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Leaked Documents Indicate over 300 Members of Oath Keepers May Be Current or Former DHS Employees

Leaked Documents Indicate over 300 Members of Oath Keepers May Be Current or Former DHS Employees

How many of the 300 are government plants?

Recently leaked documents prove that at least 300 members of the Oath Keepers are former employees of the DHS at one agency or another. It is not clear how many are legitimate, members and how many are government plants. A leaked list of Oath Keepers members was published on Tuesday on the Project on Government Oversight (POGO) website. It is unclear how Pogo got this document. The DHS employees include those who work for the Border Patrol, Coast Guard, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and the Secret Service.

Although it is unclear how many are government plants, It is likely to be a very significant number. Despite attacks from the Democrats, the Oath keepers are not a criminal organization. Legitimate members just want to continue their oath to protect this country and our constitution.

The Insider reported:

Launched in 2009, the Oath Keepers from the start tried to recruit from the military and law enforcement with an ostensible goal of upholding the US Constitution and having its members refuse unlawful orders, per the Southern Poverty Law Center, which labels it an “extremist” group. In practice, that has meant, as on January 6, rejecting the rule of law — court orders and democratic processes that thwart far-right policy goals — in favor of conspiracy theories and armed resistance.

More than a decade of recruitment has led the group to collect at least 306 members who have described themselves as “current or former employees of the Department of Homeland Security,” according to POGO, which reviewed the leaked membership documents from the group in partnership with the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project.

DHS agencies include US Customs and Immigration Services, the Transportation Security Administration, and the US Secret Service. Most of the self-described DHS employees asserted that they were retired, but at least one claimed to be an activity-duty Secret Service agent; another said they were a supervisor with Border Patrol, according to the documents reviewed by POGO.

Revolver did an investigation in which they were able to spot government plants within the Oath keepers.

From Revolver:

“Both the Pennsylvania Ave and the Constitution Ave exits from the Trump speech intersect at the exact Peace Monument barricade [were] targeted in advance by the Ray Epps Breach Team.

If any of the eight other walkway entrances into the Capitol grounds had been toppled instead, tens of thousands of marchers would have been met by police and metal barricades, instead of an open gate.

Without police present or “do not enter” signs prominently visible, people leaving Trump’s speech and arriving at the Capitol entrance would have no idea it was illegal to walk through the gate, or onto the lawn, or up to the Capitol steps. After all, this entire area is ordinarily open to the public.

Instead, they heard friendly music and saw the main walkway to the Capitol grounds wide open. These unwitting Trump supporters had no idea they had just crossed an invisible tripwire that would later subject them to federal prosecution for trespassing.”


We may soon learn the truth about January 6th.



  • Steven Ahle

    My investigation into a DHS program that instructed law enforcement to treat Christians as terrorists won me the 2014 CJN Journalist of the Year award. Here is a video of Glenn Beck reading my article on his program: I am a troll bridge. You can cross me, but you will pay a price.

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  1. DetroitDom says:

    Place a noose around the neck of Ray Epps and start asking him questions. Each time he replies with some BS answer, lower the floor another inch. Before long, we will have all the info we will nee.

    Then, seek out those Deep State scum and hang them. Those in DC will know who they are and what they did, without any public announcement.

    Just put a sign in front of those hanged that says “TREASON WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. WE ARE COMING AFTER THE REST.” Then watch how many politicians suddenly retire and head to far away lands.

    • Travis Russell says:

      Won’t work. Bring his grand daughter in then question him.

  2. The TRASH of the left orchestrated the whole Jan.6th debacle to try to destroy President Trump! NOW, we MAY see the underlying truth ! BUT you will NEVER see ANYONE paying for their crimes against America, because they have a “D” after their name !
    It is sad to say, but a lot of the so-called Republicans had a hand in it too, because President Trump was a threat to their power and “CASH-COW” ! The best that we can hope for is that a lot of the OLD swamp dwellers MIGHT lose their seats, and some younger PATRIOTS, MAY be elected with the SPINE to clean up the mess !!!!

  3. William G Munson says:

    Well they the Democrats are Corrupt and last Night Chuck Shuumer and Nancy was on CNN and they Nancy said she did not know why they waited so long to send in the National Guard What She and other Refuse Trump to send 10,000 in days before Period They continue to LIE & Cover up too

  4. nonstopca says:

    The TRUTH usually comes out….eventually… but by the time it does, nobody is interested.

  5. CountryBoy says:

    They left out the video of Epps helping to throw a BIG Sign at Capitol Police….

  6. Ray Epps will be ELIMINATED before he can EVER give any testimony about the Jan. 6th Clown Show !!!!!!! He will be KILLARIED like so many others !!!!

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