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Multiple Third Party Candidates Will Sink Joe Biden in 2024

Third party candidates could sink B9iden's reelection chances.
  • Multiple third-party candidates could sway the 2024 presidential election in key battleground states if there’s a rematch between former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden, political observers and polling analysts told the Daily Caller News Foundation.
  • Green Party candidate Cornel West, a Libertarian Party candidate, a No Labels candidate and likely Robert F. Kennedy Jr. could all be on the ballot in 2024, which could siphon off more support from Biden than Trump, polling analysts and political strategists told the DCNF.
  • “I can imagine a world in which we have two, three, four legitimate third parties, and unlike usual, all in they’ll get 1%, 2%, they might get 5% or 6% — and that, without a doubt, is going to be the most important element of this election,” Mike McKenna, GOP consultant and president of MWR Strategies, told the DCNF.
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As if Joe Biden’s dementia and insane policies are not enough to worry about Joe Biden in 2024, the threat of multiple third-party candidates, especially RFK Jr is likely to cause the downfall and possible demise of the Democratic Party. Cornell West, the Green Party candidate will drain of a number of Black votes on top of the many who are now voting Republican.

RFK Jr will drain off a number of moderate Democrats as will Joe Manchin if he decides to mount a third party challenge.

However, don’t get too cocky because the Democrats no longer depend on real voters to win elections. Biden could end up with 94 million votes despite being as popular as peanut butter and mustard sandwiches. Where there is a copy machine, there is a way.

There could even be a fourth third party candidate if No Labels manage to run a candidate in the race. Those third paty candidates could siphon votes from President Trump, but they will draw many more from Joe Biden. In close states, we could see some heavy shifts, especially as swing states implement policies that curtail voter fraud. For instance, the Wisconsin Supreme Court has outlawed voter drop boxes.

From The Daily Caller

Multiple third-party candidates could be on the ballot in 2024, including a Green Party candidate, a No Labels candidate, a Libertarian Party candidate and likely Robert F. Kennedy Jr. as an independent. Several polling analysts and political strategists believe that the additional third-party candidates will likely siphon off more support from Biden, which could allow Trump to return to the White House in 2024, they told the DCNF.

“If there is a rematch between Biden and Trump, there are going to be a significant number of voters who hold negative views of both candidates, given that both have favorability numbers only around 40% and unfavorability over 50%. Those are conditions ripe for heightened third-party voting,” Kyle Kondik, nonpartisan polling analyst and managing editor for Sabato’s Crystal Ball at the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics, told the DCNF. “I wouldn’t expect the third-party vote to be all that large, but the margins in key states are likely to be so small that the third-party candidates could end up playing spoiler.”

Cornel West is running for the Green Party nomination, many are running for the Libertarian Party nomination and centrist organization No Labels is considering running a third-party ticket in 2024, with West Virginia Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin often mentioned as a potential contender. Kennedy, who is currently seeking the Democratic Party nomination, is expected to switch his party affiliation to run as an independent in Philadelphia on Oct. 9.


  • Steven Ahle

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Comments 14

  1. Betty says:

    I would vote for Kennedy verses Joe Biden and his policies. Never voted for a Democrat We need to change the direction our country is going in. Kennedy lives this country and zi feel like he is not a crook like the others running for office.

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  2. Rocky Venti says:

    If Trump wasn’t my guy I would vote for Kennedy, Jr. or Joe Manchin. They would be better than any of the other Republican candidates and certainly better than sleepy joe. Let’s hope everyone who wants to run as a third party candidate do.

    Trump better kick some ass if he gets elected again. Maybe he should hold interviews to see who is going to support him and the American people or kick their ass out. Joe and Kennedy, Jr. might work out in his administration too.

  3. Stephen Russell says:

    To Rerun 2020

  4. Bret says:

    Kennedy is a democrat. The democrats have been covertly pushing for control over the people with leftists propaganda for decades. They now feel that they can take that big leap to socialism. He hates vaccines, big deal. Kennedy is a democrat period. He is the problem Who would his cabinet be???????? Democrats !!! The larger the government, the more against the people it will be. All democrats are the problem and very few republicans are the answer. This country needs to get back to being run as the constitution states and the founders wanted. It saddens me to see people who think conservative, but falls for one more democrat.

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  6. Jim Degnan says:

    Worked last time with a cooperative judicial system and corrupt media so why not keep the ball rolling? They’ve probably only gotten better. The Constitution and law are meaningless to them just as the live of Americans dying from overdoses on the streets from their Chinese friend’s imported drugs so why worry about integrity?

  7. DEM says:

    Was there any doubt about the Dems cheating in the next election?

  8. Leftshot says:

    The email I got that linked to this article was titled, “Dems Realize They Have To Cheat To Win In 2024”. This is what we all need to be stating over and over. Democrats cheat! We’ve got literally dozens of top level examples of them doing so in the last four elections, and plenty to cite already on 2024.

  9. BOO says:

    Cheating is all DEMONRATS know how to do!!!

  10. Jesse says:

    CHEATING as they did to put Pedo Joe in Office is the only way Democraps can win.

  11. Don says:

    The Demonrats have been doing it for decades but nothing was ever done so why would they stop now?

  12. messup says:

    A couple things we do know: 1) per border patrol statistics there have been a total of 8 million illegal aliens hustled into USA since “Open Borders” began operations after 2020 Elections. There has been a major “push” to house these new found democratic voters in buildings with addresses (very, very important): 2) AVR – Automatic Voter Registration form now circulating among these “newly minted Democratic Voters.” There’s a little side bar to this form, though, it comes with a “preprinted DEMOCRAT’ statement on its single page layout: 3) We know there has been a humongous effort to “funnel funding” (of all sorts) to these “newly minted” Democratic voters thus insuring their inclination to fill out the forms and have it quickly entered on Election Department Election Processing Equipment (read: ERIC-Soro’s operation). Lastly, there’s the “biggie”…CIA’s “FIRST NET” system of gathering “Real time” Precinct polling data and “switching numbers” from one candidate to another (was caught in 2020’s Texas’s “Know Link” poll pads!!!) Yes, DNC will (try and) steal 2024 elections…come what may…that’s why MAGA has to “turn-out-the-vote” massively. Numbers of voters will put “The Donald” back in the WH. Amen. Read A Bible. Psalm 128. 10 Commandments everywhere! “Thou-shall-not-Steal-Elections!!!” God Bless.

  13. bob says:

    RFK jr. is nothing but a NUT and even some of his own family members have disowned him !! He has a conspiracy theory about everything !! RFK jr. is a democrat , the only reason he’s running as independent is because the DNC knows he’s a waste of time and they won’t give him any acknowledgment !!

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