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Leading Republicans Call for the Ouster of RINO Head of the RNC

Leading Republicans Call for the Ouster of RINO Head of the RNC

Top Republicans agree, Ronna McDaniel must go.
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Ronna McDaniel is just as worthless as her Uncle Mitt Romney is. Since she has been the lead person for the Republican Party, the only real success the party has had was Trump’s election as president in 2016.

McDaniel took over in 2017 and everything has gone downhill ever since. This figures because like her dear old uncle she is a RINO who hates a real Republican. She has now officiated over failed elections in 2018, 2020, 2022, and 2023.

She even managed to lose ground in solid red states in 2023 of Ohio and Kentucky. Wednesday night she staged a debate on NBC, a news outlet that daily smears and lies about Republicans.

You don’t have to be a total idiot to do that, but as McDaniel proves, it doesn’t hurt. With all of the conservatives outlets out there, she had to schedule with NBC?

Some people say she does not have the brains that God gave a rock, but I disagree, that is exactly the brain she has.

Ronna McDaniel has not had a really successful election at any time during her tenure, including 2022, that should have been a red wave year, but wasn’t.

Prominent conservative voice Benn Johnson said:

“Republicans are sick of Ronna McDaniel using the same losing strategy for 6 years in a row. If Ronna won’t resign, she needs to be removed.”

Investigative reporter John Solomon agrees with Benny Johnson and he appeared with Steve Bannon to discuss the matter. Solomon laid out the winning strategy that consists of candidates, messaging, money, and voter turnout. Solomon contends that she has failed at all of these 9items.

Solomon said:

“You look at the data last night, they didn’t win on money. They didn’t win on messaging. They didn’t win on getting out the vote. Republicans keep giving Ronald McDaniel a promotion. They keep moving around. They keep hiring her for another season.”

“They keep keeping Ronald McDaniel despite all of the problems that are there. If you want to make a sudden change and get donors believing that maybe we can win in 2024, which is what Republicans are saying, you got to do something dramatic.”

Let’s face it, McDaniel is as worthless as a milk bucket under a bull.

From The Gateway Pundit

Solomon suggests that Trump, with his unrivaled influence within the party, must play the role of a decisive leader now more than ever.

Drawing an analogy to George Steinbrenner’s legendary ownership of the New York Yankees, Solomon calls for Trump to exercise his authority to usher in a new era for the GOP.

“Donald Trump has to make, I think, if he wants to win. All the people I’ve talked to in the last 12 hours, by the way, a lot of people saw this train wreck coming two days ago. They could see the early voting totals weren’t where they needed to be. They were worried about getting out the vote,” Solomon said.

“Donald Trump is without a doubt the effective leader of the Republican movement, the conservative movement. It’s his call. If he told her to step down, she’d step down. He’s got to be George Steinbrenner at this moment in history.”

“Now they lost another election. It’s Trump’s call. He’s clearly the head of the party right now with his polling data. If he wants a change, he makes a change. He has to be George Steinbrenner at this moment. And here’s something I think you got to look at. Republicans don’t have a deep bench. They have to find somebody who knows how to do this.”



  • Steven Ahle

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Comments 20

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  2. Stephen Russell says:

    Ronna is the RNC Estd only
    Lost past races didnt even some seats
    Dump Ronna

  3. Carolyn Kite says:

    It is long past the time Ronna should have gone. Boot her now.

  4. jerry1944 says:

    I cant see it being all romneys falt The RNC want rinos who are no better than a dem and supports the NWO type Who want a rino are NWO rep as there spokesman. I will never support the RNC myself

  5. SCPOUSNRetired says:

    Ronna is about as useful as her Uncle Romney. GET RID OF HER NOW.

  6. `Paul says:

    She needs to join her uncle and head on down the lost highway of the unemployed. She is just one step above Hunter and the family hook-up scam. Just another family RINO in the mix time to clean house.


    The base has been screaming it for years but the rinos refuse to listen so we must weed them all out whatever the expense….You can’t fix stupid,,,!!!

  8. RayH says:

    For the life of me I can’t understand how her salary has been increased to over $400,000 a year.

  9. bob says:

    Worthless Ronna McDaniel needs to be BOOTED to the curb !!!!! She is giving too much attention to 3 losing candidates and two RINOS [ Christie and Haley ] instead of pushing and backing President Trump !!!! Butt plug using , liberal knee pad wearing Mitt Romney hates Trump and his hate is rubbing off onto her . We sent the RNC a letter last month saying that we will NOT donate anymore UNTIL Ronna McDaniel is gone !!!!

  10. PatriotRWB says:

    Ronna is on her way out? One can only hope!

  11. PSD says:

    Wasn’t it Ronna who spent a fortune on herself. Did a whole makeover and new wardrobe on the RNC’s dime because she thought she had to look good to do her job. She may feel she looks better, that isn’t why she got the job, it wasn’t the responsibility of the RNC to make her look better, it was to get republicans elected and she hasn’t managed to accomplish that yet. Time for her to go and we need to get our money back from her makeover and wardrobe expenses. Whose employer pays for their employee’s makeovers and clothes? That only happens in Hollywood and she’s no actress.

  12. CharlieSeattle says:


  13. Randy says:

    Ronna should never have taken the role of RNC leader. She has led the RNC downhill. She should be ousted. She is no more than a RINO, just like Mitt. Hope neither one of them will be employed in the future.

  14. Cecelia Henderson says:

    I didn’t want her reelected the last time. Her record sucks and the Republicans are always out of money. Then there’s Mitch McConnell that takes his money to Alaska and buys Murkowski another 6 years, while opposing the Alaska Republicans that were endorsing her opposition. Mitch was building his little dynasty instead of supporting the States he serves. Ronna has had plenty of time to establish a solid winning plan, but it just hasn’t happened. If ever the Republican Party needs to win and SAVE AMERICA, it’s now. Time for Ronna to go.

  15. Carl says:

    She is the reason i will no longer send money! She needs to move along!

  16. Bruce Wakefield says:

    I speak for ROCKS all over the world, it is unfair, insulting, and disgusting to have ROCKS compared to the pea brain ronna mc-shit-for- brains!

  17. Tom says:

    Her backup, Hugh McKissick, could be the only person WORSE than Rona. Take it from a South Carolina conservative.

  18. Your logic discombobulates me …

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