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Matt Gaetz Reveals the Dirty Details Behind the Republican Old Guard’s Attempt to Derail Mike Johnson’s Vote for House Speaker (VIDEO)

Matt Gaetz Files Ethics Complaint Against Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy For Sucker Punching Rep. Tim Burchett

Matt Gaetz files an ethics complaint against Kevin McCarthy for assault.
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It’s time to kick Kevin McCarthy to the curb. I was convinced that he had to be removed from the Speakership and now I am equally convinced that he must be tossed out of Congress after he sucker punched Rep Tim Burchett in the kidney. There is no excuse for that. Rep Matt Gaetz has now filed an ethics complaint against McCarthy. McCarthy is very bitter about being fired for being a RINO and he has been lashing out against the eight Republicans that knocked him out of his position.

Not so coincidentally, Burchett is one of the gang of eight that led to McCarthy’s removal. Matt Gaetz is another and McCarthy has called Gaetz out, claiming he is not a conservative. Satan claimed that Jesus was not really the Savior. I put Satan and McCarthy in the same class. The eight who voted against McCarthy are Andy Biggs of Arizona, Ken Buck of Colorado, Tim Burchett of Tennessee, Eli Crane of Arizona, Matt Gaetz of Florida, Bob Good of Virginia, Nancy Mace of South Carolina, and Matt Rosendale of Montana.

Matt Gaetz and Nancy Mace, who happens to represent my district both revealed that McCarthy worked behind the scenes to sabotage every Republican who ran for Speaker, including the extremely popular Jim Jordan. That ended up leading McCarthy to elbow Burchett in the kidney. NPR reporter Claudia Grisales corroborated Burchett’s account of what happened.

Grisales said:

“Speaker McCarthy walked by with his detail and McCarthy shoved Burchett. Burchett lunged towards me. I thought it was a joke, it was not.”

Investigative journalist Nick Sortor reports,

JUST IN: @MattGaetzhas officially filed an ethics complaint against Kevin McCarthy after the former Speaker ASSAULTED Rep. Tim Burchett today at the US Capitol

According to Burchett, the attack was a “sucker punch” and “a clean shot to the kidney.”

McCarthy is absolutely PATHETIC. So thankful the Gaetz Eight stripped him of his power.

The complaint begins:

“It has come to my attention that this morning, November 14, 2023, following a meeting of the House Republican Conference, Representative Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) assaulted Representative Tim Burchett (R-TN) in the hallways of Capitol complex. This assault was witnessed by multiple people, including Claudia [Grisales] of NPR, who was interviewing Rep. Burchett at the time.”

“Needless to say, this incident deserves immediate and swift investigation by the Ethics Committee. This Congress has seen a substantial increase in breaches of decorum unlike anything we have seen since the pre-Civil War era. I myself have been a victim of outrageous conduct on the House floor as well, but nothing like an open and public assault on a Member, committed by another Member. The rot starts at the top.”

From The Hill

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) filed a formal ethics complaint against former Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) after Rep. Tim Burchett (R-Tenn.) accused the ex-House leader of elbowing him in a hallway Tuesday.

“This incident deserves immediate and swift investigation by the Ethics committee,” Gaetz wrote in a letter to House Ethics Committee Chair Michael Guest (R-Miss.) and ranking member Susan Wild (D-Pa.).

McCarthy later told reporters the interaction was not deliberate, and that he was simply moving past Burchett in a small hallway.

“I guess our elbows hit as I walked by,” McCarthy later told reporters, including CNN. “If I would hit somebody, they would I know hit them.”

Gaetz took Burchett’s side.

“I myself have been a victim of outrageous conduct on the House floor as well,” Gaetz wrote, an apparent reference to when House Armed Services Committee Chair Mike Rogers (R-Ala.) lunged at Gaetz during the 15-ballot election of McCarthy as Speaker in January, “but nothing like an open and public assault on a Member, committed by another Member. The rot starts at the top.”


  • Steven Ahle

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Comments 10

  1. Lawrence M says:

    This cuts to the heart of how people like McCarthy who have been embellished with power and who were deceptive in using that power can never face the fact that they have been found out and shown for what they truly are! He is a RINO Traitor Evil Man!

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  2. RCC says:

    McCarthy’s true colors. Bully.

  3. Jimmy says:

    One down and plenty more to go. Well Done, Matt – All ahead flank speed, me Boyo.

  4. bozo says:

    MG is a very stupid individual.

  5. Viti says:

    One exposed more to follow I pray. Rinos have been the greatest impediment to conservatism! You can never trust a traitor, even the democrats know that.

    • Lawrence M says:

      I agree Viti; liars are the worst, at least you can take precautions against a thief and keep him out, but once a double-crossing liar has taken advantage of you how are you to ever be sure he still doesn’t lie to you until after the damage is done! Why else is the Devil called “the father of all lies;” that’s his greatest advantage or tool, his forte!
      He is also a thief and murderer but care or measures can be taken to protect one’s self from these evils as we all have at one time or another; but, great deceptions are being implemented against the people every day with very painful results and with many victims that never saw it coming!

  6. What a freaking cry baby. I bet he’s been a rat snitch his whole life.

  7. Talltexan says:

    As it is said … A fish rots from the head down. Meaning that who and whatever occupies a top leadership position that’s less than morally correct, those principles snd policy has an uncanny way of afflicting and trickling down into anyone that’s beneath them. As in a lose cannon like Biden is, those suspectable will take in those same traits. I have such a reliable and always calibrated bull-shit meter, that trickle down nonsense does not affect me at all.

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