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Nancy Pelosi and the Great January 6th Cover Up

Nancy Pelosi and the Great January 6th Cover Up

Did J6 develop the way Pelosi planned it?

The J6 Committee is unprecedented and by all accounts, that’s exactly what Nancy Pelosi wanted. A committee made up entirely of Democrats.

No, Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger are not Republicans. They are traitors of democracy. Cheney is just a useful stooge for Pelosi. The Republicans named Jim Jordan and Jim Banks for the committee, but Pelosi vetoed them, which has never been done before, but Pelosi was building a one-sided committee.

But, Pelosi must have been in a drunken stupor when she arranged it because the committee has no credibility with the voters.

The only voters that support them are the ones who blindly pull the lever for anyone with a (D) behind their name. She mistakenly thought that the committee would swing votes for her party. That didn’t happen. Instead, she stirred up the ire of the Republicans and the Independents. She will be a driving force in sending them to the polls.

The real goal of the committees as anyone with the least amount of gray matter knows is to prevent President Trump from running again.

They have tried to make the case that he intentionally incited his supporters to riot. But, they leave out the fact that he gave them instructions to “march peacefully and patriotically to the Capitol.”

Later, as it turned into a riot, he made a video for Twitter, telling his followers to obey the law and go home. Twitter censored it minutes after it was posted. Why did they do that? We’ll get to the answer later in the story.

The January 6th committee has conveniently left that out. Meanwhile, th4 committee has violated the civil rights of other conservatives by demanding unrelated documents and then editing testimony to make it appear that witnesses said things that they did not. Is it any wonder Trump wants his testimony to be live on television?

But, there is a very real scandal from the events of January 6th. President Trump could not send the National Guard to the capitol, he could only approve the requests from either Nancy Pelosi or Washington mayor Muriel Bowser. Both denied needing the National Guard.

From The Gateway Pundit

A day after the conflict, we learned that the Department of Defense offered the USCP the National Guard three days prior to the planned objections on January 6th.

This wasn’t a passive request either. According to testimony that predates the formation of the select committee from Chris Miller, the acting head of defense, the president actually inquired if the District’s mayor had requested the National Guard. He authorized him to “fill” any requests. This is a constitutional and legal distinction as the president cannot order the guard in without a request. He can only authorize.

For nearly two years, Trump has told the world that this was the case ping ponging between offers of 10,000 and 20,000 guardsmen.

This summer, Kash Patel, who was appointed Chief of Staff for Miller, released an “unclassified” memo detailing the steps the department took to offer security to the District and Congress. Patel, too, confirms that the president not only authorized his government to fulfill any requests but actually suggested it himself.

Now, I want to ask you a question, but stop and think about it before you answer. Was Twitter’s censoring Trump’s plea for people to obey the law and go home and Pelosi and Bowser’s refusal to accept National Guard troops and the brutal behavior of the Capitol police and city police officers just merely stupid mistakes or was it a way to manipulate the crowd to get the desired effect? I know what I think. What do you think?


  • Steven Ahle

    My investigation into a DHS program that instructed law enforcement to treat Christians as terrorists won me the 2014 CJN Journalist of the Year award. Here is a video of Glenn Beck reading my article on his program: I am a troll bridge. You can cross me, but you will pay a price.

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Comments 42

  1. Larry! says:

    Smart people know who the lyingAholes are!!!!

    • Diane Ross says:

      Absolutely Agree.

      • Cheryl says:

        Everyone knows that it was the plan all along and Pelosi owns all the responsibility of what happened . She didn’t want the NG there before it wasn’t in her plan.

        • RotondRotondaronaron says:

          There will be “no closure”, until nancy Pelosi, & certain factions of the FBI, are brought before a Grand Jury, sworn in…& deposed, to the NTH degree!

          “Lizard Cheney”, & her “partner in crime”..[ Never were Republicans}…Nancy Pelosi, Is the “Brains:” behind Biden & his presidency of * ill-timed events in this Republic!


        • Koreanvet says:

          Nany Nancy is so corrupt …. she brought in the FBI to mingle with the protestors. She also had RAY EPP (FBI ) guide in our citizens to open doors and flushing them into the capital
          Halls … do we ever see anything about theFBI NO NO Those whores are all corrupt .our countrymust be cleansed of these dirt bags ….. VOTE VOTE vote or don’t complain ..signed KOREAN VET don’t call me a terrorist it pisses me off…..

    • James says:

      The liars are the useful idiots of Satan of whom Satan is a liar from the beginning and the father of ALL lies.

    • catherine says:

      It was a way for the commie socialist party to MANIPULATE the crowd, punto.

  2. You couldn’t make this up but the Democrats have and they need to pay a heavy price

  3. jean says:

    This is not a reply to Larry, except he’s correct. As I have said many times before, I believe that this entire fiasco was planned by Nancy Pelosi and the FBI. Maybe others. There is a lot of circumstantial evidence of that. Why was the Antifa group there first? I believe to lure anyone from the rally into the building. And, why did the police remove the barriers and open the doors for them? And, I still would like to know where Nancy went when she left the Chamber about 5 minutes before the doors opened. Why was the policeman not charged who shot and killed the girl? And, what ever happened with an “investigation” as to who placed the bomb outside? They are as guilty as can be for trying to set Donald Trump up so that he could not run again. And, what would they have done if the situation was reversed and they were the ones that an election was stolen from? I’m sure worse than he did!!!

    • JIM says:

      most of what you said i agree with…..but… did not completely explain the money….the cabal is furnishing the money….that means that bill gates and his bunch of multi-billionaires are behind this insanity….they have bought off mayors, sheriffs, council peole, governors, judges both district state and federal, and federal attorneys, and of course us reps and us senators so that means hundreds of millions of dollars just here in the usa not to mention the same is going on around the world. This is the one world order people that is behind this massing of money to control this globe. They did not just start doing these fraud elections as if you do the research you will find in states around this country there have been democrats elected that the residents were in a quandary of how they got the votes as when polled the votes were not there and it did not start in 2008 with the kenyan either….it goes back to slick willie clinton and the democrats have been practicing these fraud elections all around the country so now they are very proficient at doing it too. Hence, the 2008 presidential vote and then the 2016 came around and trump won and that is why the democrat could not believe that they lost and also why they accused trump of cheating as they had been doing for decades all around the country. Anybody with a beetle brain can see now that practice makes perfect……hence, the 2020 presidential election.

      • Diane Ross says:

        Your post needs to be spread all over —– by any means possible so the real truth will be known.

      • Dawn AB says:

        Actually Jim, attempts to commandeer election results have been documented dating back to the 19th century, when New York City’s infamous Tammany Hall was synonymous with political corruption and election fraud. In one New York election 1844, 55,000 votes were recorded even though there were only 41,000 eligible voters. Decades later, these efforts have continued and determined fraudsters have become only more creative in their efforts to fix the outcome of elections. Notably most of the corruption stemmed from the Democratic Party…go figure. I’d say that once they got a taste of winning by cheating their appetite became insatiable and now has become their modus operandi. They overstepped though with the 2020 presidential election. Their fraud was so blatantly “in your face”, so much so that it became, Finally, obvious to the vast majority of the citizens of the U.S. who have now begun to fight back. I pray to God Almighty that each and every one of those Traitors attempting to destroy America by lying, cheating and stealing will be exposed, prosecuted and found guilty of Treason, punishable by death.

      • Charles Covington says:

        The democrats always cheat, as a youngster somewhere around 13 or so, the Nicon and Kennedy, election, Nixon watched as the dems stole the election from him, therefore the reason for watergate , They always cheat to steal an election, the only reason, that Trump won in 2016, oh hell they had in the bag, and was shocked at the results, so they set out to destroy him, he was too strong and clean, so they had to manufacture bs to throw his way, and the doj,and cia, had to go after a sitting president, paying for so called dirt, it didnt help, that he had appointed , back stabbers in his cabinet, so most of them not all was in cahoots with the democrats, for any and all dirt they could get, and hell six yrs later they are still trying, Even a lot of judges in and around washington went along with the crap they throwed at him, one come to mind is judge sullivan the crap that he ruled on againt General Flynn, he should be impeached, for being a partisan hack.

  4. Drosack says:

    Calling January 6th an insurrection is like calling me a lumberjack for cutting logs into my toilet.

  5. Crotte says:

    The sooner the swamp is cleared of these slimy DNC creatures the better off this country will be!!!!!

  6. Granny Joanne says:

    Pray that NO democrats get elected in this 2022 election!

    • James says:

      I agree with you whole heartily. God told my wife that when the Democrats voted God out of their platform that God had turned them over to a strong delusion that they should believe a lie and be damned because they didn’t want the truth.

  7. Susan Satava says:

    Add in the flashbangs set off by the police while the crowd milled about the Congress’ grounds and stairway, and you have sudden chaos, just the right thing to stir the ones who would be motivated to breach the doors and windows!

  8. Doug Litchfield says:

    So Nanci is the breeder that spawned the J6 fiasco? That’s one idea that should have oozed to the shower drain since it had no forward thought to an end game. How many times do losers need to lose trying the same thing add infinity.

    • Doug Litchfield says:

      So who dreamed up the charade of putting knots on her husbands head? This stunt is either for sympathy votes or misdirection on the failed J6 attempted lynching. Timing is everything!!!!

  9. Gideon Rockwell says:

    This was Princess Pelosi and her Democrat Crime Organization’s Reich Stag Fire Plot to demonize President Trump and the MAGA Movement. Her Minions in AZNTIFA were messaging on the internet weeks before the D.C. MAGA Rally for ANTIFA Members to get MAGA apparel and blend into the crowd to start trouble. Then we have Democrat Crime Organization Ray Epps, who has disappeared off the map trying to incite the crowd to violence. He was the most up front individual calling on everyone to storm the Capitol Building, so why isn’t he in the D.C. Gulag??? Can’t wait for January, so the Republicans can start investigating the Democrat Crime Organizations seditious plot for January 6 2021.

  10. Paul4756 says:

    Unfortunately, like ALL scandals involving the Commiecrats, NOTHING will ever be done about it.

  11. Radman414 says:

    Without a scintilla of doubt, J6 was a well coordinated set-up by “Pelosi and Associates” so they could again disingenuously vilify Donald Trump and all of his supporters as “insurrectionists.”. Pelosi and the DC mayor refused the offers of National Guard troops that would have prevented any incursion into the Capitol, Why? Because they WANTED an incident; and the violence was instigated by agent provocateurs’ in the crowd who were absolutely NOT Trump supporters, but likely were government employees. And then Pelosi set up the kangaroo court of only those who had voted for impeachment, a star chamber-like committee where guilt was predetermined with no opportunity for anyone to call witnesses or provide a defense to the laundry list of specious charges that they spewed.

  12. Steve says:

    Been saying rught along peelosi and killary were behind jan 6

  13. Diane Ross says:

    Agree with ALL the ABOVE!!!!

  14. Barto says:

    AS long as there is just ONE MEMBER of the BLM/ANTIFA Terrorist Organizations from the 2020 RIOTS running around free, ALL of the Legal, Patriotic, America-Loving, Constitution-Loving American Citizens who entered OUR CAPITOL on Jan. 6th. should be FREED from the Washington Gulag with APOLOGIES from PELOSI and BOWSER for their UN-CONSTITUTIONAL IMPRISONMENT….p.s. PELOSI and BOWSER should also answer for refusing PRESIDENT TRUMP’s OFFER to send in the NATIONAL GUARD for SECURITY prior to Incursion into our CAPITOL…..AND I hate to keep reminding people that the only PERSON that lost their life on that day in the Capitol was an UNARMED, NOT POSING A THREAT VETERAN by the name of ASHLI BABBITT who was shot down & MURDERED in Cold Blood by a Black Capitol Police Officer!

  15. Old wolf says:

    The fact this corruption still is going on show how bad things are and just how corrupt the system really is. The fact that Trump told Pelosi to add more guards and that she didn’t saids it all. It’s a set up to stop Trump by fixing the elections again. After the red take over one can only hope they go after the guilty ones for the corruption of the blue party.

  16. Old wolf says:

    While trying to prove Trump did start this crap . The same democrats did tell their followers to attack any for Trump and all Republicans. Yet not one case against them for that corruption of power. They don’t even care who see this happening . They break our laws out in the open and not one case against them . Tell me again who’s the real guilty party here , cause iam at a lost of words for this open corruption from the democrat party. Guess no one really cares how the country suffers from the bad decisions being made.

  17. J. R. Justice says:

    I also agree with every word of this article, but, it means nothing at all if nobody actually does something about it !!!! We have waited for two long years without doing anything at al and we are DONE, if, after WE put the conservatives in charge they do what they always do and cower to the liberal left, WE WILL TAKE MATTERS IN OUR OWN HANDS, and the Liberals most likely will not survive our wrath, enough is enough, we will take OUR Country back, and if blood must be spilled, then so be it !!!!

  18. RR Matey says:

    Everybody knows this. So, how was she “caught”? Misleading headline, going for scandal and not journalism.

  19. Mountain man says:

    I am amazed at the difference in people of today as compared to people at the beginning of our country..back then they were so pissed at government daring to put a big tax on their tea that they threw it into the Boston harbor and fired on British troops ..these days we have people so dumb they believe government about there..being a pandemic when you could go to any hospital and see for your self there was no pandemic..and so scared we go around wearing silly ass masks just because a little Frankenstein elf tells us to do it..even when there is plenty of evidence there is no pandemic only a poison shot in the arm funded by a rich lunatic who wants population control ..and this insurrection BS on my t.v. I clearly saw a capital cop directing people which way to go and opening the dam doors for people only believe what they are told to believe..and a woman who was clearly trying to stop people from going the wrong way and a cop who shot her for stopping unarmed woman shot. ? Guess if she had been black he would be facing a death penalty
    ..wonder what the Boston tea boys would believe ..maybe people were smarter back then

  20. Dennis McLain says:

    She should be in jail for all the scandals and lawlessness she has done. They should just put her in jail and throw away the key for all the damage she has done to the American people and the country@

  21. Richard Arnone says:

    It is very clear that Pelosi wanted to take this massive outpouring of people’s discontent with Democrat rule into something that could be used against Trump. With the Media on their side Democrats feel they can promote any lie to the point where at least 55% of the country is confused about who the real culprits are. The Democrat Party could never do this without the Media’s active assistance and if we can prove that with more than statistics, we will be taking the first step in destroying that evil alliance

  22. m says:

    Of course, the blame should go to Pelosi. I have read this before but as you stated this was totally disregarded by Pelosi. She has wasted time, money, resources on this sham of a committee which lacks any credibility. She should be prosecuted for all she has cost this country & what she has put this country & its people. She has been in the job to long & needs to go. What happened to her husband yesterday should never happen. But, she has also added to the anger of the american people plus her sham of a committee which has not helped.

  23. Barb Susco says:

    I read in American Free Press 10/17-24 issue Glen Allen, Atty, himself a victim of doxxing in 2016,
    started Free Expression to “help people who have been harmed economically, morally or legally from the exercise or attempted exercise of their rights of free expression including undr the First Amendment” The case of Andrews Dodson -Unite the Right- who committed suicide after Charlottesville had a “major impact” on him. He says we have to “stop talking and help Jan 6 prisoners” Please check out the website and help in the cause of freedom!!!

  24. Lyudmila Loseva says:

    I think Nancy Pelosi and Muriel Bowser committed a crime and they have the deaths of war hero Ashley Babbitt and Roseanne Boyland on their hands. These criminals in power must answer for the deaths of these women and hundreds of innocent political prisoners.

  25. Linda says:

    The Democrats use the military to force their New World Order by knowing they can order them to kill all civilians who oppose their power.They know they can lie,steal and kill if necessary .I truly fear for Trump and DeSantos.There is no justice anymore,no freedom of speech.We have and are living under a dictatorship not Democracy.

  26. Hi admin, Your posts are always a great read.

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