue “a few days after Election Day” that printed “a slightly smaller image of a 20-inch image on a 20-inch paper ballot.”

The petition states:

“Jarrett testified that Maricopa’s tabulators were configured to only read a 20 inch ballot image in the 2022 general election. Appx:148-51 (id., 51:13- 54:1-8). Any other sized ballot image could not be read by a tabulator and would be rejected. Appx:152 (id., 55:2-10). Jarrett testified at least four times that he did not know of, nor did he hear of, a 19 inch ballot image projected onto 20 inch paper in the 2022 general election.”

“The trial court held that Plaintiff’s witness, Heather Honey, who testified for Plaintiff regarding Maricopa’s ballot CoC failures, ‘admit[ted] that Defendants did in fact generate the documents they were required to, and otherwise affirms the County’s compliance with election processes.’ December 24, 2022 Ruling at 5-6. Honey did no such thing. Further, the trial court ignored the admissions by Maricopa officials discussed in Statement of Facts, Section C, showing they clearly violated Arizona CoC laws set forth the EPM and A.R.S. §16-621(E). Honey never admitted that Maricopa officials generated required CoC documents for EDDB ballots delivered on Election Day. In fact, she testified Maricopa did not produce these forms (“Delivery Receipts”) for the nearly 300,000 EDDB ballots.” 

“Richer’s failure to maintain CoC makes it impossible to know how many ballots were injected into the system. Recorder Richer testified that on Election Day, EDDB ballots are not counted at MCTEC, and instead are counted at Runbeck because there are too many ballots. Appx:116 (Tr., 19:14-21) (Richer); Appx:569 (Tr., 168:2-11) (Valenzuela) (testifying EDDB ballots are counted at Runbeck, not MCTEC). Richer’s testimony is also consistent with the observations of a Republican observer at MCTEC who testified that on Election Day bins of ballots were delivered to MCTEC, ballots were separated from the bins and were not counted. Appx:72-73 (White Declaration, ¶¶12-21).”

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    • SpaceWeasel says:

      When you need to crap, use the bathroom. Don’t come here.

  2. Tarheel says:

    Evan if the evidence shows there was no intentional malice, just the incredible screw-ups alone should dictate a new election. However it is quite hard to believe that much of what Lake’s suit involved wasn’t intentional.

    • RockyMtn 1776 says:

      Lake may as well give it up. Like Trump she is fighting against a stacked deck, they are never going to let her win. My guess is she will try again in a different elected position. I wish her luck; she would do well in any position.

  3. Beabet says:

    Voters fraud at its finest. Democrats will have the right to change the laws now. On how we vote. And it’s already being done with the passing of the 2 trillion bill that Biden just signed into law on his vacation. Thanks to the people who did not read the bill on both sides of the isle.

    • ZedM73 says:

      The POS bill was 4,155 pages, handed down at the last possible moment. No one could have read it in time. Same old Pelosi playbook.

  4. If the bill couldn’t have been read and comprehended in time for the vote all parties should have voted NO!

  5. Nicholas says:

    WILL De,s get away with yet another steal?

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