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Judge Calls Out DOJ For Secret Negotiations In Plane Crash Cases Where Over 300 People Lost Their Lives

Most Troubled Counties for Counting Have One Thing in Common: DOJ “Monitors”

The worst precincts for transparent elections were attended by DOJ monitors.
There are two things that the most troubled counties for counting ballots have in common. The first is a long drawn-out period of time necessary to count their votes and number two, DOJ monitors. The longer a county drags out its counting process, the more “votes” they find. And 100% of those counts the winners are the Democrats.
And as for the DOJ monitors, the five most problematic counties in the country, Pennsylvania’s Luzerne County, Texas’ Harris County, Arizona’s Maricopa County and Pima county, and Nevada’s Washoe County were the counties that put Democrats over the top in close races.
Those five counties had major screw-ups during the live voting. Those screw-ups include Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, where they ran out of paper used in the tabulators early, leaving several polling places without the ability to receive votes. Voters had to be turned away. A judge later ordered the polls to stay open for an additional two hours, but by then it was too late.
Voting sites across Harris County, the Lone Star State’s largest county encompassing Houston, opened late on Election Day. That prompted a judge to grant a one-hour extension to the voting hours, but how many people that left bothered to come back later? That court order was challenged by Texas AG Ken Paxton and those votes were ordered to be set aside until a final determination could be made.
 At the same time, the legal process played out, Houston Public Media reported, “sealed” away in an “envelope” instead of being inserted into the scanning machine and then tabulated at the “Central Count station” located inside of the massive Houston-based NRG Arena.
Mayhem erupted in Arizona’s key Maricopa County, the country’s second-largest voting jurisdiction, where ballots were being “misread” at a number of precincts.  Thirty percent of the tabulators did not work, which is odd since the tabulators were tested the night before and worked flawlessly, but did not work from the get-go the next morning. The not yet tabulated votes were to be processed later that night, but now it is alleged that some of the uncounted votes were mixed in with tabulated votes.
At 60 of the voting centers, the printers were not making dark enough marks that could be read. How much do you want to bet those precincts were red ones? They later changed the settings to make them work correctly. What happened to all of the votes with the faded ink? Did they go to adjudication where the votes can be flipped?
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Farther south in Pima County, election staff cited “a technology issue” that temporarily caused one voting center to be down temporarily.

GOP lawyer Harmeet Dhillon pointed out thatPima County Recorder Gabriella Cázares-Kelly, who has “she/her” pronouns and “dismantling white supremacy” in her Twitter bio, is “even more political and less cooperative than Maricopa.” Both counties are “slow-walking results, hoping to outlast our legal and other observers,” Dhillon tweeted Thursday. “Ain’t gonna happen!”

Let’s also remember that Katie Hobbs, the Democrat nominee in the hotly contested Grand Canyon State’s gubernatorial race, happens to be Arizona’s secretary of state. Yet, she has refused to recuse herself from official midterm duties overseeing and certifying election results while running against GOP darling Kari Lake. But don’t pay attention to the Democrat behind the curtain.

Northwest in Nevada, a new batch of mail-in votes by the thousands is delaying final counts. In important Washoe County, a swing county and the state’s second-most populous, 16,000-or-so mail-in ballots were expected to arrive, which would not be counted until Thursday because poll workers were so far behind. Last year, Nevada began requiring that mail-in ballots be sent to every registered voter. Although ballots must be postmarked by Election Day, they’re countable upon arrival as late as Saturday.


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis did not allow the corrupt Merrick garland to send monitors to any location in his state.


  • Steven Ahle

    My investigation into a DHS program that instructed law enforcement to treat Christians as terrorists won me the 2014 CJN Journalist of the Year award. Here is a video of Glenn Beck reading my article on his program: I am a troll bridge. You can cross me, but you will pay a price.

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Comments 24

  1. Karen Bracken says:

    Kari Lake is toast. But my gut tells me they screwed the wrong person. She is a fighter. She will not take this without a fight. The counties in every state that had issues must set up a new election. There is no way Lake, Laxalt, Masters, Mastriano, Fincham, Dixon and many others lost. The left stole another election and they could care less that we know it. Until we are ready to fight dirty like the left we will lose this glorious country.

    • Blossom says:

      First of all the Feds do not belong anywhere close to State elections. Under the Constitution, the states are solely responsible for voting. Federal “monitors” should not have been allowed to be anywhere near the voting process. This should be taken to court.

    • JoAnn says:

      ESPECIALLY in a border state like Arizona, considering the criminal chaos that is happening on their border!

    • Jim Blackwell says:

      With the Left’s DOJ overseeing the counting, What Could Go Wrong? It is a surefire way for Demoncraps to come out winners. This is getting to be commonplace and has to be stopped once and for all.

  2. Marilynn Reeves says:

    Totally agree

  3. John says:

    If the DOJ wasn’t so hopelessly corrupt it might not make a difference, but the fact it is just means that they’re there to ensure the liberals win.

    • Rick Love says:

      You got that right. It’s not a coincidence that these key locations all had “problems”; that’s by design. The longer the count takes and the more the votes are handled and moved, the more opportunity for ( dare I say it at risk of being labeled an “election denier”) voter fraud.

  4. Pstlpknama says:

    Kathi Hobbs is a cheat and she will beat Kari, not fairly but because she just wants it. Her husband is a child therapist and he believes in child transition. He is also a professor in California. I wish shee would move there she would be welcomed for her ideas. Our border is open and she will not do a damn thing about it, nor will she stop the crap being taught to our kids in school. A disaster for AZ

  5. wboehmer says:


  6. Susan Satava says:

    I have a theory that is beginning to feel and sound verrry plausible: Merrick Garland at DOJ is standing by to assist any and all Blue states do what they can to gain success in the vote. He has a huge reason to work the vote to the Democrat favor: Vengeance. That’s right. Donald Trump’s Repubs passed him up for a place on the Supreme Court, and with J’Obama now in the top slot, Garland has his chance to get back. And he’s doing so with impunity! Need help with J6, he’ll send the FBI to the doors of those “terrorists”! Need a few extra Dem votes counted in, here they are, slow rolled just right; need to lose a bunch of Republican votes, I have just the place to dump them (a mountain ravine steep enough where ALMOST nobody will find them)!

    • Jim Blackwell says:

      Garland is about as Crooked as they get and he is owned by the Democrat Party, So What Could Ever go Wrong?

  7. Janet says:

    You would have to be a total moron to trust our voting process and think there is no cheating going on. I never believed Trump but I do know that after this voting experience they have proved Trump right once again.

  8. Truckman says:

    all those affected needs to start filling the courts and suing for recounts and anything else they can do to stop the cheating because when a state like Florida with twice the population as say these other states can have a count overnight the other states should be able to do it

  9. THOMAS says:

    Biden’s DOJ will make sure the Commiecrats win … there is no denying it because Biden said the FIX WAS IN ! Garland is a FUH-KING CROOK !
    The Feds have no place in an election … I believe it is against the Constitution but the Damnedcrats do not care about Laws !

  10. Doug Litchfield says:

    Hand picked by Joey and can only count digits on the left side. How much more can a party skank up an election? Oh wait, how about 2020’s……

  11. kurien a. kodiattu says:

    All of you, who have commented, have done so wisely….
    Garland & gang are SO CORRUPT, THAT EVEN LIGHTENING CANNOT STRIKE THEM… But, there is going to be a Judgement Day, & none of them, nor their families will survive…..
    But sadly the republicans, have started ‘back-biting’ are are showing a lot of immaturity &
    dis-unity….. SHAME ON THEM….

  12. m says:

    I am so tired, so fed up with the rogue DOJ, Garland having his hand in all that is shady.
    He should be fired. As for Hobbs, she should have been made to understand long before the election that she would have to recuse herself! The Republicans should have been on this, making sure changes were happening before the election. All the Republican governors should have done what DeSantis did by refusing to allow any monitors in their states. The Republican legislatures should have been working with the Republicans in congress & the house to fix the crooked election rules. It has been suggested just to have an election day, all businesses closed & nothing else.

  13. Patriot Saint says:

    There is a special place in Hell for election cheaters!!

  14. Alice says:

    The DemocRATS AGAIN committed FRAUD. Are we ever going to have transparent and free elections in this country again? Makes me just want to leave.

  15. Drosack says:

    They can’t win unless they cheat.

  16. Jim Blackwell says:

    How are Republicans ever supposed to have a fighting chance at all when Democrats are in charge of Elections and counting the Votes? It is not those casting the Votes but those doing the Counting that makes things happen. Somehow we need to come up with a fair system for all.

  17. rotternrollin says:

    I’ve been saying for years now that’s its time to take Jefferson’s words to heart and water the Tree of Liberty, if we want to save America.

    We face an enemy that turns the world on its head, speaking endless absurdities and then bringing them to life, 100% following the communist guidelines for screwing a country out of itself.

    And the great mystery, why do so many Americans support the Socialists/Communists? Are they THAT ready to sell their souls for scraps at the plantation…..have they souls at all? And then so many bleeding hearts think they are working miracles for society. Grief!!! They damage their own standards of living and everyone else’s and then gloat about how good they are.

    They shun God, only paying Him disrespect with their lying professions of faith, as they strive to completely remove God from the landscape. They destroy the moral fabric of America with all their VAST PERVERSIONS AND SEXUAL ILLNESSES, transgenderism, gay madness, nothing is forbidden.

    They take it upon their arrogant selves to presume the borderless SouthWest, NEVER with a vote to see if America wanted to bring the rest of the world in, unvetted, carrying in illness AND CARRYING IN THE POISON OF FENTANYL. An aside, I believe Biden should be indicted, tried, convicted, impeached, and put to death for his treesons ignoring our borders and the DEATH openly and freely crossing it. I’d settle to see the old perv in an orange jumpsuit, though. SOMETHING to recognize his murders by neglect.

    And such feckless hypocrites. Evil, on top of their worthlessness. They project their evils upon the right like Hollywood directed it all. (OH! They Do!)

    And then we have the RINOs, democrats in reality, republicans in name only. They are REALLY vile.

    So pray for America. Only He can save us, if He hasn’t already forsaken us for forsaking Him.

    • rottenrollin says:

      Dang, forgot crime! GOT CRIME??? Blame a Democrat. If you’re not aware CRATs are to blame for our National Crime Wave, YOU’RE NOT PAYING ATTENTION.


      Water The Tree of Liberty? They tell me that we don’t need to be so extreme, that the courts and maybe the media……and a lot of prayer? …… will straighten it all out. BUT IT DOESN’T!!! DEMOCRATS own THE COURTS, THE JUDGES, THE MEDIA…… and they don’t much believe in God. In fact, they’re pretty good at tossing Him under the bus, and getting better.

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