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Mitch McConnell’s PAC Pulls Support From Blake Masters Amid Trump Feud

Mitch McConnell’s PAC Pulls Support From Blake Masters Amid Trump Feud

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s PAC has pulled $ million of its ad dollars out of Arizona, leaving Blake Masters to fend for himself ahead of the November election.

The Senate Leadership Fund, McConnell’s powerful PAC, will pull $8 million out of Arizona, underscoring the anti-establishment nature of Trump-endorsed Masters’s insurgent campaign against Democrat incumbent U.S. Sen. Mark Kelly.

The news, broken by Politico, comes amid an ongoing feud between McConnell and 45th President Donald Trump, who heavily supported Masters during the primary. Polls currently show Masters behind Kelly, and the incumbent Democrat has raised $40 million compared to Masters’ $18 million.

Kelly has benefited from the Democratic machine in Arizona while serving the remainder of John McCain’s term in office, and is made more popular by his previous career as an astronaut, though his complete adherence to Joe Biden’s agenda combined with an energized electorate has some pundits convinced Masters campaign will still be victorious.

The powerful Senate Republican’s PAC, The Senate Leadership Fund, “is one way McConnell has been able to maintain his position as GOP Senate leader for so long,” reported PJ Media. “His PAC has handed out tens of millions of dollars to Republican candidates, which is a lot of incentive to support him,” the outlet explained.

Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell
Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell in 2019 / Trump White House

While Trump and many of his Republican supporters seem to be cautiously optimistic about retaking Congress this November, McConnell has repeatedly warned that Republicans may only see modest victories in the House and the Senate remain in Democrat control.

Trump has feuded with McConnell since leaving the White House in 2021, and recently called for Senate Republicans to replace the 80-year-old statesman.

“The Democrats have Mitch McConnell and his lovely wife, Elaine “Coco” Chao, over a barrel,” Trump declared in a Truth Social post. “He and she will never be prosecuted, as per the last paragraphs of this story, as long as he continues to give the Radical Left the Trillions and Trillions of Dollars that they constantly DEMAND.”

“A new Republican leader in the Senate must be picked immediately,” Trump declared.

McConnell’s wife, Chinese shipping heiress Elaine Chao, reportedly interviewed with the January 6 committee earlier this month.


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Comments 21

  1. Steve says:

    RINO Mitch McConnell, a Democrat in Republican clothing, has got to go.

    • Michael OConnor says:


    • THOMAS says:

      YES … McConnell is a “Fuh-King RINO ” ! Dump his ass !

    • DANIEL R SMITH SR says:

      CHINA OWNS McConnell >it is time for McConnel lTo be put out of government>HE IS NOT FOR AMERICA >>HE IS SELLING US TO CHINA>::

  2. 947 says:

    Anytime you “surrender” anything to Socialists or Communists it takes 3 times t4he battle to ever get it back again if you can ever get it back. How much water does it take to sink a ship? answer 1 drop, the last drop that make it unrecoverable to stop from sinking. When McConnel keep on letting Democrats drips of water accumulate or ship just gets close to sinking. The rich and powerful should remember who’s blood keeps this nation safe and afloat, because it sure isn’t theirs and they want to take it all. Sounds almost like Russia’s Oligarch’s doesn’t it? A nation or Army of workers making the rich more rich and powerful AS WELL as safe because they sure as hell don’t physically protect themselves.

  3. paul gauntt says:

    Let’s Go Brandon to McConnell

  4. akjohnIII says:

    Mitch, you are nothing, but a dirty snake in the grass.It’s high time you’ll be removed from your position and replaced by a true Republican, not like the traitor you are.
    You have caused the Republican party so much harm by supporting the Democrats, you should call yourself a Democrat. Like all the good things will come to an end, so will the bad things, and you are the bad thing.

    • Larry Moore says:

      Name two bills on which Sen. McConnell has “supported the Democrats.” You can’t. Sen. McConnell made some ill-advised comments about the January 6 fiasco, but other than that he has served the cause of conservatism very diligently.

      • S L Robbins says:

        It’s not so much about McConnell supporting Democrats’ bills or simply making “ill–advised comments”, it’s mostly about what he doesn’t speak out against or stand up for. Republicans running for a win in Nov. election need financial support to get their message out if they hope to make a difference and alter the current imbalance of power. McConnell’s actions (or lack of) on issues related to China, for one, raise eyebrows and are troubling to many conservative voters.

  5. WardMD says:

    I am SO TIRED of these Establishment (RINO) Republicans DESTROYING MY PARTY!

    They are SUPPOSED to be serving US (WE, THE PEOPLE)!

    All THEY want to do, is remain sucking on the Taxpayer Teat (not even wanting to be IN POWER [where they’d be expected to DO SOMETHING])!

    How many times did we hear, “We’re only 1/2 of 1/3 of the Government” from Bonehead Boehner?

    I’ll grant you, McConnell DID come through in NOT allowing Merrick Garland confirmation hearings, and getting MANY Conservative Judges/Justices through the Senate.

    Other than THAT… Seriously, WHAT DID HE DO FOR US?

  6. Robert says:

    A$$HOLE republicans are gonna lose any chance of a red wave by STUPIDITY! These jerks have no idea how to fight the democraps. IDIOTS Isay IDIOTS

    • LaLrry Larry MooreMoore says:

      On the substance of your comment, I pretty much agree — the current unprovoked assault by Trump on the character of the Senate Minority Leader and Trump’s own Secretary of Transportation is the height of idiocy — but could you possibly make your point without the obscenity and vulgarity?

  7. Don says:

    McConnell has never been worth the air he wastes. He only does what he does to serve himself and Kentucky should wake up to that and dump him. If not Repubs should do it, period.

    • Dawn AB says:

      McConnell hasn’t served anything but himself and China for years! He has never, in my opinion, done right by the Republican Party and most assuredly he has done Nothing right by Kentucky either! This man is nothing but a backstabbing Treasonous Traitor to his country, his Party, his oath of office and should have been removed from our government years ago. That two-headed viper has so much dirt on him and in him I’m surprised he can still breathe, both he and his “wife”. But McConnell, although you think you’ll never get caught from all your back room treasonous dealings, you cannot hide anything from God, nothing, and He’s about ready to expose it all!! He’s done with every one of you in our government and he’s already begun exposing each and every one of you. You’re finished McConnell.

      • Larry Moore says:

        Wrong. If it weren’t for Sen. McConnell, Merrick Garland would have been sitting on the Supreme Court for the last six years, pushing the liberal orthodoxy and destroying our Constitutional rights at every opportunity.

        Also Sen. McConnell has done an excellent job maintaining the unity of the Republican caucus getting Pres. Trump’s excellent judicial nominees approved, and even in the face of the 50 + 1 Democrat phalanx. For example, there are no Republican Fingerprints on the Inflation Expansion Act and numerous other pieces of Biden’s socialist legislative agenda.

  8. Susi Downs says:


  9. Larry Moore says:

    Where this article calls Elaine Chao a “Chinese shipping heiress” it’s stooping to demagoguery. Elaine’s parents escaped the Chinese Communists in 1949 when the government of Chiang Kai-Shek fell to Mao’s murderous forces. Elaine was never a subject of the PRC. The family moved from Taiwan to the USA when she was just nine years old. She is a highly accomplished scholar and administrator, which is why Pres. Bush chose her for his Cabinet as Labor Secretary, and Pres. Trump did likewise in 2017 as Secretary of Transportation.

    Her father started with nothing and built a highly successful company. Time was in America when we applauded success. Sure, the company ships stuff to and from the PRC, but there is nothing wrong with that. In order for Americans to buy from Amazon, Costco etc. the mountains of inexpensive goods made in China and sold in the US, and for the raw materials to be transmitted to China for such manufacture, someone has to carry the freight. I see no reason why it shouldn’t be a company headquartered in the US, and owned by US citizens who are anti-Communist and fiercely loyal to the US.

    In the course of this foolish, fratricidal war with McConnell, Trump is playing right into the Democrats’ hands. A fractured Republican Party cannot hope to win any close race. Ronald Reagan, in the same circumstances, would be observing his “11th Commandment,” and making common cause with ALL Republicans against Democrat tyranny. Ronald Reagan knew how to win reelection with the votes of 49 states, but Trump is clueless about how to get to 51%.

    That said, I disagree with Sen. McConnell’s decision to redeploy ad dollars from the Masters-Kelly race in Arizona to other contests. I will be donating directly to the Masters campaign the money that I would otherwise have given to the NRSC. I believe that the Senatorial elections in Nevada, Arizona, Pennsylvania and Georgia are all still eminently winnable.

  10. mka says:

    What would you expect from a man married to a communist chinese’.


    McConnel gets his money from WHERE? Yeah, you know he is as corrupt as any politician in DC. So, the “stupid Republicans allowed him to be the man because he has a larger PAC fund. Financed by who?
    McConnel is not in step with mainstream America, otherwise he would be fighting for this Republic. He is more interested in showing Trump who is running the Republican Party. What a waste of resources for America. McConnel has no interest in the American people… if it’s good for Mitch, it’s good.
    Amazingly, every election cycle I see and hear of 100’s of Millions of dollars being spent to get a candidate elected to do the dirty biding of the socialist elites running for Senate or House. Now Mitch is pulling out of Arizona because he has a vendetta against Trump. His PAC money!?

    Pretty pathetic… because I only see a few republicans taking on the swamp people. Ron Desantis Florida Governor is doing a tremendous job. Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott has weathered a human storm at the border for 2 years. These are the exceptions.

    We need new leaders that will bring America back from this absolutely insane current administration.
    “We the People” are watching and “We the People” are going to take this country back.

    Until then, Regards

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