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Kevin McCarthy is in Danger of Losing the Speakership

Kevin McCarthy is in Danger of Losing the Speakership

McCarthy could lose his job very soon.

Kevin McCarthy has a full plate in September. Not only does he need a budget agreement by September 30th, but he needs to find a way to keep his job and that won’t be easy.

It only takes one member to call for a vote and it would require a small number of Republicans to deny him the continued use of the House gavel. Like his predecessors, Paul Ryan and John Boehner,

Republicans are mad at the way he supports the Democrats, which at this point is his opposition to impeaching Joe Biden. The reason the Democrats always seem to win is because they remain in lock-step with each other while the GOP is laden with RINOs, who you could mug by first-class mail.

Despite the many reasons that Biden needs to be impeached, McCarthy has maintained a position against it. While they will never get enough votes in the Senate to remove him, the spectacle of the hearing on television will turn an undetermined number of voters against Biden.

With mounting evidence showing that Joe Biden was involved in Hunter Biden’s business dealings, GOP natives are getting restless. They want action now and not later. He will also have problems passing a continuing resolution to keep the government open after the September 30th deadline.

Some Republicans say they will refuse to pass any budget unless there is more money for border security. McCarthy either needs to address impeachment and border security and that leaves him with two options. He can call for immediate impeachment investigation and money for real border security and not for more taxpayer funds going to illegal aliens. Or he can learn to drive an eighteen-wheeler.

From Red State

But now there are rumblings that a motion to vacate may be in the works for McCarthy. Only one member of Congress is needed to call a motion to vacate, and it would only take a handful of Republicans to vote with Democrats to make that happen. Rep. Tim Burchett (R-TN) supported McCarthy in his bid for the Speakership but said what many members may be thinking. “I think it’s [motion to vacate] in the back of everybody’s mind … If somebody brings that it wouldn’t take much. You know, it just takes a couple of votes.”

Many members whose votes McCarthy had to win over to become Speaker are eager to begin an impeachment inquiry and see McCarthy as being reluctant to do so. Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) was one of those members. During a recent appearance on The Todd Starnes Show, Gaetz seemed to say that if McCarthy was an obstacle to any impeachment inquiry vote, his job may be in jeopardy.

“When we get back to Washington in the coming weeks, we have got to seize the initiative. That means forcing votes on impeachment. And if Kevin McCarthy stands in our way, you may not have the job long.”

Others are playing hardball as well. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is basing any “yes” vote on a continuing resolution on an impeachment inquiry being opened. Moderate Republicans like Rep. Don Bacon (R-NE) say they have not seen enough “concrete evidence” for an impeachment inquiry. While the pressure is on McCarthy, and the ultimate decision to go ahead with an impeachment inquiry is up to him, as my colleague Nick Arama reported today, House Oversight Committee Chair Rep. James Comer (R-KY) told Newsmax: “I do believe that we have the votes for an impeachment inquiry.” 



  • Steven Ahle

    My investigation into a DHS program that instructed law enforcement to treat Christians as terrorists won me the 2014 CJN Journalist of the Year award. Here is a video of Glenn Beck reading my article on his program: I am a troll bridge. You can cross me, but you will pay a price.

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Comments 18

  1. I never had much faith in McCarthy. We need a STRONG Speaker of the House, somebody like Comer or Jim Jordan!

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    • Born Again says:

      I NEVER trusted McCarthy, he’s a half step from a RINO!! Yes, we do need a strong speaker like Comer or Jordan or Gaetz.

  2. DEBORAH says:


  3. Budman says:

    McCarthy needs to grow a set!

  4. Stephen Russell says:

    Get some New Blood

  5. DonRS says:

    It is sad to watch Speaker McCarthy demonstrate he is ALL TALK and NO ACTION. Republicans MUST ACT. The purpose of voters when electing a Republican House majority was NOT to DO NOTHING, but that’s exactly what we’ve gotten, NOTHING!

  6. CharlieSeattle says:

    I see a lot of Kabuki Theater from the GOP House to Impeach Biden BEFORE the 2024 election? Necessary?? Yes, but not a smart move now.

    The DNC controlled Senate will obviously vote against the House GOP Impeachment action. Biden and even Mayorkas and Garland would survive. 

    McCarthy and the rest know this and use this ploy to pimp for donations! Remember the GOP is hot and heavy for legislation action when they KNOW it will not pass the Senate.

    It’s a fact that the DNC election fraud apparatus is still intact for 2024. However, many Democrats and fewer Republicans are up for US Senate re-election in 2024. Of the 33 Senate seats up for election next term, 23 are held by Democrats.

    Even allowing for Biden winning again (with election fraud), the GOP could flip the Senate and providing they hold onto the House could easily impeach Biden in early 2025.

    Waiting 2 more years for that more favorable period is galling to me and all MAGA patriots.
    The amount of damage Biden, complicit RINO’s like McConnell and Democrats …can do, …AND WILL DO till then is scary!

    So How? The only way I see to remove Biden and the Deep State now is sadly illegal, even if necessary! Remember, communists once voted into power have …NEVER … I REPEAT! …NEVER been voted out of power in a fair election.

  7. Ronald Szczotka says:

    He is an idiot.All talk and nothing gets done.Time to get rid of that MORON!!!!! ASAP!!!!!!

  8. Tangocharlie says:

    The Rinos kept the 3 big macs in. So there are going to be problems going forward. Have you seen any positive action from big mac #3, Rona McDaniel. There is no positive push to make sure the 2024 elections are not stolen. Rinos in Georgia, Arizona, Michigan are supposedly in control of the legislatures, but nothing gets fixed. Just the same old Horse crap. Spineless cowardly undercover traitors.

  9. Lawrence M says:

    We’re not getting actual Genuine Patriot American Hero Leaders anymore, say like they did in the Great Generations Golden Years and previous generations; now they’re all prefab and basically installed puppets for “that man behind the curtain” as the adage goes from the classic Wizard flick; or in other words regulated by the Deep State Machine in the land of Oz! Yea I’d say we are pretty well screwed!

    Which definitely proves my point precisely! So flunky hacks with zero integrity and virtue abound! Then came the Muslim Bathhouse Barry and that says it all as to how bad things were and are getting! The truly immoral and most deviant will rule before the end!
    Look at the rise and fall of the Roman Empire and then the Third Reich, and you get my point I’m sure!

    “Reigns and Power,” who actually holds them and we know it isn’t these deluded despotic dried out husks of what may have once been a human being, but rather is so far removed from such now, having drank the elixir of false power and provided that false sense of importance fed to them daily that they lusted for, as their strings were pulled this way and that!
    Where do you suppose that adage came from that says; “some people will sell their souls to the Devil for fame and fortune!”

    But then replaced with what or whom? Are we to think that many wonderful replacements are waiting in the wings within this current decaying and wicked system? Or that those really in charge will allow that! Actually take a hard look at what we have in the top executive positions ATM! How can that be, just a failed election? Coincidence? A silly mistake?

    We all need to pray and ask God to step in sooner rather than later, because this is getting really bad really fast!

    But it’s all been foretold so we should know where to put our trust, and it’s certainly not in other people that prove time and again; they’re so damned flawed! Especially nowadays!

    You do see what I’m spelling out here of course! It goes much deeper than that and the decay is rampant and in all corners; as the generation of “gimme and mostly takers” that have lost any sense of “genuine morality” infest the nation on all levels, and especially the “lackluster coming-up ones!”

    How do you change this paradigm when it’s so out of whack and took many decades to get this far astray? To where our greatest foreign adversaries or enemies like China’s CCP now have a stake in the operation “internally!”

    Not happening; at least not while “the rules are being made and enforced by cheats and criminals,” for a society that is “used to being led around by their noses!”

    Look at the nations of Central and South America and you can see many examples of what I’m spelling out here! And look how gleefully the Biden Administration with China rooting it on just keeps packing in those lost masses from those locales through our Southern Border!

  10. Beartrap says:

    I get that all of you are all fed up with Kevin. I ask you all this: Would you really allow that puta Kamala Harris to ascend to the presidency? Get a grip! Let’s get Trump re-elected. Do not take your eyes or brains off of the prize.

  11. Rick says:

    The democrats have proved that a manufactured lie by the dnc can get a president impeached. So, why is there not enough evidence to impeach biden? Biden has failed his oath of office with the boarder tragedy, he has on the record committed extortion in regards to the Ukrainian prosecutor (which would have implicated the bidens in illegal activity) and not to mention the crimes found on the laptop! McCarthy is a democrat hack and needs to go! Screw the decorum, our constitutional republic is at risk.

  12. jerry1944 says:

    The way he got outwitted on that budget deal should tell the ep just how swift he really is .He is a rino not to be trusted That is the type the Rep pick for there leaders it seems Lauren Boebert and those that tried to do right didnt do that for no reason I was surprised to see MTG get fooled that easy with him But old mitch has always been a dem at heart and so was ryan That is how we have obambo care and maccarty will be the same

  13. Bob Marks says:

    Instead of impeachment go after Biden for legal issues against the constitution. Show the Democrats how actually Biden is so corrupt!!

  14. VinnieA says:

    If you did not KNOW IT, WE are in a WAR to save the Soul of America from Our Arch Enemy, the Democrat Party! The Democrat Party are like RATS who follow the Evil Pied Pipers that lead them no matter where! There can be No Room for WISHY WASHY RINOS in this WAR…..Period!

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