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More Poll Book Shenanigans This Time in Virginia Complete With Actual Video

More Poll Book Shenanigans This Time in Virginia Complete With Actual Video

Poll books in Virginia added voters that could be used for voter fraud.

Previously, I wrote about the poll books in Dallas, Texas adding voters even after they were already done signing people in. It could be accidental or done on purpose. If done on purpose it would be a great way to manufacture votes, If accidental it would have no impact on the election. Decide for yourself. Now, it has been revealed that the same thing has happened in at least two precincts in Virginia’s Prince William County.

Here is the video from Dallas, Texas:

If you inject voters via the poll book, you can create votes where there aren’t any. Take  Columbia, New Hampshire where over 1200 votes were counted in a town with just 695 people living. And remember children and others are ineligible to vote. How could that possibly happen?

So, what does this mean? Poll books can be compromised and they can add as many voters as someone wants them to. There are also rumors that this happened in Georgia. It could have happened in many other places but no one noticed it. How can we honestly believe our elections are not being manipulated?

Well, we could make the process transparent but the Democrats have large teams of lawyers trying to assure that no one can look at the votes or the equipment and plenty of activist judges who rule in their favor. In Georgia, poll workers are not even allowed to see the poll books. Nothing like a good cover-up to hide the truth, whatever it may be.

According to

Electoral Process Education Corporation (EPEC), a non-profit 501c (3) that performs election data analysis, is urging Virginia’s public election officials to verify scanner machine ballot counts before certification of results in key precincts as a result of recent findings.

The recommendation comes after election officers, analysts and observers discovered discrepancies in the data reported to and provided by the Virginia Department of Elections (“ELECT”). The findings raise questions about the proper certification of the machines in question, and whether issues were addressed according to statewide election protocols.

In at least two precincts in Prince William County (PWC) the number of physical ballots cast and accumulated was different than the machine scanner’s tally of ballots, as reported by election officers. The numbers must align as part of the precinct’s tracking of total ballots cast at the voting location.

Although the number of ballots impacted was small, the repeated findings raise questions about the origin of the errors and whether the machines were operating correctly.

In Virginia’s VA-7 Congressional District Race, election officers observed differences in ballot counts of voters who were checked in with pollbooks compared to the actual number of ballots in the machines throughout the day. When the election officers went to close out the polling station, they discovered a ballot scanner with 27 more ballots represented in the electronic total than physical ballots present inside the machine’s collection bin.  The scanner reported 531 ballots scanned and recorded, but only 504 physical ballots were in the collection bin underneath the scanner.

Election officers documented these issues with the General Registrar and Electoral Board and recorded the information in the official Statement of Results (SOR) and Chief’s notes. The officers proceeded to conduct a hand tabulation of the vote totals on the ballots in accordance with election procedures. They repeated this tabulation multiple times, with multiple officers witnessing the process.  The results of the hand tabulation, as compared to the scanner totals, is as follows:

The Democrat candidate received 22 of the unexplained votes, a 7.86% difference compared to the physical ballot tally for the candidate. The Republican candidate received another 3 votes, a 1.34% difference over the physical ballot tally for the candidate.  There were 2 write-in ballots.

As many precincts as possible should conduct hand counts to determine if the machine counts are accurate. Hopefully, the video from the two precincts in Virginia will be released soon.


  • Steven Ahle

    My investigation into a DHS program that instructed law enforcement to treat Christians as terrorists won me the 2014 CJN Journalist of the Year award. Here is a video of Glenn Beck reading my article on his program: I am a troll bridge. You can cross me, but you will pay a price.

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Comments 15

  1. Paul says:

    And don’t let them down play this . We are mortified by the mockery of our elections nation wide.

  2. Doug Litchfield says:

    Watch the antics in Georgia as there will be more votes cast than Joey received in the national election in 2020. They are being manufactured as we speak. That one should take at least 3 weeks to tabulate.

  3. Bill says:

    I’ve said all along that every person that legally votes should receive a printed copy of their ballot casted. Something along the line of a store receipt that shows who and what they voted for. Then if there is a flaw in this tally machine it will be shut down ASAP!

  4. jlyn says:

    So who’s going to do something about this? I keep seeing videos and reading articles about alleged election fraud going on in this election, but what’s being done about it? Is this going to be a repeat of 2020 where the liberals got away with stealing the election, despite clear evidence there was fraud in the 2020 election? This is getting old and we are losing our beautiful America to the fraudsters and globalists. Let’s stop talking about it and someone do something. Oregon has several groups who have filed lawsuits over alleged election fraud in this election. The liberals have been stealing the elections in Oregon ever since mail-in ballots became the law. We need to go back to good old paper ballots with no earlier voting. No electronics either, count by hand with one overseer per counter. Forget the “I voted” stickers, let’s do what we have implemented in other countries; purple fingers. If it was good enough for other countries, it’s good enough for us. Good grief.

    • Alan says:

      Correct, the Dems wont change a thing because they are benefiting from all their methods of retrieving votes, many of them questionable if not illegal. The Repubs must get tougher and louder about making permanent changes to voting rules and do it asap.

      • rose says:

        agree 100% , lying cheating dems … why are we taking this with out a whimper .

  5. Cowboy says:

    Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again , but expecting different results!!! Republicans please WAKE yourselves UP!!!!!!!

  6. Shirley says:

    Sick and tired of voter fraud by Democrats to win seats they are not righfully illegally been voter for by the American people. Tired of them getting away with it for MANY MANY YEARS!!!!! Stop it now and put those responsible behind bars for life. There’s foreign countries involved in our elections and money laundering by our own Government. StOP IT NOW !!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Ron C says:

    And notice something else, the cheating, or errors always favor the democrat party…always!

  8. Edouard d'Orange says:

    Just as I read in conservative columns, I think that judges are not presented with verifiable, documented cheating. It’s always passed off as unintentional errors by dems and cheaters (which are the one and the same). No judge wants to weigh in without iron-clad evidence, even affidavits which they can’t trust and are dismissed as just someone’s word. Judges are reluctant to get involved in legislative decisions on voting and afraid of challenging “democracy” (as the democrats falsely claim to be protecting).

    • Sandra Smith says:

      Even when, as in the case of AZ ’20, there IS evidence proving it was no accident, leftist judges just declare”no standing” & refuse to hear the evidence.

  9. Mark Perry Foster says:

    Ask yourself why… every time cheating is done, it always benefit’s the Democrats???

  10. Linda says:

    If something is not done and people don’t demand a change then voter fraud will continue and our country will turn communists right before our eyes.Too late after it happens.Now at this very moment people need to stand up against this fraud.Complaining gets nothing,it takes action.They either do away with mail in ballots and do a hand count or we stop voting.

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