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Nancy Pelosi and the Great January 6th Cover Up

Nancy Pelosi Tries to Stop Deal That Major Donor Missed Out On

Pelosi intervenes in a deal that a major donor lost out on.

It’s amazing what $271,300 can buy you these days. I never realized what the going rate for a Speaker of the House was until I heard about this story.

Actually, the total could be $546,300. That is the total amount contributed to Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

$271,300 to Pelosi and $27,000 to the DCCC. The money was contributed by Byron Allen, a former stand-up comedian who now owns a media empire.

Allen tried to buy Tegna, a media company with 64 television stations to increase the size of his empire. That deal fell apart because Allen had financing difficulties. In the fourth quarter of 2021 just as Allen’s deal was falling apart, he made the contributions to Pelosi and the DCCC, the only ones he has ever made, In February a deal was announced between Tegna and the hedge fund Standard General for $8.6 million dollars for the local television channels.

Suddenly, Pelosi wrote a letter to the FCC objecting to the sale even though Tegna has no stations in San Francisco, which is strange. She claimed the deal should not be approved because will lead to higher cable bills, station job cuts, and diminished local news coverage. Pelosi wrote the letter in conjunction with Energy and Commerce Committee Chair Frank Pallone Jr. and was addressed to FCC Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel.

A week before the letter was sent the FCC asked for more information from the two parties of the deal, which set back the closing by a couple of weeks. The New York Post spoke to a lawyer who speculated that the FCC was given a warning that the letter was forthcoming because you do not want to surprise an agency head when they are a member of your party. So, the deal is currently on hold.

Standard General pledged that they will not do any of the things that Pelosi said she was afraid of, yet the deal has still not been approved. Prior to Pelosi’s letter, there did not seem to be a hitch in the deal, but I am almost certain Pelosi wasn’t bribed in order to throw a wrench in the deal, aren’t you? Excuse me while I choke on my tongue that is currently in my cheek.

Craig Holman, the Capitol Hill lobbyist for the advocacy group Public Citizen, told the New York Post:

“If she is helping out a major donor it doesn’t look good, quite frankly. When it comes to campaign finance, this is often how it works. A donor gives money with the expectation of some return.”

“It is legal unless there is an actual agreement between the parties. Then it is a bribe. But when there is no obvious agreement, it does not run afoul of the law.”

These deals are never set to paper, so proving it is a bribe is nearly impossible.

From The Blaze

Mark Lipp, a partner at law firm Fletcher, Heald & Hildreth who worked at the FCC for 14 years, told the New York Post that politicians have pressured the FCC on behalf of donors in the past, but “since she has no constituent who would be affected, it is unusual.”

“I’ve seen some commissioners withstand that kind of pressure and seen others buckle,” Lipp said. “That sounds like more than a coincidence.”

Henry Connelly, a spokesperson for Pelosi, declined to comment on Allen’s campaign donations, reported the news outlet. However, Connelly noted that Pelosi and Pallone also reached out to the FCC with similar concerns in 2017 regarding Sinclair Broadcasting’s deal to purchase stations from Tribune Broadcasting.

“Evidently, there are some ‘legal experts’ who will be surprised to learn that the speaker of the House of Representatives does in fact routinely weigh in on issues of national importance, not just her own district,” Connelly said. “Democrats have long expressed concerns to the FCC about the consolidation of local news outlets raising costs on consumers and hollowing out the local news reporting that is vital to the health of our democracy.”

See, I told you. Nothing illegal here.


  • Steven Ahle

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  1. Bruce Walters says:

    Pelosi is a waste of air, skin, and blood. and is as useless as her nephew Gruesome Newsome, and the rest of the DNC

  2. Steve says:

    Pelosi is a typical liberal…just like her boss and the rest of the lying, thieving, criminal Democrats.

  3. Bobby says:

    This is a soft extortion, government/ Nancy Pelosi is extorting money wow

    • Rotondaron says:

      How is it…that Demoncrats, don’t care about such *nefarious, & *unethical dealings of their *morally bankrupt political party?

      “Too many..[ Are totally aware}…& still care not what happens to this Republic!”

      This “FUNDAMENTAL CHANGE”….Introduced by *Bath House Barry, & perpetrated by “Mortimer Snerd “Biden”…..Must come to an end! :O{{{

  4. Melissa says:

    She is very crooked and evil, the sooner she gets removed the better. And all of he buddies who r as crooked as she is. Come November bye Nancy

  5. Paul says:

    Companies should not be allowed to donate to political campaigns. Yes, corporations are an entity in the eyes of the I.R.S. but there is just too much temptation for fraud and special favors. Not to mention that campaigns would have to cut back on all their ridiculous advertisements for months before the elections if they didn’t have these huge sums from businesses.

  6. RockyMtn 1776 says:

    The only thing worse than Pelosi are voters who keep re-electing her. They are not victims, they are accomplices.

    • Dawn AB says:

      RickyMtn1776X, do you honestly believe Pelosi won those elections…? If I were a betting woman, and of course had the funds to do so, I’d bet my bottom dollar that each and Every one of those elections were stolen. Nancy has a lot to answer for. She is a vile wicked evil piece of swamp scum that’s about to meet her maker and I personally do not feel a bit sorry for her. God has given her every opportunity to repent but she would not. It’s not His Will that anyone spend eternity in hell but, if they do not ask for forgiveness through God’s son Jesus, then they have sealed their fate…by their own choice. C’est la vie…

  7. Ted says:

    I wish she was at home when that unannounced party member dropped by. Her husband took the lumps that should have been hers….

  8. 1947 says:

    If any Republican or Trump supporter had done anything like that the DOJ/FBI/IRS would have come down on them like stink on crap. But she gets away with it because she is in control and has the MOB training from her Baltimore Maryland Mayor Father and her own corrupt holier than though attitude. In another two weeks the tables might be turned and she will be investigated by the Republicans if they take over. When you sit so lofty one should not tip the tables to much or the landing might not be so sweet.

  9. tinker68 says:

    Nancy Pelosi must spend most of her time in the House of representatives causing trouble for others or making money for herself. She is one busy, busy person in the shade.

  10. Ron C says:

    Don’t anyone hold their breath waiting for the so called authorities to do their job, because the skin bag full of booze, nasty Nancy is above the laws, the citizens are harassed with.

  11. CountryBoy says:

    Pelosi is BOUGHT and PAID for…

  12. Old Poor Worker says:

    Why is it that Mr. Pelosi isn’t heard of very much, but within a few months, when Nancy isn’t in town, the crap hits the fan. Why? Sounds more than a little kinky. Why?

  13. Ron C says:

    Very true that Nancy is corrupt, but it just does not matter to the FBI or the DOJ, or any law enforcement agency. Why one should ask. Because the whole damned government is corrupted and criminal! And that goes double for the courts and judges that shield the crimes.

  14. Daniel says:

    Obviously Pelosi OWN all the ice cream and all the cookie jars.

  15. PROUDWHITE says:

    Meanwhile, back at her home, “Hubby” was “Hammered” by a MALE “Escort”! lol!

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