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Maher Mocks The ‘Woke World’, Blasts Liberals For Ruining James Bond Film

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In an hour-long podcase Latenight host Bill Maher took yet another swing at the ‘woke’ liberals for ruining everything. Maher slammed libs by pointing out that even James Bond movies are now “p**sified.”

Maher, who remains a moderate Democrat, has continued to excoriate woke politics in his comedy, lamenting even Bond has now gone woke.

“This was back in the day when James Bond was allowed to, like, f*ck hot chicks,” Maher told Hannah Stocking on last week’s “Club Random Podcast,” adding woke movie makers have really “p*ssified him.

“I have a science background, so I guess that’s, you know, a good component of my parents,” Stocking explained.

“You’re the hot scientist, Maher said of the young blonde host. “You’re like Dr. Christmas in the embassy, the James Bond movie”

“It was a movie,” Maher schooled his much younger host. “It was a James Bond movie. You know, it’s one of these, she was one. And this was back in the day when James Bond was allowed to like, like, fuck hot chicks. You know, now they can really, pussified him. On this one. It’s so it’s so pathetic. He literally takes his girlfriend and her daughter on his mission to save the world. He practically stops off at Target to buy tampons on the way to the underground lair.”

Maher was referencing the 1999 Bond film “The World Is Not Enough,” comparing Stocking to the attractive Dr. Christmas Jones played by Denise Richards, but lamenting the 2021 “No Time to Die” was made in a woke world.

Yes, it’s because that’s what this is. The woke world we live in. But back in that day, Dr. Christmas and Denise Richards were hotter than the sun, and still is.

And but also a brilliant scientist. Which is just like, you looked at her and went, That’s not really possible.

But yeah, like, I’ll go with, you know, a brilliant scientist,” Maher added.


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