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Liberal News Outlets and The Squad lie Through Their Teeth Over Hospital Bombing

Liberal News Outlets and The Squad lie Through Their Teeth Over Hospital Bombing

Liberals spread false propaganda again accusing Israel of bombing a hospital.
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The Squad and liberal propaganda networks excoriated Israel’s hospital bombing. There are just a couple of problems with their narrative.

First of all, Israel did not fire the missile, Hamas did. Secondly, the missile missed the hospital and landed in the parking lot. Thirdly 500 people were not killed. No one was. But, other than that they had the story right. In my view, the Squad should all be kicked out of Congress, but that will never happen because Democrats hate the Jews too.

How do we know that Hamas fired the missile? Because US Intelligence used satellites to track the explosive and it was fired by the terrorists.

The Israelis have a recording of the jihadists admitting their launch missed Israel and hit the hospital parking lot. The fake news passed from a Palestinian propaganda site to the United States propaganda sites.

No effort was made to tell if the story was true. That’s what happens when actual reporting becomes extinct on liberal sites.

Adrienne Watson, a spokeswoman for the National Security Council said:

“While we continue to collect information, our current assessment, based on analysis of overhead imagery, intercepts and open-source information, is that Israel is not responsible for the explosion at the hospital in Gaza yesterday.” 

From The Daily Wire

Some of the legacy publications that promoted in headlines and on social media the lies from Hamas about the explosion included:

  • Bloomberg News: “Hundreds of Palestinians were killed in an Israeli airstrike that hit a Gaza City hospital, according to officials in the territory, in what would make it the deadliest bombing since Oct. 7.”
  • The Associated Press: “BREAKING: The Gaza Health Ministry says at least 500 people killed in an explosion at a hospital that it says was caused by an Israeli airstrike.”
  • CNN: “Hundreds killed in Israeli strike on Gaza hospital, Palestinian officials say.”
  • Reuters: “Hundreds killed in Israeli air strike on Gaza hospital – health authorities.”
  • BBC News: “Hundreds of people have been killed in an Israeli strike on a hospital in Gaza, according to Palestinian officials.”
  • The New York Times: “Israeli Strike Kills Hundreds in Hospital, Palestinians Say.”
  • The Wall Street Journal: “Israeli Airstrike on Gaza Hospital Kills More Than 500, Palestinian Officials Say.”

On top of that The New York Times and CNN displayed pictures showing the hospital completely destroyed.

Footage from ground level showed that none of the buildings were destroyed and that there were no impact craters from an aerial bomb.

From The Daily Wire

Some Democrats who have an extensive history of anti-Semitism also promoted the false claims.

“Israel just bombed the Baptist Hospital killing 500 Palestinians (doctors, children, patients) just like that,” Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) posted on social media. “@POTUS this is what happens when you refuse to facilitate a ceasefire & help de-escalate. Your war and destruction only approach has opened my eyes and many Palestinian Americans and Muslims (sic) Americans like me. We will remember where you stood.”

Rashida Tlaib is an unapologetic liar. Yesterday she posted a picture of dead babies she claimed Israel killed but was actually pictures of babies killed by Tlaib’s side in Syria. No one that hates America should be in congress.

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) also parroted the false claims to millions of her followers on X:

“Bombing a hospital is among the gravest of war crimes. The IDF reportedly blowing up one of the few places the injured and wounded can seek medical treatment and shelter during a war is horrific. @POTUS needs to push for an immediate ceasefire to end this slaughter.”



  • Steven Ahle

    My investigation into a DHS program that instructed law enforcement to treat Christians as terrorists won me the 2014 CJN Journalist of the Year award. Here is a video of Glenn Beck reading my article on his program: I am a troll bridge. You can cross me, but you will pay a price.

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  2. Lawrence M says:

    As I just pointed out in reference to one of the Squad members elsewhere on this site, specific Constitutional Law does apply here to all involved; so basically the entire Squad!
    Under Constitutional Law in which their actions do not fall under any “such colors of law for Patriotism” such as the J6 voters did and who were perfectly within their rights to speak up; but here in this case the Squads actions and speech, instead fall under the law “18 U.S. Code Chapter 115 – TREASON, SEDITION, AND SUBVERSIVE ACTIVITIES,” which does apply to in this case where they have no legal leg to stand on to carry on in such a manner! They should be arrested immediately!

    • Ben Richards says:


    • amor says:

      I Totally AGREE LAWRENCE! The Squad is simply part of a Terrorist cell in our country.! Can NOT be in CONGRESS! EXPEL THEM NOW!

      • Lawrence M says:

        amor; affirmative! There’s a high probability or likelihood of that being the case and at the very least I’m certain these traitors have and will pass sensitive information to hostiles to “aid and abet” regardless of what the CIA, DHS and FBI say, these are enemy operatives to one degree or another; they absolutely aren’t dedicated God fearing and devoted Patriot Americans! Same malarkey being passed off as say for example, the Antifa radicals which were even declared to be Domestic Terrorists back when Trump was President, and it was Bill Barr himself who said that the DHS declared them as being such; so what the hell is the Squad doing in our government with “security clearances?” Is this some of that Obama era “tolerance and diversity” garbage?

    • T-200q says:

      How many Democrat AGs will it take to start arresting and indicting the treasonous, seditious, and subverting enemies of the USA, comprising the 5-th column in our Government?

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  4. FK THE SQUAT and FK HAJI !! says:

    Deport the Squat to Jordan !!

    • Lawrence M says:

      That is where they truly belong among their own ilk; not here in our America which a Constitutional Republic under God! That is if we can repair and keep it!

  5. Grizz Mann says:

    Hate, Inappropriate sexual relationship, Deceiving, Obfuscating, attacking women, Jews, Muslims, Asian-Americans and African Americans, Prevaricators, Racism, Lying, Ignorance, Bribery, Hypocrisy, Antisemitism, misleading, Communists, all Democrat résumé enhancements.

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