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McConnell Called Trump ‘Crazy’ and Swore ‘I Will Never Speak to Him Again’ After Jan 6: Book

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, 80, gathered his staffers on January 6 to tell them that 45th President Donald Trump is “crazy’ and promise them, “I will never speak to him again,” according to an excerpt of a new book made available by The Washington Post.

The book, “Unchecked: The Untold Story Behind Congress’s Botched Impeachments of Donald Trump”, is a text composed by two establishment media reporters: Politico’s Rachael Bade and the Washington Post’s Karoun Demirjian. They claim to reveal how, though McConnell hated Trump, he still couldn’t bring himself to impeach him after January 6.

“Overcome with emotion at the trauma they’d experienced, McConnell had made a vow to his aides,” on the evening of January 6, when legislators returned to the U.S. Capitol to assent to Joe Biden’s victory, the women wrote.

“We’ve all known that Trump is crazy,” McConnell reportedly told his aids. “I’m done with him. I will never speak to him again.”

The women seem to suggest that while McConnell cut off all contact with Trump – and ostensibly encouraged other Republicans to do the same, as it notes that McConnell’s own wife left the Trump administration after the event – the then-79-year-old man struggled to be a “leader” when it came to impeaching the 45th President.

McConnell’s decision not to convict Trump is perhaps best revealed by a friendly conversation he shared between Republican Rep. Liz Cheney, who later lost her primary campaign to a Trump-endorsed Republican challenger.

“We don’t disagree on the substance; we just disagree on the tactics,” the book reveals McConnell told Cheney, “as they conferred about how to free the GOP from Trump’s iron grip.”

“Let’s just ignore him,” was apparently McConnell’s advice to Cheney.

Assuming the book is accurate, the exchange reveals one thing above all others: Mitch McConnell is a better politician than Liz Cheney.

Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell
Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell in 2019 / Trump White House

While Cheney has been excised from electoral politics, at least for the moment, and may well be on her way to being excised from the Republican Party as a whole, McConnell remains the leader of the Republicans in the Senate.

He remains in control of the powerful Senate Leadership Fund, which recently pulled its support from Trump-endorsed candidate Blake Masters in Arizona. Masters aims to unseat Sen. Mark Kelly, who has only served for two years and has voted with Joe Biden almost 100% of his short time in office.

Cheney may be flirting with a 2024 presidential run, but even she must know it would be a failure at worst and a temporary source of employment at best.

In any case, Trump has no reason to worry about Cheney. While he’s publicly predicted Cheney will fade into “political oblivion,” polls show that if she were to run as an independent in 2024, Trump would win in a landslide as she siphoned more votes from Biden and the Democrats than Trump and the Republicans.

But Mitch McConnell, if he’s lucky, may soon once again benefit from Trump’s popularity despite his personal animosity for the man and be promoted back to Senate Majority Leader before he retires from politics.

That’s assuming his fellow Senate Republicans still want him for the job.

This news and commentary by Tom Pappert originally appeared on Valiant News.


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Comments 13

  1. ELAINE67 says:

    RINOS are Democrat SPIES in Disguise aka traitors & sneaky unworthy Traitors!
    Yes truly Cheating & Back Room Dealing Good Old Boy & Crooked LY*NG Politicians that never Leave!
    Members of the GOP MUST FLUSH THESE RINO LIARS & Back Room dealing dirty traitors to America, that BETRAY America Her Legal Citizens & to ALL Her Legal Voters. They CONDONE election fraud too apparently by Democrats!
    These McRinos & other RINO DIRT are Full of MALICE & GREED So We voters Despise them & their dirty games. SO IT MUST END
    End their Dirty REIGN OF TERROR & FLUSH them all OUT OF POWER aka DETHRONE all RINO betrayers just like WE American Voters kicked out Nancy Pelosi’s blond poodle on her dog leash: LIZ CHENEY the pathetic LYING Joke & the other RINO SLIME we are committed to Flushing every last RINO Out of office & the GOP for good

    Tne Mc Rino Filth & Worst RINO TRAITORS? Remember these 2 Monstrers in Power & DUMP THEM.
    Mitch McConnell = Mc Rino!!!
    Kevin Mc Carthy = McRino!!!

    All Republicans in OFFICE MUST FLUSH These 2 RINO Traitors to the GOP OUT of Power ASAP

  2. Drosack says:

    Oh no, that’s going to devastate Trump.

    • Racecar says:

      So true !! The GOP wonders why they are having so much trouble getting contributions and it is because of McConnell and McCarthy having too much control of the way moneys are spend on campaigns. McConnell has spent money on the Alas kin senator that every conservative wants out of the Senate and it makes us mad and we will not donate to any of the Pacs that those two control !!

  3. Barefoot Marine says:

    McConnell don’t you understand anything? We real Americans don’t want you in the senate, or elderly dog catcher!!
    We emplore Kentuckians to kick their RINO out of office after midterms!


  4. CharlieSeattle says:

    Cocaine Mitch can not STFU. He can go to Hell.

  5. Cynthia says:

    McConnell is a RINO, and a traitor.
    He needs to be run out of office.

  6. jean says:

    He needs to take his commie Chinese wife and take a hike !

  7. Gary says:

    Do you think that Trump wants to speak to you, you crooked, treasonous RINO piece of sh*T?

  8. Wes says:

    McConnell doesn’t represent the values of conservatives and compromises with Democrats. He should never speak as a representative of the Republican Party because he isn’t loyal to it. As for his comments about Donald Trump they demonstrate why he is a roadblock to progress or returning America to greatness again.

  9. bnz says:

    Touche. Great arguments. Keepp uup the great effort.

  10. L. SHAMUS MCQUADE says:

    McConnell represents the Republican side of a career politician He’s been bought and paid off by the Chinese. The Chinese even gave him a mail order bride. Backroom deals and the chinese have lined his pockets. As a scum bag lawyer he never worked a day in his life and what’s with that double chin? Looks like some kind of a distorted tortoise. Which signifies in my book it decided lack of character and no self-control. TAR AND FEATHER him an send him back to Kentucky

  11. hkj says:

    I evefy ime spent my half an hour to read thnis website’s osts egery day alpong withh
    a mugg of coffee.

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