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Maricopa County Lost 291,930 Election Day Votes

Maricopa County Lost 291,930 Election Day Votes

Maricopa officials need to answer for almost 300,000 missing votes.

There is no end to the corruption that exists in Maricopa County and if Abe Hamadeh becomes the Attorney General, we might just see some familiar faces at the defense table. Better yet, we could see them in orange jumpsuits for a few years. The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors has a lot of questions to answer like where did 291,930 votes go? We don’t need to do anything except use the numbers turned in for the election.

This is how many votes the Maricopa officials say were cast on election day:

They say there were over 540k votes cast. But, what were the final tallies for the county, according to Maricopa officials?:

Where did all the votes go? My guess is that they ended up shredded in some landfill. But, I could be wrong and they burned them. But, unless there is an activist judge waiting to hear the case, there might be some questions for the Maricopa supervisors that they just can’t answer.

There is an easy answer to where some of the votes went. Voters checked in to vote but were unable to. They were told that they could vote in another precinct, which was not entirely a lie except for the fact that the county “forgot” to tell them they had to check out first and so they were unable to vote but their names still appear on the sign in sheets.

At 8:00 PM on election night, UpLift made its final report and according to that of the people who showed up on election day only 16.6% were Democrats. 52.7% were Republicans and 30.7% were independents.

Maricopa County turnout numbers on Election Day at 8:00 PM:

Republicans received 52.7% of the vote.
“Other” received 30.7% of the vote.
Democrats received 16.6% of the vote.

Now, here’s the thing. Katie Hobbs allegedly got about 50% of all the election day votes. If that were really true, she would have had to win every Democratic vote, every independent vote, and some Republican votes. I put that in the same realm of possibility as Joe Biden getting 81 million votes. And remember the independents weighed heavily in all of the polling.

Here is the Independent numbers for the Senate race:

Party ID

1,328 total respondents







Kelly 97% 9% 55%
Masters 2% 89% 39%

Updated 2:18 p.m. ET, Nov. 9

Independents voted 39% for the Republicans, but Hobbs got 100%? Oh please. And Lake was much more popular than Masters was, so her share of independent voters would have to be larger.

Michelle Althum(sp): “With everything you’re hearing at the testimony, I know what I’m saying is probably just going to be dropped into bin #3. This election report is going right into bin #3. We are living in perilous times. This is a battle of good and evil. You can sit as lords over us. And I hope that anybody who’s running for a position in politics would get it through their heads that when they are elected they are not gods over us. They are elected as servants to us, We the People. And there will come a day when you sit before a higher judge. And you will be held accountable for your role in what’s been going on for the deception and mocking God with calling evil, good and good, evil.”




  • Steven Ahle

    My investigation into a DHS program that instructed law enforcement to treat Christians as terrorists won me the 2014 CJN Journalist of the Year award. Here is a video of Glenn Beck reading my article on his program: I am a troll bridge. You can cross me, but you will pay a price.

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Comments 43

  1. THOMAS says:

    Something has a putrid order in Maricopa County and it is not road kill ! When those that are in charge of running Elections do not give a damn or are reeking of Criminal intent to FRAUD the Citizenry SCAM people that want Honest Elections end up getting SCREWED ! I believe that quite a few should be arrested, tried for either FRAUD or Negligence, then sent to Prison for no less than 20 years with out the possibility of Pardon or Early release !
    The Board of Supervisors Stink to High Heaven !

    • Goodforall says:

      Agreed 100%!!

    • C.P. Orson says:

      What should have happened was citizens who know the truth , tell the board during their speaking chance “All of you are fired” then simply remove them from the room. There is enough police/armed citizens/honest county officials who could detain those on the corrupt board until a judge and jury convict them of fraud.
      There’s always a way to get someone to talk, it’s up to the people in the county to organize and use more “effective” ways of ending corruption.

      • John Jacob-Jingleheimer-Schmidt says:

        Reality says that wouldn’t work – laws and rules and procedures are in place to effect change. You have to follow them – just as THEY are supposed to.

        • BBruno says:

          Except that when the entire system is corrupt, when the courts do nothing, when “inside” people can blatantly disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of people in a single state, rub their noses in it and STILL nothing happens, “alternative” methods become necessary. Advising Americans to continue availing themselves of a system that has been THOROUGHLY captured by sinister forces, sounds akin to a democratic suicide pact. As the old saying goes, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome”.

    • G.W. says:

      I Agree !

    • Rrose says:

      So tired of this mess , how do they get away with this ,,, we let Them …

    • Ronald Gunn says:

      All we have to do instead of complaiming about it is fine some B**LS and do some thing about it. They,democrats, couldn’t care less how much we complain because they know we do not have the gutts to do anything about them!

    • majorbud says:

      Agree completely!!

  2. Robert says:

    If left the way it is in Arizona, I will be moving approximately 11 million $’s worth of chip manufacturing away from the state. This is obviously cheating on a capital scale, I won’t do business with people like that.

    • Leanna says:

      Please do it. The blatant cheating going on now is incredible. Absolutely arrogant, in your face cheating. And not a thing being done about it. This country is doomed if this continues.

    • John Jacob-Jingleheimer-Schmidt says:

      I think this is pretty easy to understand in terms of WHAT happened…- the voting machines were obviously not working correctly to be able to scan the votes cast – however they are all most likely configured the same way regardless of county to scan the voter “id” barcode at the top of the page. This is a generic” area on the ballot and the barcode is unique on each page and gets counted once and will not be counted if it is already in the system. So a bad scan of the actual votes means the machine picks up your ID and counts it BUT is unable to “tally” your votes. The form is different in every county as the positions/people up for election differ so the layout of the “election choices” will differ from county to county/precinct to precinct. If the configuration is incorrect that tells the machine where on the ballot each choice (person/referendum choice) is located then the machine will fail in tallying them as they use what is called OCR scanning – meaning Optical Character Recognition technology which is basically coordinate dependent (x,y location on the scanned page). A machine in one area has different settings – but the question is WHO CHANGED THE SETTINGS on the machines that previously worked in early voting in Maricopa County so that they wouldn’t work ON ELECTION DAY? The 291thousand missing votes are probably those scanned ballots where the ID WAS scanned and counted but the actual votes were not – and in a county OVERWHELMINGLY Republican it’s not hard to see who that benefits if it gets it wrong or registers NO VOTE!!! Not rocket science people! I do not live there but this I was a poll watcher in NC the previous 2 elections and work in IT and this is pretty basic stuff…

  3. Karen Bracken says:

    Nothing will happen to these criminals. They stole another election and that is what they were paid to do.

  4. Jim Blackwell says:

    There has to be some solution to all the voting irregularities in our country today, the question is what is that solution? It seems to me that our elected officials are more concerned about getting their candidates elected than honoring the desires of the People doing the voting. Until there are mandatory and meaningful prison terms for anyone caught attempting in any manner to change votes add fraudulent votes or prevent the delivery of the actual votes nothing will ever change. I believe the majority of the American people now have little faith in our electoral systems in our Country the way our current system is being conducted. I may not like the results but every vote must be counted and the people must have faith in our voting system.

    • Rrose says:

      so disgusted with all of it … its rigged from start to finish .

    • GenEarly says:

      I have posted that CW’s are messy affairs and if possible should be avoided in favor of using the system of goverance currently in place. While the US Constitution as written, certainly without the 17th Amendment and the creation of the Feral Reserve Bank & IRS, would be a “Workable” system; I’ve come to the conclusion that “that system” of a Republic is never coming back via voting in this current system.
      All the Best, the Storm is just beginning to break upon us, cya.

  5. Goodforall says:

    Reminds me of the “in your face” in the 2020 election when they stopped counting votes and the tide miraculously tuned in favor of Biden to the tune of several million votes! So obvious that the dems cant win an honest election. This has got to stop now!!!

  6. Stealth says:

    It doesn’t matter… The MEDIA controls 98% of every informational output, ( radio, TV,internet etc ) so they quash the truth or LIE so NOTHING will come of this..

  7. Bill the fish says:

    We need to do what is happening in Brazil. Let the military intervene and run a new election.

  8. bob says:

    Seems like EVERY time there are problems in a county over votes ,,,,,,, it always go to and favors the democrat !!! It’s time to go back to the way voting was. For only a valid reason can you get an absentee ballot ,,, other than that ANYONE that wants to vote goes to their precinct IN PERSON with a VALID I.D. to vote . PERIOD !!! It’s not rocket science !!!!

    • Glen says:

      absentee ballot was for military and anyone else out of the country doing business.

      • JoAnn says:

        EXACTLY. It was NEVER intended for the convenience of anybody who didn’t feel like getting off their a$$ and voting in person. It was intended for military serving away from home, business people out of the country, and those with medical conditions that make it impossible for them to vote in person. And they should STOP all the “early” voting, because those ballots are NOT scrutinized the way they are on election day and are an OPEN invitation to FRAUD, as are the mail-in votes “because CoVid.” The conniving Demmunists have elevated election thievery to an ART FORM, and tried to “Federalize” everything to make it even EASIER for them to rig the system and CONTINUE stealing elections. They MUST be stopped, or we are DONE as a free Republic.

  9. Doug Litchfield says:

    Do democrats offer a course in balancing one’s financial accounts? Their way could assure assets versus debt ratio always came up rosy. My pencil whipping never produces those kind of results…..

  10. Drosack says:

    Something has to go lost in order to cheat.

  11. Glenn says:

    Well it is our fault for letting them.. first to go media companies. nazi organizations anyway.

  12. Glen says:

    The supreme court should be the ones in charge of vote counting in situations like these. they could use military personnel. Under Oath again, like that means anything anymore. supreme justices are lifers so they have to follow the law more so. If not then we are screwed all the way around and must DO something we do not like either. but must. they are force our hand.

  13. Gregg says:

    All I read here is complaints about blatant voter fraud. Nothing can be done?
    What actions are being done to correct this? I see nothing……just like 2020.
    I see revolution, civil war, or both. That is just what ‘they’ want. All by design.

  14. Viti says:

    A public audit is needed with criminal referrals for every person that signed off on this fraud. Every member needs to be impeached forth with!

    • Ron C says:

      That happened the last time they cheated in the 2020 election, and the AG sat his hairy butt on the silver platter of evidence and didn’t do a damn thing!

  15. CharlieSeattle says:

    Treasonous Demo☭rats must …NEVER be allowed to run for, or hold elected office …EVER AGAIN! The Demo☭rat party must be banned …FOREVER.

  16. This will continue until we start hanging traitors!!

  17. Ron C says:

    You can bet your last dollar the activist Judge has already been chosen and bribed, or they wouldn’t have so obviously cheated the election. Corruption is absolute in Maricopa County!

    • LaMenance says:

      Has anyone considered that all of these election officials being involved in the certification of fraudulent elections are being blackmailed by their use of the Pegasus Malware App that they got very successful in wining fraudulent elections. Just would explain a lot if this is the case! Once the powers that be, Ovomit and Bitme Administration, one doesn’t even have to open up the email or text that is sent to one’s phone, they literally own one’s phone once they send this out! They will have all of your emails, texts, files, photos, and they will be able to monitor your camera and video and sound to spy on you! So tell me again why these fraudulent elections are not being challenged? Just another thing to consider why we are losing elections after elections!

  18. Lyudmila Loseva says:

    “The biggest stupidity is doing the same thing over and over again and hoping for a different result” (Albert Einstein). How many 2020 election fraudsters have been jailed for massively stealing our votes? – 0 . How many “Stop the steal” advocates are in jail? – more than 700! What can we expect in this election, in the next election? – Fraudsters can only be stopped by the inevitability of punishment!

  19. Gene says:

    This is the reason it took so long for people, to believe anything coming from the mouths, of any government official. When I watch the news on television, I know that only a half truth is being, exposed to the people. We were better off during the dark ages, then we are today. The truth was almost always presented, not half truths. There was nothing to gain back then, now the politicians are making millions of dollars, from their positions. This is why so much corruption happens today. We have allowed the politicians to rule the people, not the people ruling the politicians. When we allowed the parties in this country, more power than they deserved, it was the end of our republic. We need to put most of the politicians, as we know them in jail, for fraud of their use of powers, given by the people. They are liars, every one of them, at least the ones that haven’t a conservative bone, in their bodies. I don’t know where these people, that are leftist come from, In my youth, they would have been tarred and feathered and run out of town.

  20. Spectre7734 says:

    No software! No voting machines! Paper ballots at the polls ONLY! These things were not old-fashioned! There was a good reason for getting off your fat wazoo and going to vote. Fraud was
    near impossible and likely to be discovered if there was any! They are trying to “modernize” New Hampshire. Not on my watch! No excuses, vote at the poll or don’t! A legitimate reason for absentee
    status must be met! Oh! Early voting? WHHHHYYYY? Bring back ELECTION DAY……….PERIOD!

  21. William D Simmons says:

    And the lady running the whole shooting match won her election. Nothing wrong in the eyes of the Dems.

  22. Lee Vail says:

    It’s so in your face corruption by Democrats that violence to overturn this fraud is justified.

  23. All has been said, I agree with you all… is so sad what is happening to our great USA. I hope they can prove fraud, and overturn the results. It was wrong for the gal who is running for office, to RUN the election.

  24. Bruce Baker says:

    It is DEJA VU of 2020 All Over again.. Certify the FRAUD VOTE, Stop all VOTER FRAUD investigations, and even if conservatives Find Voter Fraud, it will be too late to put Kari Lake in as Governor. Wasn’t that the Playbook for Obama… he is already president, you don’t need his credentials of being an American Citizen, and then Joe Biden is installed as he has been in office for over a year as they CRUSH all Investigations for Voter Fraud? Here we are again, over 250k in missing Votes that most probably would put Kari Lake in office as Governor, but they Certify the Fraud Vote to Install Hobbs and Crush all Voter Fraud Investigations, yet again? How many times does this Voter Fraud have to Happen before the Citizens of America Wake Up???

  25. Lawrence says:


  26. Ray Roach says:

    To the owner, Your posts are always informative.

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